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Newsletter 70 Mandatory Vaccination for Australian Childcare Services 

The Australian Government is currently introducing legislation for it's new $3.6 billion childcare services package that will make "full vaccination" mandatory for children to attend childcare facilities or to receive family tax benefits. This legislation will remove all exemptions to vaccination - except for medical reasons - and the changes to exemptions are scheduled to be introduced on 1 January 2016.

The conscientious objector's form that allows exemption to vaccination on philosophical and religious grounds is being removed. In other words, the right to choose not to vaccinate your child and still use the government's childcare services and receive welfare benefits, is being removed with this new legislation. It will also apply to all children and not just those under 5 years of age. 

For the Australians who do not have young children, the government's vaccination schedule requires that developing infants receive vaccines for 12 diseases before they are 1 year of age. This schedule starts on day 1 of life with the hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccines on the government's recommended schedule have not been introduced for diseases that are a risk to the majority of Australian children and yet each vaccine comes with a risk for some children. In addition, the combined schedule of vaccines has never been tested for long-term health effects (in children or animals) before it was recommended to the Australian public. Chronic illness in children, including allergies, anaphylaxis, autism and other neurological damage, has escalated since the number of vaccines was increased in the 1990's. It is also known that the aluminium in children's vaccines has a toxic impact on the human nervous system. 

Mandatory vaccination is unethical and it breaches all the international codes for human rights. In April 2015 I wrote to the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, about this breach of our fundamental right to choose what we put into our own bodies and he stated that "based on international standards governments can infringe upon human rights if the infringement is done for a legitimate purpose (including public health), is proportionate and is done by law".   

Yet the Australian government has not provided evidence that it is for a legitimate public health purpose or that it is proportionate to the risk. Many researchers and scientists have shown that it is not for a legitimate public health purpose and that the number of vaccines on the schedule is not proportionate to the risk. When I requested that our HR Commissioner provide the evidence for this infringement on our human rights he informed me that this was not part of his role. When I asked why this was not part of his role (as the new "Freedom Commissioner" since December 2013) he did not provide a response.

If you have not been informed of the ingredients of vaccines and you would like to maintain the right to choose the substances you inject into yourself and your children, please sign this petition and write to the Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison, and the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson to ensure they are accountable for this policy. 

Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate 
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