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The G.A.N.G. Minute: The Halloween Edition

Breaking news, freebies, and other geeky tidbits.

Mourning The Lost

First and foremost, we'd like to remember those whom have lost loved ones recently.  Obi from HorsePLAY! LIVE and Chip Cella from The B-Team Podcast have both recently experienced losses.  Our prayers and well wishes are with you!  Stay strong and remember: you have all of us in The GANG to talk to and keep your mind off the hurt.  You are family!

GANG Weddings

On the bright side, congrats to Alister Kennedy, who got married a week ago and is now on holiday in Canada.  Chris Gannon of The Gaming Death Podcast gets married very soon too.  Be sure to send them congratulations!

48-Hour Halloween Stream

Starting with HorsePLAY! LIVE at 4am GMT / 11pm EST / 8pm PST, we'll be going 48+ hours on Twitch.  Our stream team will consist of MorganaFreya, BFT9000, TheWorstRadioShow (Kevin), ObioneX2, AussieGeekShow (Goldy), and MORE!  If you want to join the GeekyAntics stream team and/or sign up for the event, contact us at - we're also looking to do charity streams, more community gaming (a'la GANG Nights), and fund-raising streams soon!

Save The Beard!

Shall we save or shave Obi's beard?  The vote continues over on the GeekyAntics blog.  Remember to get your votes in before October 31st, 2015 at 11:59pm.  Leave some comments too and let us know how you feel about facial hair, which is an appropriate discussion considering Movember / No-Shave November is coming!

Halloween Favorites

Let us know what your favorite Halloween-esque things are: anime, horror movies, fantasy, TV shows, dark comedies, whatever!  You can e-mail us, tweet us, or join us for our live shows/podcasts.  We'll discuss our favorite moments, rare picks, etc.

One of our favorites is Dexter. Some of us are catching up and re-watching episodes to figure out why the fans hated the last 2-3 seasons.  Is Hannah McKay truly the worst character?  How would we have ended the show differently?  Which deaths did we like/hate the most?

Other picks: The Whispers, American Horror Story, Lost Girl, Supernatural, etc.  IBLoud recommends Black Mirror and Luther on BBC One and Netflix.  Legends is another goodies she recommends, now playing on TNT.  Anyone watching/watched these?

WRS Anniversary In December

The WRS Media / The Worst Radio Show one-year anniversary is coming up on December 16th.  Save the date.  Tune into Spreaker and Twitch for re-runs of past episodes.  Experience our friends going from zeroes to heroes.  They're still THE WORST and we love them for it!

Martin Septic Services Of Middle Georgia

If you're in Georgia or know anyone in Georgia, please share these links with your friends.  This sponsor has been wonderfully supportive of our network and they have helped us keep the lights on.

We also set up a Pinterest board for Vince Martin.  There's a lot of cool shares to check out from home improvement to community events to cute pets to silly memes...  Yup, there's something for everyone.  Please like, share, +1, etc!

Unified Combat League (UCL)

We're helping the UCL launch their Twitch channel and develop a sustainable, scalable content strategy.  The content will revolve around MMA, fighting games, eSports, and friendly/amateur competitions.  Stay tuned for more details!


I'm probably missing something but I think that suffices for now.  Hope you enjoyed this installment of TGM - rock on, geeks!


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