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Newsletter 134 Public Health Seminars: Let's Investigate Childhood Health and Vaccination 

Speakers: Judy Wilyman PhD and Wendy Lydall Author

Public Health seminars were held in Perth this weekend to discuss children’s health and the mandating of the full schedule of vaccines, with coercive measures, in government policies. After completing my PhD that critically analyses the development of the Australian government’s vaccination policies, I am choosing not to use vaccines, yet the mainstream media is not reporting the reasons why educated parents are not vaccinating or selectively vaccinating. Therefore it has become necessary to hold public seminars to present these researched arguments for choice in vaccination. Here is a description of the focus of our public health seminars that were held in Perth this weekend and will be held in other regions later in the week.      

 Childhood Health and Vaccination

The public health seminars held in Perth on the 15th and 16th  October, and also to be held on Wednesday evening 19th October and in Albany on Saturday 22nd October, will discuss the implementation of mandatory vaccination in government welfare policies and in some employment situations. To date the Australian government has not provided evidence to support the necessity to mandate 14+ vaccines in either social welfare policies or employment situations. Neither has Jonathon  Carapetis at the Telethon Institute - a research institution responsible for providing this evidence. These policies include the use of financial payments to coerce people into using all the recommended vaccines without informing the public of the risks of vaccines - or the ingredients. This is a breach of informed consent that is enforced in many international human rights covenants including the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Geneva adopted by the World Medical Association.

Our seminars will demonstrate that the Australian government has not supported this policy with the best available scientific evidence or any public health legislation that would validate this policy when it was implemented on 1 January 2016. The evidence provided at the seminar will show that the recommended vaccination schedule is associated with the significant increase in chronic illness in the population and that the risks of mandating all of these vaccines in a genetically diverse population far outweighs any benefits from using these vaccines.

The increased use of vaccines correlates to the escalating chronic illness in children - autism, anaphylaxis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, seizures, intellectual disabilities speech delay, autoimmune diseases etc. This illness has increased 5-fold since the vaccination schedule was expanded and emphasised with payments to doctors and parents in the 1990’s. This chronic illness (morbidity in children) is plausibly linked to the use of vaccines in the medical literature but the government has never investigated this link. If the purpose of mandating the government’s vaccination program is to promote health in the population it would not be ignoring this correlation.

The Australian government is mandating the recommended schedule of 14+ vaccines as “safe and effective” without providing evidence that it is not causing this increased morbidity (chronic illness and disability) in the population. Further, Doctors and researchers are providing evidence that many vaccines have not been proven to be safe or effective. This represents a serious danger to population health in genetically diverse populations. Particularly as parents are not informed of the chemicals in vaccines that are injected into the tissues of infants before the blood brain barrier is developed at 6 months of age. Informed consent to medical procedures was adopted to prevent experimentation on the population but Australia has breached the Nuremberg Code with the implementation of this policy.

Our seminars will focus on the significant vaccine injury that is occurring every day and is not being properly recorded or monitored by Australia’s regulator – The Therapeutic Goods Administrator - that is 100% funded by the industries that profit from these drugs. This is described as a cost-recovery system and the regulator has a huge conflict of interest because of this funding. We will also discuss the regulations for certified doctors, midwives and nurses that are requiring them to support and promote vaccines without informing consumers of the scientific evidence that shows the significant risks of vaccines and the association with increased chronic illness and disability in the population.

Our seminars will explain why some people are more at risk of vaccine injury than others and why you are not hearing about these injuries and vaccine-related chronic illness in the mainstream media. We will also show the trailer for the film “Vaxxed” that demonstrates that researchers at the CDC knew that vaccines caused autism in 2000 but they were asked to destroy this evidence and manipulate the study data to hide this link. Thousands of vaccine injuries are currently being recorded by the Vaxxed team in the US where they are touring the country and showing the Vaxxed film. This film was censored from the Tribeca film festival earlier in 2016 and recently from the Castlemaine Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Neither, the Australian or US mainstream media will report on this misconduct at the US CDC that is being used to implement mandatory and coercive government vaccination policies that discriminate against healthy people.   

This is a public health debate that Australia needs to have but the public is being misinformed about these polices by the Australian media that is influenced by powerful lobby groups that are promoting industry interests in government policies.

Dr. Judy Wilyman
The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies


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