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These events are held in a variety of locations around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  I find locations of particular historical and paranormal significance and offer these expanded classes there.  The classes include a psychic based investigation element.  Many of the places we have held these events in have been made famous by authors or television programs.  Haunted Hot Spots events take a variety of forms, so prices vary.

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Conflicting Messages from the Same Entity

 by William Becker

The death of my father this last year has helped shed some light on a quandary I’ve had when working with paranormal entities and locations.  Sometimes, it seems like there is almost a split personality with the entities.  There are occasions when I see an entity and get one feeling or message from it, and then also get a totally contradictory message from seemingly the same entity.  Often, one stands before the other.
This happened with my father.  I had received a very strong message from my mother and other relatives that I was on the right track with my profession and life path.  When Dad passed, and I was able to more fully focus on my own projects instead of care giving, I found that I had an image of him saying no, and the softer, more complete communication with him saying yes, go for it.
My first thought was that perhaps I was using wishful thinking for the positive message – or at least that was my fear.  The next thought was maybe I was just projecting what I thought he would say in this realm for the negative message.  This started me thinking about similar occurrences.
I have found
 many cases where there are conflicting messages.  The entity looks to be the same being, but the messages are opposite.  The two messengers look the same, but don’t feel quite the same. 
One often seems flatter than the other.
 I've developed an understanding for what I experience.  The messages are from the same person, yet not.  The flat message, and I've found they are often the negative messages, are from the energy imprint that the person left in that place.  What we are picking up isn’t the soul, the full person communicating with us; it’s just that one aspect of the person’s personality and understanding.
The other, more complex and complete being I read is not only most often more positive, but also is from 
the soul of the person visiting to give a fuller message.  This is the message that is grounded and comes from the depth of the being and his or her more complete understanding.
This goes back to my understanding of the types of beings that “haunt” a location.  I don’t really like that word; I prefer something more like “reside”, or “visit” a location.  Much less baggage comes with those words. 
When looking at “visitors” that had been human in life, we have mostly what amounts to the energy left behind by the person in a location.  This I think is part of why we have beings that are experienced regularly in multiple locations.  These energy beings are set by what part of the person was important or most active in the location.  These beings are often intelligent and communicate, but just don’t have the depth of a full soul.  And, they reflect the opinions of the person at the time they lived.

I also think that sometimes our own expectations of what the person would think of something affects our experience with this more
2-dimensional being.  It’s very difficult for the living to rid ourselves of all filters and expectations with an entity that we have known as a living person.

 We also have souls that come back to visit for many reasons, or sometimes just like to hang out.  They aren't trapped or lost.  They’re doing what they want.  These beings feel much more whole and complete.  And, these beings are more developed in their understanding and knowledge then the energy imprints I mentioned above.
This means that though the being that is representative of the person while living gives the message that is compatible with who they were during life, the full soul has a message that is b
ased on a bigger connection with the universal, and a deeper understanding of truth.

Finding Your Psychic Voice Class

This 2 hour class is held the 3rd Sunday of each month,
from 3pm - 5pm, at the downtown Oregon City Coffee Rush at
900 Main St.
Price is $25. 
Arrangements can also be made to hold the class in other locations.
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