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Newsletter 92 Judy Wilyman receives PhD

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2016. Many of you will know from media coverage that my PhD thesis has been accepted by the University of Wollongong (UOW) and that I graduated in December 2015. My thesis, titled 'A critical analysis of the Australian government's rationale for its vaccination policy', is now published on UOW's website. On Monday, my PhD supervisor, Professor Brian Martin, posted a document entitled "Judy Wilyman, PhD: how to understand attacks on a research student". In it, he summarises the four main critical points in my thesis concerning Australian government vaccination policy. Also, concerning people making criticisms of a research student's work. He lists four "tell-tale signs indicating when these are not genuine concerns about quality and probity but instead part of a campaign to denigrate viewpoints they oppose."

Within a day of the announcement of my graduation, opponents had made allegations about my thesis that were then reported in articles in The Australian. Two things are worth noting. First, the articles in The Australian did not address any of the four main critical points in my thesis. Second, nearly all of the subsequent social media commentary ignored the four main critical points and exhibited one or more of the four tell-tale signs listed by Brian. 

I look forward to seeing these commentators present their arguments in scholarly forums that do not rely on media stories. In 2015 I was involved in organising a public forum to discuss the new mandatory legislation for vaccines (the 'No Jab No Pay' policy) that was introduced in Social Welfare policies in Australia in November 2015. This forum was held on 15 October 2015 at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The directors of the government NCIRS, Peter McIntyre and Robert Booy, and many other government and medical professionals were invited to attend to discuss this legislation with the public. All of these authorities declined to attend.

My thesis is now published on UOW's website. However, some information has been removed. This includes: Appendix 1: The Ingredients of Vaccines (Reference: The Australian Immunisation Handbook (Ed 9 and 10), Appendix 2: Case Study: Thimerosal (Mercury compound) in Vaccines and Appendix 3: The Australian Government NIP (Reference: Australian Government’s Immunise Australia Program (IAP) website (2013). The stated reason is 'copyright'.

The Australian newspaper presented my research in an article titled "Uni accepts thesis on vaccine 'conspiracy' (Kylar Loussikian,13 January 2016). SBS presented my PhD as 'Wollongong uni accepts anti-vaccination thesis' (Andrea Booth, 13 January 2016) and ABC 'University of Wollongong criticised over thesis by anti-vaccination activist' (Emily Laurence, 13 January 2016). The words 'conspiracy' and 'anti-vaccination' are not used in my thesis to describe the evidence I have presented from the academic literature. Pro-vaccine consumer lobby groups such as the Australian Skeptics, Friends of Science, and SAVN are hindering public debate through the mainstream media.

In the Australian editorial titled 'Academic standards on the line' (15 January 2016) Peter McIntyre, director of the NCIRS, claims that he has offered to discuss my research with me but he has found me "not willing to 'entertain evidence' contrary to her views". I am making an open request for the Australian editor to provide evidence for this statement.  

Many Australians want an open and civil debate on this topic, moving beyond name-calling and providing accountability for the national vaccination schedule. The mainstream media must be more responsible in reporting this issue as public health is at risk.

Judy Wilyman PhD

The Story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Vaccines and Autism 

If you are truly interested in the vaccination debate and how politics has over-ridden the science, please take time to watch this video on the experiences of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the vilification he has experienced by unqualified members of the public who have been given a voice in the media. The video is titled 'Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Autism and Mandatory Vaccinations' 

The Global HPV Vaccine Debate
Here is information on the debate about HPV vaccines that is occurring in South Africa. 

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