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Newsletter 90 Medical Doctors: "We strongly recommend avoiding HPV vaccine" 

On 29 September 2015 the Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, stated in an Opinion Piece that of the 5,700 items on the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) "97 per cent of these items have never undergone consideration to determine whether or not they are actually clinically-effective, cost-efficient or safe". This is being stated at a time when health costs are escalating and the Medicare system is cracking. Why are Australians paying for thousands of taxpayer-funded medical procedures that have never been assessed for cost-effectiveness, updated or amended in 19 years? In her opinion piece, the Health Minister asks Australians if this is an acceptable situation? 

She also states "It is patients who are able to tell doctors, and to tell us policy makers, whether they feel a Medicare-funded service or procedure has helped improve their health or lifestyle." Yet when the public has informed the health minister that many vaccines are not improving our health, the information is ignored. A recent example is the introduction of mandatory vaccination for all the recommended vaccines (including HPV vaccines) in government welfare policies. A policy that is potentially being extended to the adult population with the introduction of the Adult Immunisation Register.

Some of the vaccines on the recommended schedule have never been proven to be safe or effective and one example is HPV vaccination. This vaccine is being promoted to prevent cervical cancer despite the lack of knowledge about the long-term health consequences of this experimental vaccine. HPV vaccination is increasingly controversial around the world.  For example, in Japan, the ministry of health has withdrawn its recommendation for HPV vaccination after hundreds of girls complained of side effects.  A critical analysis published by medical practitioners in Japan says there is 'no evidence yet that HPV vaccine decreases mortality from cervical cancer' but there is strong evidence for the serious adverse events and deaths being caused by this vaccine and many other vaccines. These medical practitioners advise that 'the harm experienced (by HPV vaccines) is overwhelmingly greater than the expected maximum benefit' (p.9) and they conclude "We strongly recommend avoiding HPV vaccine" (p.14).Yet in Australia, HPV vaccination will be compulsory to access financial benefits when the No Jab, No Pay Bill is implemented on 1 January 2016.
This evidence has been ignored by the Australian government to implement the mandatory use of all vaccines in the 'No Jab No Play' policy; a policy that is being extended in some states to the enrolment of children in childcare centres. 

Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate
University of Wollongong  

The Ingredients of HPV Vaccines
The government has not provided a reason why these ingredients are in HPV vaccines:

Sodium borate (causes infertility)
Polysorbate 80 (causes infertility)
225 micrograms amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (3x the aluminium found in other vaccines)
Yeast protein
Amino acids
Mineral salts

Contains 4 recombinant (genetically engineered) virus-like particles (VLP’s):
HPV types:
16 - 40 micrograms
18 - 20 micrograms
11 - 40 micrograms (non-cancer causing strain)
 6 - 20 micrograms  (non-cancer causing strain)
There are 15 high-risk cancer-causing strains of HPV but only 2 are covered in the Gardasil vaccine that was used in Australia from 2007-2015. 

Petition to Protect our Human Rights in the use of Medical Procedures 

Population health is at risk as the government ignores the facts presented above about our $20 billion taxpayer funded Medicare system. Meanwhile doctors are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime from this system that may be harming the health of the population through over-screening and intervention.

Here is a letter to the European Parliament describing the human rights that are being infringed with the implementation of coercive government vaccination policies. Please sign this petition to support the right of Europeans to maintain informed vaccination consent without coercion: a right that has been lost for some Australians with the implementation of the 'No Jab No Play' social welfare policy.
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