2014 Quarterly Newsletter
Volume One Issue Two

Welcome to Issue Three of the YBP Quarterly Newsletter; a place with all the latest news from our HIV programs in Bali. 
In the last three months, YBP has overseen a number of key events.  The Outreach Team, in collaboration with other local NGO’s, delivered our largest HIV and sexual health education session since the formation of the program in 2011.  Over 100 Balinese youth participated in the event, which took place in the Penestanan community centre in Ubud.  La Lucciola in Seminyak, kindly hosted the Fourth Annual Benefit Evening for YBP, where all funds go towards preventing the spread of HIV in Bali and supporting people in critical circumstances.  Finally, we take a closer look at the mobile testing clinic we set up for female-sex-workers (FSW) in Ubud; an initiative we would like to expand into eastern and northern Bali.     
For this issue’s “Employee Profile”, we sat down with Ari from Klinik Bali Medika.  She gave us an insight into the challenges she faces working in one of Bali’s most popular HIV and STI testing clinics, and what motivates her to help people living with this disease. 
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Mobile Testing Clinic - Ubud

Yayasan Bali Peduli has a Mobile Testing Clinic that directly services the clients. This service is helpful for people who want and need to get tested for HIV and STI’s, but usually due to their remote location, cannot do so.
The Mobile Testing Services was set up in 2013 in Jembrana and Buleleng and since then, 50 tests have been conducted. This year, Yayasan Bali Peduli’s goal is to expand this program and take our mobile clinics to a wider range of communities.
There are many people living on the island of Bali who do not know that they are HIV positive. They may not have the time or the necessary transport and means to visit one of YBP’s two medical testing clinics. There are two main negative elements of this outcome. If a citizen is HIV positive and they are unaware, they may continue to engage in unprotected sex and spread the virus to their partners. The second element is that HIV positive citizens do not access ARV, only becoming aware of their status when their health deteriorates and reaches a critical state. 
A member from the Outreach Team had a chat with the women about getting tested for HIV. All the women agreed that it was easier for them having all their friends getting tested at the same time and that they would have been afraid to do it alone.
Many female sex workers in Bali are often discriminated against by government health services, which discourages them to get tested. They also work irregular hours and that can make it hard for them to find time to visit a YBP clinic to get tested. However, Klink Anggrek in Ubud has now extended their opening hours to 4pm-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays to cater to people like female sex workers. 

Meet Our Team - Ari 

Luh Putu Ari Lestari (Ari) is the eldest of three siblings.  Originally from East Timor, Ari moved to Bali where she attended elementary school.  After graduating from the Nursing Academy Kesdam IX Udayana in 2004, she went to work at Toya clinic for one year and SOS clinic for five years.  After further study at Health Polytechnic in Denpasar, she joined Yayasan Bali Peduli team at Bali Medika in 2011.   
Ari has three roles with YBP: Administration, Nurse and Voluntary Counselling and Treatment (VCT) Counsellor.
She is responsible for registering new clients, patient follow-up and reporting of both weekly and monthly clients.  As a VCT Counsellor, Ari guides new and existing patients through the treatment process.  This involves providing the client with information about available treatment, explaining the potential side effects of antiretroviral drugs (ARV) and HIV related health issues.  Ari says that developing and maintaining trust with the client is important; as it creates a safe environment, where the client can freely disclose personal information and ask questions.  She also assists in taking blood samples for HIV and STI tests.
Ari says, that of all the challenges relating to the HIV epidemic in Bali, condom use and medication adherence are the most salient.  She believes that these two behaviours, if adopted, can help reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS in Bali; a task that she is passionate about.  She says that supporting her clients from the moment they step inside the clinic, until they are completely healthy and empowered, brings her much satisfaction. 

Clinic Update

The following section breaks down the testing and treatment statistics from January until the 30th of September 2014:
Klinik Bali Medika – Kuta
Clinic Visits - 3454
New patients - 610
HIV tests conducted – 1008 (119 HIV+)
STI tests conducted – 766 (181 STI+)
CD4 tests conducted - 359
Total Patients supported with ARV – 260

Klinik Anggrek – Ubud

Clinic Visits - 1412
New patients - 790
HIV tests conducted - 669 (35 HIV+)
STI tests conducted - 938 (280 STI+)
CD4 tests conducted - 114
Total Patients supported with ARV - 64

Collaborative Education Session - Penestanan, Ubud

There is no formal sexual education program within the national school curriculum in Indonesia; this is a significant issue in the fight against HIV in Bali.  According to Index Mundi (2014), 43.3% of the Indonesian’s population is under the age of 24 years old.  This means that without intervention, approximately 100 million Indonesian youth will, or already have, entered sexual debut without the knowledge to protect themselves against HIV or STIs.
YBP operates under the notion that education is the key to preventing the spread of HIV and STIs in Bali.  Equipping young people with the tools to protect themselves is invaluable; a cause that we have invested in heavily in the past and present year.  YBP believes that for each young person who chooses to adopt safe behaviours, such as condom use, there is a positive effect that transcends throughout the rest of the community.  We believe that peers, sexual partners and even future generations benefit, both directly and indirectly, from individuals choosing a ‘safer’ way to live.
YBP is a small foundation with limited resources; therefore, we understand the need to collaborate with other community groups to achieve positive outcomes.  In August of this year, the YBP Outreach Team, alongside Yayasan Bumi Sehat, Bali Children’s Project, Bali Spirit Festival and Puskesmas Ubud 2 Sayan, joined together to deliver an all-inclusive sexual and reproductive health education session with young people from Ubud.  The event took place on a Saturday evening in the Penestanan community centre.  Approximately 100 participants joined in the event – the largest education session we have been involved with since launching the program back in 2011.  The education session aims to create a safe, fun environment, where participants can engage with each other to learn about HIV, STIs and reproductive health.  The Outreach Team works directly with participants for a number of activities and demonstrations.  YBP plans to run similar collaborations in the future, please check our Facebook page for updates (link found in the contact section of newsletter).

Fourth Annual Benefit Evening

On October 16th, Yayasan Bali Peduli (YBP) held the Fourth Annual Benefit Evening at La Lucciola Restaurant in Seminyak.
The night was a huge success! There was a live auction, with many generous businesses around Indonesia, Cambodia and Australia donating beautiful items and experience packages.  YBP are proud to announce, that nearly 200 million IDR was raised on the night from the auction. This money will go towards funding our key programs.
YBP would like to thank all the wonderful staff at La Lucciola for putting on such a fantastic dinner. La Lucciola has held YBP’s annual benefit dinner for four years now. They generously provide their beautiful function room and all food and drinks. YBP would also like to thanks all the donors for contributing to the array of auction items and the amazing 40 guests that bought tickets to the event.
This Fourth Annual Benefit Evening was to remember the late Paul Latourell. Paul was a founding member of YBP and a passionate supporter and advisor to YBP’s programs. 

Global HIV News

With Dr. Steve Wignall M.D.

HIV rates in Bali continue to be a serious concern. Data from 2011 depicted in Figure 1 show that Bali ranks third in the nation according to newly reported HIV cases/100,000 population.   
We often assume that these are primarily cases among special groups such as people-who-inject-drugs (PWID), sex workers, and men-who-have-sex-with-men.  Indeed, rates among those groups are much higher than the general population without those risk factors but still members of the general population are also affected and among those especially women.  Figure 2 shows that nearly half the new infections reported in 2011 were in women – wives and girlfriends and not sex workers.  Many of these women are of child-bearing age and often pregnant.  
Recently, Professor Wirawan summarized data from several sites in Bali and 1 of every 200 pregnant women have been found to be HIV+.  Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), drugs that combat HIV, are safe in pregnancy and can reduce the risk of new-born HIV infections from about 35% to less than 5% if ARVs are taken routinely in early pregnancy and continued after delivery.  All pregnant women in Bali are suggested to have and HIV and syphilis test with their first antenatal check for their own safety and that of their baby. 

Join Us

YBP relies entirely on the support of our donors and partner organisations.  In the past six months, we have significantly expanded our HIV Education and Outreach programs.  The YBP Outreach Team has made a request for a pair of fire-resistant filing cabinets; approximate cost is $300.  If you would like to make a contribution to these items or any other program, please contact: info@balipeduli or

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