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Newsletter 75 HPV Global Vaccination Program Update

Since the global introduction of HPV vaccines in 2007, as a prevention for cervical cancer, there have been many serious adverse reactions to this vaccine that have not been reported in the mainstream Australian media. Court action for these victims has begun in France, India, Spain, and Japan. Many other countries such as DenmarkColumbiaMexico, BrazilScotland and Ireland are debating the value of this vaccine. Japan has stopped recommending this vaccine in their national immunisation program due to serious adverse events and deaths. This vaccine is an experimental vaccine that has not been proven safe, effective or necessary in the prevention of cervical cancer yet the Australian media is not reporting this debate. Here is an article in the medical journal Infectious Agents and Cancer that explains why this vaccine is only an experimental vaccine and is not yet proven to be safe or effective in preventing cervical cancer.

The Petitions Committee for the Scottish Parliament is currently calling for comments and signatures regarding the need for a scientific meeting in Edinburgh to discuss the safety of HPV vaccines. This is an opportunity to give a voice to injured people from all over the world as well as anyone who is concerned about the promotion of this vaccine in national immunisation programs. The closing date for comments and signatures for support of this proposed meeting in Edinburgh is 21 August 2015. Here is a link to the Scottish Petitions Committee to provide your support to the meeting that will discuss the risks and benefits of HPV vaccines globally. Please leave a brief comment or signature stating your support for this public forum that will allow scientists and medical professionals to debate the use of HPV vaccines. Here is a link to the progress of the lawsuit facing Bill Gates regarding the ethical violations of the trials of the HPV vaccine carried out in India in 2009 - trials that were conducted after the vaccine had been introduced into many countries national immunisation programs in 2007.

Public health is put at risk if medical interventions such as vaccination cannot be openly debated in public forums and if the risks of vaccines are not being presented in the mainstream media..

Judy Wilyman
PhD Cadndiate  

The Australian Human Rights Commission

Australia is currently proposing legislation that will result in a discriminatory social welfare policy against healthy children. The legislation will remove exemptions to vaccination (other than medical) and all children up to 19 will be required to have all 16 (or more) recommended vaccines (including the HPV vaccine) to receive government welfare benefits. This coercive policy removes free and informed consent to vaccination and it also applies to some employment situations. The legislation will take effect from 1 January 2016 if it is passed.
Parents will lose ~$15,000 in childcare and family benefits if they choose not to use even one vaccine. The government is also introducing new card-based technology to track the vaccination status of all Australians. This facilitates mandatory vaccination for all children and adults in order to receive any government welfare benefit and in some cases employment.   

An Adult Vaccination Register in Australia
If you do not believe in mandatory vaccination policies then please sign this petition to demonstrate your opposition to an adult vaccination register that will allow the government to track your vaccination status for employment and welfare benefits.
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