December 2018 

KENYA 2030 | year in review

Message from the Co-Chair

Water is the precondition for life. It is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. It is at the core of adaptation to climate change, serving as the crucial link between the climate system, human society, and the environment.
In 2018, the partnership made tremendous progress in improving the use of water across key economic sectors, from agricultural water productivity to strengthening urban and industrial water efficiency and reuse and creating new financing mechanisms for improved demand management.
On the precipice of a new year, I would like to thank our members for daring to take on the challenge of stewardship for this most invaluable resource.

As we say goodbye to 2018 and usher in the new year - I wish you a happy festive season and I look forward to continuing our work together towards a water-secure future in 2019.

Vimal Shah
Chair, BIDCO Africa
Co-Chair, 2030 WRG Governing Board - Kenya


NEWS | from the governing board

News from the Kenya 2030 WRG Governing Board

Kenya 2030 WRG Governing Board Endorses New Industrial & Urban Water Projects
November 2018 - The Kenya 2030 Water Resources Group Governing Board unanimously endorsed two project proposals within the industrial and urban water management workstreams aimed at improving reliable data collection...Read more
A New Chapter for Kenya 2030 WRG
April 2018 - Following on the heels of 2030 Water Resources Group’s host transition from the International Finance Corporation to the World Bank Group Water Global Practice this year, the Kenya 2030 WRG Governing Board welcomed Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Simon Chelugui, as its new Ministerial Co-Chair.

NEWS | from the partnership

Low-cost improvements can yield big water savings, finds Nestlé Kenya | NESTLE
Nestlé’s factory in Nairobi has reduced by half the volume of water it draws from Nairobi City Water on a daily basis by implementing a series of cost-effective and easily replicable water conservation measures...Read more
Young Kenyan wins global award for expose on water abstraction | MKEWP
A former Standard Group Plc journalist bagged a global award in Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday. Wesley Kipngenoh clinched the global accolade in the Young Professional Video contest after producing a video highlighting illegal activities taking place in Mount Kenya region affecting water flow....Read more
Like Water, Knowledge That Flows Stay Fresh | 2030 WRG AFRICA

Regional teams from 2030 WRG in Africa and the World Bank Water Global Practice gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for its Africa Learning Week event in May, 2018. The goal was to share knowledge and lay the foundations of collaboration necessary to deliver on the promise of sustainability at scale. Read more....

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2018| highlights

Updates from the Kenya 2030 WRG Secretariat 

In July the 2030 Water Resources Group completed the transition from the International Finance Corporation to the World Bank Group Water Global Practice. The transition to the Water GP and its extended network will enable 2030 WRG to scale impact in existing country partnerships and reach out to many more countries and stakeholders

The Kenya 2030 WRG Secretariat welcomed five new team members, bringing the total of support staff based in Nairobi to seven.
  • Andrew Amadi and Melchor Elser are Project Officers with the Industrial Water-Use Workstream
  • James Origa is the Project Officer with the Urban Water-Use Workstream
  • Natasha Skreslet is the Regional Communications Officer for Africa
  • Wilma Wambui Mwai is the Team Assistant 


Climate Smart Irrigation Facility
The facility works to increase water use efficiency and accelerate water productivity improvements in agricultural cultivation in Kenya, particularly with smallholder farmers.

An Irrigation Financing Facility (IFF) is being rolled out in partnership with IFC and has progressed to the piloting phase. The pilot project will work with a portfolio of approximately 500 out-growers, alongside equipment suppliers, off-takers, and two commercial banks to provide access to credit, training and agronomic support to smallholders who require irrigation systems.

In collaboration with private sector actors, including off-takers, equipment providers and banks, as well as the National Irrigation Board, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, County Governments and the World Bank, the partnership is exploring the replication of the IFF model in community-based irrigation schemes to support agricultural productivity and good water management practices for farmers in high-value chains.

Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP)
With over 70 member organizations, the partnership works to mitigate conflicts between upstream and downstream users, develop water storage infrastructure and strengthen institutional frameworks to effectively manage water abstraction.
The MKEWP Council welcomes two new Co-Chairs from private and public sector:  Mr. Moses Muthoki, Head of Community Development for the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and Mr. George Kobia, Chief Officer for Water for Meru County.

A 5-year Strategic Plan and Financial Sustainability Plan (FSP) for the Partnership were endorsed by the Kenya 2030 Water Resources Group  Governing Board meeting.

MKEWP is developing a WRUA Agency Model, which defines the working relationship between the WRUAs and Water Resource Authority. This model will build the capacity of grassroots organizations to finance and manage their sub-catchments sustainably as called for in the Water Act 2016. A pilot is underway in 5 sub-catchments, with full implementation planned for 2019.

The Partnership is also promoting a community-based financing instrument that will leverage the popular Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) model to support farmers to access finances for household level investments in water harvesting, storage and efficient use. The SACCO (Ewaso Maji Users) has been registered and will be deployed in 2019.



Kenya Industrial Water Alliance (KIWA)
The alliance addresses water-related risks to industrial growth by developing joint solutions for efficient industrial water use and management.

KIWA is working in partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), the Water Resource Authority, the Ministry of Industrialization, and IBM Research to develop an online platform to improve reporting, data collection, and benchmarking of industrial water use. The aim is to promote investment in water management and pollution prevention by facilitating access to finance and technological solutions within manufacturing industries.

KIWA hosted the third peer-to-peer knowledge exchange visit at Nestle EAR as part of its Leading By Example series. Over 20 participants from agro-processing and manufacturing industries came together to share best-practices on industrial water efficiency. 



The urban water-use working group supports technical and financial innovations to reduce urban water losses and expand water access and treatment.

The working group is collaborating with the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) and the World Bank Water Global Practice to support the development of five performance-based contract (PBC) demonstration projects to showcase the impact-potential of partnerships between water utilities and the private sector for reducing non-revenue water (NRW).

Polluter’s Pay Principle (3P) is a trade waste mechanism currently in development in cooperation with DANIDA and Nairobi Water. The objective of this market-based instrument is to promote compliance of discharge regulations among trade customers and increase investment in technologies for pretreatment and recycling of wastewater before discharge to the effluent system.



2030 WRG | publications

Kenya 2030 WRG partnership knowledge products and videos

Leading By Example | A Kenyan Replicable Best Practice in Industrial Water Management 
September 2018 - The Kenya Industrial Water Alliance (KIWA) recently organized a peer-2-peer learning exchange visit supported by 2030 WRG and GIZ-IWASP to share a unique best practice.

 Red Lands Roses is a medium-sized flower farm producing roses exclusively for export. The company has invested in water-efficient technologies and operational approaches to reduce the volume of new water abstracted each day by recycling nearly all the water that is not either consumed or evaporated.

Likewise, the minimal waste water produced is bio-organically treated before being released back into the environment.

See below a short video story on the visit below, and view the fact sheet here.



Upcoming events, meetings, and special days

Q1 | Jan - Mar 2019

  • Irrigation Working Group Roundtable Meeting - March 5th 
  • KIWA Steering Committee Meeting - February
  • Industry Water Workshop Meeting - March
  • Capacity Building Workshop - February
  • PBCs Awareness Raising & Education - February
  • TWG Meeting - March
  • World Economic Forum | 2030 WRG Global Governing Council Meeting, Davos, Switzerland - January
  • World Water Day - March 22nd 

Q2 | Apr - Jun 2019


  • KIWA Steering Committee Meeting - April
  • TWG Meeting - May
  • Kenya 2030 WRG Governing Board Meeting - April 16th
  • World Bank Water Week - April
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