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Newsletter 77 Coercive Vaccination Policies in Australia 

In Australia vaccines are being incorrectly promoted by the government as being 'safe and effective' despite numerous articles in scientific and medical journals (and numerous editors of medical journals and books) contradicting these claims. The government website presenting information on immunisation also carries the disclaimer that 'The Commonwealth of Australia does not warrant or represent that the information contained on this site is accurate, current or complete.....' It also states that the information includes the views and recommendations of third parties and that it does not accept any legal liability or responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred by the use of the information on this site. In many European countries, for example France, there is much debate about the lack of safety and efficacy of vaccines, and many doctors are questioning their use and safety. Yet the Australian media is not allowing a debate of the medical literature on vaccination and pro-vaccine lobby groups are hindering public debate in Australia. Currently the Australian government is proposing a change to the legislation that will make vaccination mandatory for some employment situations and for enrolment or attendance in approved education and childcare centres. If this legislation is passed by parliament it will be effective from 1 January 2016.        

At present there is no legislation or regulation under any Health Act that compels a person to accept the administration of a vaccine in Australia. Yet many Australians are being threatened with their jobs and childcare assistance payments if they do not accept the recommended vaccines. In 2015 the Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, informed the public that human rights can be infringed by governments if it is for a legitimate public health purpose, proportionate to the risk and done by law. Yet the Australian government has not provided evidence that Australia's vaccination policies are proportionate to the risk and the public has not been involved in a proper debate of the mandatory use of multiple vaccines. In addition, some of these measures have been implemented even though they are not supported by any laws.

Currently vaccination in Australia is not compulsory and conscientious exemptions to this policy still exist. The new legislation being proposed in the Childcare Assistance package will remove conscientious exemptions to vaccination, including religious exemption where it is not formally registered by a religious group. The only exemption that will be allowed is a medical exemption recommended by a doctor. This infringes on our right to bodily integrity (your right to choose how you care for your own body) that is currently protected in criminal law in Australia.

If you are concerned about mandatory vaccination being introduced into Australia without a proper debate of the issues please sign this petition and attend the national rallies that are being organised in your capital city on 20 September 2015.  

Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate

Why is the Australian Government subsidising Two Cervical Cancer Programs?

Cervical cancer is a disease that is curable if detected early and it is known that Pap screening can detect almost 100% of cervical cancer. However, even if the vaccine was proven to prevent some cervical cancer (still unproven) Gardasil vaccine could only prevent ~70% of cervical cancer because there are 13 other strains of HPV that are not covered in the HPV vaccine. There are also serious adverse events and death associated with HPV vaccines that are not associated with Pap screening - and Pap screening will still be required by vaccinated women.

So why is the Australian government spending $450 per person (3 doses) to vaccinate all girls and boys in school programs when Pap screening is a proven program that prevents more cervical cancer, is risk free and will still be needed by vaccinated women?
The HPV Debate that is not being Presented by the Australian Media 

Here are links to the debate that is occurring on the HPV vaccine in other countries:
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3) Thousands of teenage girls report being seriously ill after routine school cancer (HPV) vaccine 
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