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Newsletter 71 Abbott's 'Choices for Families' Policy removes Vaccination Choice

Vaccines contain small amounts of modified viruses or bacteria (foreign protein), and chemical preservatives, additives and antibiotics, that are injected into the tissues of humans. The government has not listed these ingredients on the Immunise Australia Program (IAP) website. They are listed in the Australian Immunisation Handbook but they are not presented to parents before they decide to vaccinate their children - either by doctors in the medical setting or by nurses in school vaccination programs. Some of the chemicals in vaccines include neurotoxins and allergens e.g. aluminium, mercury, sodium borate, formaldehyde and antibiotics. Mercury is still found in some vaccines that are given to pregnant women and children and in particular multi-dose vials of vaccines such as influenza. Influenza vaccines also contain sodium borate, a pesticide that is linked to infertility. Sodium Borate is also an ingredient in HPV vaccines that are given to all adolescents in Australia - both boys and girls - in school vaccination programs.   

Currently parents are expected to give their children 12 vaccines before an infant turns 1 year of age and exemptions to vaccines are allowed when attending childcare centres and to receive welfare benefits. However, the new Abbott government childcare package is removing parents right to choose vaccination. In the new package there will be no religious or philosophical exemptions (only medical exemptions) and this policy is already being phased in. 

The government describes this new support for childcare as "Choices for Families". Yet this policy removes the choice for families; it removes our right to choose vaccination and use childcare centres/receive welfare benefits. Even refusing one vaccine may prevent a child from attending government subsidised childcare or receiving welfare benefits in 2017. Whilst the government is promoting this package as "delivering choice for families" it is removing our right to choose this medical intervention and creating a discriminatory welfare policy.     

Many parents have concerns about the combined effects of the vaccine schedule in the developing body, starting from birth with the hepatitis B vaccine. This combined schedule of vaccines has never been tested for safety because some vaccines - pneumococcal, meningococcal C, varicella (chicken pox), and rotavirus (gastroenteritis) - were only added to the recommended schedule in July 2013/4 - when these diseases were not a risk to the majority of Australian children. The ever-expanding schedule of vaccines for children is listed on the Immunise Australia Program website.

Here is a link to the new childcare policy and here is a link to the facebook forum where the Minister for Social Services,Scott Morrison, will explain this new childcare package at 12 pm on 26 May 2015. Please ask the minister about mandatory vaccination for childcare services in 2017 and the new card-based technology that will monitor vaccination status.

Judy Wilyman 
PhD Candidate 


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