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Newsletter 151 Dr. Anthea Rhodes Providing False Information on Vaccines

15 March 2017

In an article on ABC Perth News about Australian doctors refusing to provide medical care to unvaccinated children, Dr. Rhodes, from Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital, claimed that 40% of parents either believed that vaccines cause autism or were unsure whether it did, and this was "despite medical research showing no causal link."

This statement is false and Dr. Rhodes has made this statement by ignoring the medical literature (and other evidence) that is supporting this causal link. Further, there is no scientific study that proves that vaccines do not cause autism but doctors continually tell the public that this link has been discredited. 

The over-vaccination of the population is at an all time high and many of the  vaccines that have recently been added to the schedule have not been proven necessary or safe. Vaccines have resulted in thousands of adverse events, chronic illness and deaths. Here is an article titled "Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune Systems Against Ourselves."   

Currently the Australian population is being over-vaccinated and this program is now being mandated for infants and children to receive welfare benefits and childcare positions. This is not improving children's health. The evidence clearly shows a deterioration in children's health over the last two decades.

Malcolm Turnbull has recently suggested a national No Jab No PLAY Policy, as well as the No Jab No PAY Policy. This legislation falsely assumes that high vaccination rates equal improved health. This is erroneous and it has not been proven with an open and transparent assessment of vaccination programs - or with empirical evidence.This represents a travesty for children's health and community health. Please sign this petition to demonstrate your opposition to this dangerous legislation: Petitioning Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, No Jab? No Choice!  

Dr. Judy Wilyman
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