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Newsletter 105: Tim Wilson and Human Rights in Australia

The Institute of Public Affairs recently conducted an audit of Australia's human rights breaches in federal legislation that was passed in 2014 and 2015. According to an article by Chris Merritt in The Australian (15 April), it found that the erosion of legal rights has accelerated under the Abbott/Turnbull government, "Faster erosion of rights 'threat to rule of law' ". Specifically, Merritt states that the breaches have attacked the 4 key areas that are necessary to achieve justice and prevent coercive power:
  1. the right to silence
  2. privilege against self-incrimination
  3. adherence to natural justice
  4. the principle of innocent until proven guilty (i.e reversal of the onus of proof)
Tim Wilson was appointed as Australia's 'individual freedom's' Commissioner in February 2014 and according to the article in the Australian, the attack on the individual's right to justice between 2014-2015 has included 95 reversals of the 'innocent until proven guilty' principle in federal laws - 48 in 2014 and 47 in 2015. Prior to February 2014 Australia did not have a visible Human Rights Commissioner to protect individual freedoms. Catherine Branson was president of the HRC from 2008-2013 and in July 2009 she was given the additional title of 'Human Rights Commissioner'. The position of 'Freedoms Commissioner' was finally given to Tim Wilson in February 2014. He served in this role from 2014 - Feb 2016. He has now resigned, after a 2 year term, to re-join the Liberal party and seek election in parliament in the seat of Goldstein (Melbourne).

His record as Commissioner does not list any achievements for 'individual freedoms' and during the 7 years that he worked for the Institute of Public Affairs (2008-2013) he was a vocal critic of the Human Rights Commission and even called for its abolition. The article in the Australian stated that federal statutes in 2014 contained 262 provisions breaching legal rights and in 2015 they contained 290. Most of these breaches affected the right to silence - 14 breaches in 2014 and 33 in 2015. 

Whilst Breheny is quoted in the Australian article as saying "in order to protect our liberties and to achieve just outcomes, we must be vigilant in safeguarding these rights", it is notable that the IPA's report did not present an argument for a federal charter of rights and Tim Wilson ( a former IPA employee) was appointed as 'freedom commissioner' even though he believed the HRC should be abolished. Perhaps the IPA director could explain why Australia does not need a Bill of Rights to protect these fundamental freedoms?

The Australian article states that the IPA audit also noted a sharp increase in the volume of federal legislation in 2015. Parliament was "adding 86.4 new pages of legislation every sitting day". This increase in the number of federal laws results in greater complexity and is a threat to the fundamental tenet that says the body of law must be capable of being understood. An example of this confusion was demonstrated in the recent passing of the Victorian Health Complaints Bill. This was passed in a sea of confusion on Friday night (15 April 2016) at 10 pm. This bill will allow lobby groups to make complaints against unregistered practitioners whose premises can then be raided and where the practitioners are required to prove their innocence. This requirement is due to the reversal of the onus of proof (guilty until proven innocent)  which allows the legislator to make subjective decisions about 'guilt' according to the evidence they choose to include. The right to 'innocent before proven guilty' is being removed in Australia along with the right to freedom of speech. Here is an article describing the removal of freedom of speech in Australia written by a criminal lawyer.

There would appear to be every reason why the IPA's report should have been advocating for a Bill of Rights or a Freedom Commissioner who believes in protecting individual freedoms so please publicise this information because our letters to the government and IPA are not being addressed. Here is the letter that I sent to the president of the HRC in September 2015 describing the removal of our rights in Australia. Professor Triggs did not reply to this letter. 

Please see below for further information.

Dr. Judy Wilyman
Studies are Showing that Unvaccinated children are healthier than Vaccinated.

Here is an article from the Australian Financial Review, 'Studies Finally Prove Presumptions - being unvaccinated makes you stronger' (19 April 2016)  demonstrating that many studies have been carried out since the 1990's that link today's chronic illness in children to the national schedule of vaccines yet these studies are being ignored by the Australian government to bring in coercive welfare policies that discriminate against healthy unvaccinated children.
Freedom of Speech 
Recently the film "Vaxxed from cover-up to catastrophe" was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. This film reveals the cover-ups within the CDC that are allowing governments to select the science that is forming government vaccination policies and to use fraudulent data. Here is a review of this film (now showing in the US) written by a pediatrician.  

Robert De Niro defended the inclusion of this film in the Tribeca Film festival and has been attacked for his integrity. Like all articles that question vaccines, the film is being incorrectly dubbed as an 'anti-vax' film. This is blatantly false as most of the participants have used vaccines and are discussing the data that is being used to promote vaccines to the public. Here is an article written in the Daily Mail Australia (24 April 2016) about the film Vaxxed and it describes why Robert De Niro believes vaccines caused his son's autism. This is the first time the Australian media has attempted to present this debate about vaccines and autism with a discussion of the quality of the  'science' that is being used to dismiss vaccines as a causal link. 
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