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Newsletter 136 Media Misrepresentation of Vaccines and the Flawed Science of Government Policies

I was recently asked to do several talks on my vaccination research in Perth, Western Australia, with author Wendy Lydall and these seminars were titled "Let's Investigate Childhood Health and Vaccination". These were subsequently reported in the local media even though the media would not assist in promoting these health seminars to the public. Although the journalists were informed that the seminars were about choice in vaccination they refused to publish this accurately for the community. The heading in the Post was " 'Anti-vaxers' OK to hire hall" and in the West Australian "Anti-jab seminars are sad and disappointing". These headings deceive the public about the purpose of the seminars and the medical literature that was being presented in the interests of children's health.

There are many parents who are concerned about the ever-expanding vaccination schedule and it is important to hear the reasons why some parents want to selectively vaccinate and others do not want to use any vaccines. There is no freedom of speech in Australia if the media and government will not allow open discussion of these issues or report accurately on parent and professional concerns about children's health and vaccines. 

The Australian government and the media are dismissing this evidence as "anti-vaccine" and they are threatening health professionals/doctors with dismissal from their professional institutions for presenting "anti-vaccine material". These actions are suppressing scientific research and open discussion of vaccination policies. The Australian community should be asking why it is necessary for the government and health professional boards to control the medical literature on vaccine science? If you are wondering why it is no longer possible for the Australian public to hold community meetings to discuss children's health and vaccination without being vilified in the media (and why public health authorities will not attend these meetings when invited) please take the time to listen to this interview - "Vaccines a Critical Analysis by Dr. Judy Wilyman" - where I explain the flaws in the science and the conflicts of interest that are underpinning government vaccination policies.

Judy Wilyman PhD
The Science and Politics of Vaccination Policies   


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