Flow Through Yoga in 2015, Yoga retreat update, Master Yoga practitioner Randall O'Leary plus more
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Flow Through Yoga in 2015

In the last issue Flow Through Yoga announced a new venue and more classes including Pilates next year. The new timetable will include a class every evening between Monday and Thursday, one or two morning classes and one weekend class to begin with. As numbers grow we will add more classes and welcome your feedback and requests for times/days etc.

Specialty Yoga in 2015

When the new venue is up and running, look out for some Yoga classes that you may not have seen before such as Chair Yoga and Yoga for bigger bodies.
Chair Yoga – a modified form of Hatha Yoga for those with reduced physical capabilities and who find a conventional yoga class too difficult. It is ideal for anyone nurturing an injury, the mature aged or office workers wanting to learn how to bring Yoga to their desk.
Yoga for bigger bodies – The thought of attending any group fitness can be intimidating for those who are not comfortable with their body or feel self-conscious doing exercise in the company of others. Flow Through Yoga aspires to making Yoga accessible to everyone in the community because it is not just about acrobatics and lycra. This class will provide a safe space to start Yoga and learn some of the movements at a slower pace, before joining regular classes when the time is right. There will also be regular beginners classes to cater for students who are new to Yoga.


Otway Ranges, Lorne Great Ocean Road Yoga Retreat update

The 2015 retreat will be an exclusive package limited to only a small group, making the teachers and the program more accessible to each student.
When: either the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March - TBC
Who: Eveline and one very senior, male Master Yoga practitioner from Victoria (23 years teaching experience) will be hosting the program. Hosts are available to chat outside class times and will attend other retreat activities. A Lorne local with expertise on wildlife and the history of the area will guide us on a stunning nature walk (or two) to secret locations that most tourists don’t know about.
Where: Nestled in the trees amongst the wildlife in cottages at a retreat centre just 25 minutes’ drive from Lorne. There will be ample opportunity to spend time on the beach as well.
What: Yoga, Meditation, Master class workshops to enhance the benefits you receive from Yoga and Meditation, extraordinary teachings for regular people living modern lifestyles, awesome company, stunning nature walk to a secret location guided by a local expert, meditation outdoors, gourmet vegetarian catering, take home manual and Yoga DVD plus more.
Cost: Between $500 - $600 per person which includes meals, accommodation and the whole program. I will try to make it less or offer cheaper options such as budget accommodation if possible.
Express your interest ASAP by emailing Eveline and receive a personal invitation to secure your place when bookings open.

Retreat centre cottages

Master Yoga Teacher, Randall O'Leary is coming to town

Randall O’Leary, Eveline’s first teacher trainer (200 hour, Level 1 RYT) is a Master Yoga practitioner, teacher, teacher trainer and lover with over 20 years’ experience. He is currently scoping out a visit to Melbourne in April 2015 so keep a watch for specialist workshops and sessions on the Flow Through Yoga website and in newsletters. Randall’s teachings are humorous, inspiring and authentic with the potential to completely transform your attitude to Yoga and beyond. The experience you gain from Randall’s teachings are not readily available so this is most definitely a treat for Melbourne.

Randall's Bio

I began learning yoga in 1991 at an Iyengar studio in Madison, WI. and studied there on and off for 3-4 years with Faith Russel and Rodger Ichens, (now deceased.) I developed a strong personal practice very early on in my yoga career, and reached a point in 1997-99 where I was practicing yoga 3-4 hours daily, teaching and doing Taoist martial arts as well. Interest in Yoga led me to India in 1992, and I have been a visitor almost yearly ever since, sometimes twice yearly. Through many trips there I deepened my relationship with the source of yoga, India. I have studied and practiced all around that vast country and finally met a Sadhu in 2000 by the name of Amargiri Nagababa, who has taken me as a 'chela' or student. I completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training in 2006 with Yoga Arts, Byron Bay, Australia. In 2008 I applied for and was accepted as a certified school of yoga, now called Jungleyoga Ashram. Certificates that are issued through that body are recognized as valid in many parts of the globe, as well as being scorned and mocked in others!
To continue reading more about Randall, visit his website full bio

Movie review – Kumare’ (2011)

Kumare’ is a must see for any aspiring Yogi or spiritual sceptic. Vikram Ghandi, a New Jersey raised American with Hindi ancestry is intrigued by humanities’ engagement with religion and the notion of gurus. After visiting India and concluding that the gurus in India were no different to the Western World imposters, Vikram’s mission was to establish the truth of his notion that anyone can be a guru.
Vikram adopts a new identity – Kumare’, a wise and experienced guru – and finds ‘disciples’ in Arizona to follow his completely made up rituals and teachings. Whilst it sounds as though it is a cynical, deceitful experiment it is quite the contrary. Vikram presents himself as a subject in his own experiment as such with non assumption and genuine care for his strudents’ circumstances. His method may be questionable but the documentary offers great insight into illusion and truth and our attachment to the external.

Clean eating breakfast Smoothie recipe

Dust off your blender and do your body a favour. Switch your breakfast bar for a nutritious, quick and filling smoothie instead:
  • Half a frozen banana chopped roughly
  • A handful of frozen blueberries (or an berry of preference)
  • A tablespoon of Chia seeds
  • 200 mls of Almond milk (there are some outlets now selling fresh, organic,      refrigerated almond milk without the added sugar and preservatives. Try Apples and Sage in Balwyn)
*Add any protein powder or supplement that you take and add any frozen fruit or fresh herb of your choice.

Quote of the month

And just like her you can get to the wonderland
Where the ocean is crystal clear, where your heart is free of fear.
It’s gonna take a lot of courage, it’s gonna take a lack of pride.
It’s gonna take a jump off a cliff with a prayer on your lips and a wide open mind. (Radha Bornstein, Never Never Land, my

FAQ of the month

I'm not 'very good' at Yoga, can I come to a general class?

Yoga is unlike other forms of physical activity because we are not training to “become good” at it or to
get to a certain level. In a way Yoga, in terms of the postures - the asana - doesn’t get easier, it gets harder. There is always more to do in a pose to go deeper or stronger or to the next level and the more we practice, the more we work towards higher intensity in the pose. Instead of practicing the asana for the purpose of achieving the next posture, try practicing the asana to explore the body, energy flow and to tune into your true self. This will be a much different experience and most likely much more rewarding.

Quick Tip - Downward Facing Dog

Not sure if your Down Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is too long or too short? To check that you have the correct stance in your Down Dog, first come into a plank pose. Ensure that your shoulders are stacked above the wrists and you are pressing into the balls of the feet and powering backwards with your heals. Your quads should be activated and your core nice and strong, holding your hips in place (no booty pointing up or sinking down). When you are confident that your plank is aligned, press yourself back into your Down Dog. You should now have a pretty accurate stance and can start focusing on all of the many other actions in the Down Dog pose.
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