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Flow Through Yoga Newsletter 1st Edn

Welcome from Eveline

Welcome to the first edition of Flow Through Yoga’s monthly newsletter and thank-you for signing up. Each month you will find all sorts of information from company news and events to Yoga hints and tips, how to win free classes, interviews with experts on a range of health related topics, student profiles, retreats and much more.



New Venue, more classes and Pilates

I am very excited to announce that in the new year Flow Through Yoga will operate out of a new space at a wellness centre in Blackburn North. The space is being built as we speak, specifically to accommodate Yoga and Pilates. There will be more class times, at least one other teacher and great rates for members to access Yoga and/or Pilates.

Yoga classes in Eltham

Yoga classes at CrossFit Diamond Valley, Eltham started as a one month trial in August, Tuesdays 7.20 pm to 8.05 pm. Only one more week of the trial period remains so if you’ve been meaning to try the class this is the week to do it. Numbers need to be sufficient to keep the class going so if you want to continue doing Yoga in Eltham, keep coming to class. Flow Through Yoga is open to accommodating the majority so if there’s a change you’d like to see such as a different day/time/length of class let us know by emailing or speak to Macca at CrossFit.


Indigo Centre Health and Wellness Festival

Eveline will be running a “Detox & Revive” Yoga session at the Indigo Centre Health and Wellness Festival. The Eastern Suburbs Natural Health Practitioners are here to answer your questions. They will show you how your health can benefit from a more natural approach and explain what their methods are all about. Come along to watch demonstrations and get a 'taster' chat to the therapists. Attend for the whole day or part of the day to experience what amazing health and wellness avenues are on offer.
When: Saturday 6th September 2014
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm Detox Yoga with Eveline will run at 10.30 am
Where: 563 Whitehorse Road Mitcham
Cost: $10 early bird (plus booking fee $1.24) or $16 on the door
Tickets and full program available here or find out more information on facebook

Otway Ranges, Lorne Great Ocean Road
Yoga Retreat

Inhale the sweet, clean, organic air of the majestic rainforest as you delve into a weekend of Yoga, relaxation, healthy living workshops and more in the company of like-minded Yogis. Everything on the program will be optional so you can unwind in whichever way suits you best. Watch this space for further details on Flow Through Yoga’s 2015 Yoga retreat. The date is likely to be a weekend in March with further details to come. Please express your interest by emailing and nominating a preferred weekend, price and what you’d like to see on the program.

Farewell Mr. Iyengar

Last Wednesday 20th August 2014 we said goodbye to one of the Western world’s most prominent Yoga figures - Mr. Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja (B.K.S) Iyengar, aged 95 years. Mr. Iyengar played a huge role in bringing the 5000 year old practice and ancient teachings of Yoga to the lives and communities of civilians across seventy eight countries.

Iyengar was known for his use of supportive props to attain meticulous alignment and increase the accessibility of Yoga to those with a disability following his own spinal injury. In turn the use of props became very applicable to Westerners who are increasingly becoming more sedentary and can find themselves with excessive tightness and inflexibility. Planned sequencing, pranayama, timing and precision is what defined Iyengar’s style of practice and teaching.

Iyengar became renowned after 1966 when he first released his book “Light on Yoga,” which has never been out of print since. In 2004 he was listed as one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people in the world. Today, there are roughly forty Iyengar Yoga studios in Australia with over two hundred teachers who have completed the grueling, intensely challenging and overwhelmingly rewarding training to become an Iyengar Yoga instructor. The legacy left behind is enourmous and the spread and reach of his teachings are limitless. Thank-you Mr. Iyengar for your contribution to the practice that is changing the world, one Yoga student at a time.

When your body, mind and soul are healthy and harmonious, you will bring health and harmony to those around you and health and harmony to the world not by withdrawing from the world but by being a healthy living organ of the body of humanity”. ~ BKS Iyengar

   Win a FREE class

Help Flow Through Yoga reach 500 likes on facebook and win a free class by simply liking and sharing the page with the message “Yoga classes in Box Hill and Eltham from $10, like and share Flow Through Yoga to win a free class” and include the link Ensure that you tag Flow Through Yoga in your post and simply tell your instructor when you sign in to class that you’re claiming your freebie.

       Quick Tip

If you find that your legs get tired in Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) bring your attention back to your core and activate it to add support. If we let go of the core we sink inbetween the legs as the energy flows out of the body from our centre, leaving all the weight for the legs to carry. As a general rule in any flow sequence, activating the core supports the rest of the body, making the practice less labour intensive and eventually leads us to lightness or the feeling of floating in and out of poses.

Quote of the Month

“If you feel like life is moving too fast and slipping away, stand on your head for 2 minutes. It’ll feel like 2 years"  - Clare Merrifield, Essence of Living, Gold Coast Australia


FAQ of the Month

I’m not flexible – can I still do Yoga?

Saying you are too inflexible for Yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath! We practice Yoga so that we can become more flexible; it is not a pre-requisite. When you go to class you may see that others in the class can do the moves and you may feel a little out of your depth but remember that they were once a beginner and they have some part of the practice that they can’t do easily. Some people are flexible, some are strong; some can sit still for a long time or balance well on one foot, happily get upside down or align themselves meticulously. There is always at least one aspect of the practice that comes more easily than the other areas and usually there is one area that is the most challenging. Many of us are not naturally flexible, strong, able to balance etc so relax and try not to take it too seriously.

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