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2030 WRG Newsletter

February 2016


Annual Report 2015 available now

The new 2015 Annual Report 'Moving towards implementation' showcases our 2015 achievements in ten country engagements around the world. We were able to deepen our existing engagements and successfully forged new partnerships.
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Grundfos joins 2030 Water Resources Group

The world’s leading pump manufacturer, Grundfos, agreed to support our activities at the global and country levels. The collaboration will focus on strengthening public-private-civil society collaboration to catalyze sustainable transformation on water resources management issues.
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MoU with Consejo Consultivo del Agua, Mexico in collaboration with CONAGUA

The Mexican Consejo Consultivo del Agua (Water Advisory Council) and the 2030 Water Resources Group in collaboration with CONAGUA have recently signed a memorandum of understanding to design and implement various initiatives that will ensure a more sustainable and productive use of water in Mexico.
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Maharashtra Cotton Water Platform Launch

The Maharashtra Cotton Water Platform was recently launched by 2030 WRG and partners to enhance and de-risk the livelihoods of more than 500,000 cotton farmers by delivering coordinated solutions for sustainable agricultural practices and water security in the Marathwada and Vidharba regions of Maharashtra.
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Kilimanjaro Water Stewardship Platform interest

A recent workshop took place in Arusha to discuss the concept and gauge potential interest in establishing the Kilimanjaro Water Stewardship Platform. The platform would provide a mechanism to coordinate and scale up interventions and develop solutions to tackle the growing water resources challenges.
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In principle accord to continue 2030 WRG program by Governing Council

The 2030 Governing Council members reviewed the achievements and progress of the 2030 WRG to date and discussed the outlook for the year ahead. The Governing Council members agreed in principle to continue the program beyond the current June 2017 phase and explore engagement opportunities in other countries.
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Improving water efficiency in Karnataka’s sugarcane sector

The Water Resources Department of the Government of Karnataka has now made arrangements for implementation of drip irrigation across the state’s sugarcane sector. If all sugarcane farmers in the state start using drip irrigation, they could reduce their water abstraction by 2.6 billion m3 – an estimated 10 percent of the state’s projected gap between water demand and supply in 2030.
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New groundwater management and monitoring services tariff in Peru

The 2030 WRG have supported the Peruvian water services regulator SUNASS, responsible for determining the tariff to be levied by water utilities, in developing the methodology for the design and implementation of the Ground Water Management and Monitoring services tariff.
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South Africa Knowledge Exchange updates

An international knowledge exchange will be organized in South Africa from 29 February - 4 March 2016 by the 2030 WRG and the South African Department of Water and Sanitation. The meeting is a second in a series of knowledge exchanges bringing together leading representatives from the public, private and CSO community working in our partner countries to share lessons learned and best practices.
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Fénix Power Peru wins Peru 2021 Water Prize

The company Fénix Power Peru, won the “Peru 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Award” in the category ‘water’ for their million dollar investment in a desalination and water treatment plant that delivers 2,000 m3 drinking water, 24 hours daily at no cost to the 15,000 inhabitants and surrounding villages.
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High-Level Heads of State Panel on Water launched

The UN Secretary-General and the President of the World Bank jointly announced today at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016 their intention to form a new panel to mobilize urgent action on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for water, sanitation and related targets.
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First Bangladesh National Steering Board meeting

The first meeting of the Bangladesh National Steering Board (NSB) was held at the end of January in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The NSB was formed as a result of the Bangladesh 2030 WRG multi-stakeholder partnership that was formally endorsed by the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
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Mongolian mining companies sign voluntary code of practice

The 2030 WRG partnered in a consortium with other partners, led by IFC, to successfully broker a new voluntary code of practice (VCP) for common water management and reporting for the mining industry in the South Gobi region. This collective effort will safeguard water resources and promote the efficient and transparent use of water.
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Placing water stories high on the agenda in Peru

A recent media workshop, led by the Institute for Peruvian Studies (IEP) in collaboration with 2030 WRG, was held to position water as a key topic in the electoral debates as part of the upcoming presidential elections in Peru. Over 40 media professionals from various organizations attended the workshop. 
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New: 2030 WRG Partner Blog
"Seeking Sustainable Water Services in Peru" 
FERNANDO MOMIY, President of the National Water Regulator SUNASS
Water Scarcity Solutions Case Study Highlights
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India Case Study Highlighted: 
SABMiller India partnered with local stakeholders in Alwar to implement a basin-wide groundwater management initiative which ensures the security and sustainability of the local deep aquifer. Basin based approach for groundwater management – Neemrana, Rajasthan
South Africa Case Study Highlight:
The water services provider, Rustenburg Municipality, was rated as the 3rd most distressed in South Africa and thus unable to raise the finance required to address the problems.
Rustenburg Innovative Financing Arrangements
Country Analyses
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