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Newsletter 99 The Publication of my PhD Thesis

On the 11 January 2016 my PhD was published on the University of Wollongong website. This PhD provides evidence that all vaccines are not safe and effective and that the combined schedule of vaccines is doing more harm than good in the population through the increase in chronic illness. Did you know that in countries like Australia and the US nearly 1 in 5 children have a disability? This includes an increase in many autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis in children.  

Since the publication of my thesis the Copyright Act has been re-assessed and my thesis is now published in full on the University of Wollongong website. This includes Appendix 1: The Ingredients of Vaccines, Appendix 2: Case Study on Thimerosal (Mercury compound) in Vaccines and  Appendix 3: The Australian Government Immunisation Program (NIP). This last appendix shows how the definition of 'fully vaccinated children' changed on 1 July 2013 (in Australia) to include 3 new vaccines. These vaccines have now been made mandatory for people receiving government welfare benefits (and in some workplaces) yet prior to 2013 the vaccines did not exist and the diseases were not a risk to the majority of the population. A public health policy needs to address the needs of the majority not a minority. These appendix's were originally removed from the publication of my thesis on the university website citing 'copyright reasons'.

Governments globally have not proved that vaccines are not the cause of this escalating chronic illness in the population. This is because they have reversed the Precautionary Principle in the design of vaccination policies to protect industry interests and not the public interest in these policies (see the Conclusion of my thesis).

Did you know that the Australian government has a disclaimer on the Immunise Australia website stating:
'The information contained on this site is not a substitute for, and is not intended to replace, independent professional advice. Users should consider the need to obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their own particular circumstances.' (Australian Government Department of Health 2015)

Yet mandatory vaccination to receive welfare benefits or for employment services does not allow the public to do this. It is a one-size fits all that does not acknowledge the genetic variability of the population that means some individuals are more at risk from vaccines than others. This is a dangerous policy and it is being promoted in Australia by health ministers who do not have qualifications in heath or medicine and who are using false and misleading information.

Qualifications in health and medicine are not necessary to participate in the debate on vaccination, however the inclusion of all the evidence is (scientific and non-scientific evidence) and the proponents of vaccines are not including all the evidence. If you wish to find out why so many people are now choosing not to vaccinate the evidence is in my published thesis and you can find a description of these reasons here 'Why are so many people choosing not to vaccinate'.

Judy Wilyman, PhD  
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