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Welcome to the Paranormal Insights E-Newsletter.

Welcome to the first edition of our new e-newsletter!  We are offering this bi-monthly e-newsletter for your enjoyment and education.  The newsletter will be featuring articles on various aspects of the paranormal written by a guest writer each month and by myself.  Our upcoming events will also be listed on the calendar.  The publication will be somewhat organic so will continue to grow and develop. 
Part of my calling as a psychic medium is to assist people in their understanding and exploration of the greater world around us.  This world is full of many wonderful beings that don’t fit into the “normal” range of most people’s experience.  When we learn to allow them to communicate to us, we lose our fear, learn much about them and ourselves, and enrich our experience of this life.  Among other services, I guide people on their unique journey.  This newsletter is part of that calling.
While we aren’t soliciting articles, we are interested in hearing from you about specific topics or questions you might have.  Our focus is mostly on what would be considered ghosts, the others, but we will also touch on other aspects of the paranormal.  We don’t guarantee that we will be able to include your topic or questions.
International Psychic Medium William Becker

The Complete Being

By William Becker
We are taught that life is pretty much what exists in the physical world around us.  Religion and forms of spirituality may be brought into this environment, but even that doesn't really consider or take into account the full dimension of reality, beyond the 3 dimensional world we know and are told is existence in its entirety.

I have published some previous articles that explore various other realms; realms where we can connect with our past and between lives, and learn more about our current one from them.  I’ve mentioned other paranormal beings that seem to reflect the others spoken of in many myths and legends from around the world.  But where I’ve been going with this is part of the vision I’ve had all my life. It’s the integration of it all within us.

The world we exist in is a much bigger, and more seemingly complicated, but actually simpler place than we are led to believe.   We have the energy left behind by people whose lives made an impact on locations.  We have souls, or part of souls, that come and visit; to assist us, to communicate with us, or as tourists.  We have a myriad of beings that seem to step from the pages of legend and lore, and we have a direct connection to the universal consciousness and depth of immortal being.  All this has simply been educated out of us by a societal perspective that relies on 5 senses, not 6 or more.  It is up to us to relearn how to reopen to these additional senses. 

Sometimes people are afraid that developing additional senses will lead us into the land of evil beings.  Sometimes religion tells us those other senses are evil in themselves.  Much of this fear and superstition is basically man-made labeling from man-made religious doctrine. 
My theory is that these additional senses we need are part of who the human race is.  It’s part of our own creation and evolution.  It’s natural to our beings.  What isn’t natural is the denying and covering up of these essential parts of ourselves.

The entities we can communicate with help to educate us as to our place in the larger reality, as well as to what our role in this more limited existence is.  We can visit with, and talk to, our guides at the seat of all knowledge often referred to as the Akashic  Record.  Allowing ourselves to communicate with beings of myth and legend can open us to new aspects of our connection to those beings.  We open to a much greater sense of belonging to the universal and our place in it.  We also become more aware of our responsibility to it. 

Part of this responsibility is that we request permission of the beings inhabiting the places we go to visit, and to treat all beings with respect and to understand that each has its own unique place in the universe.  We are not there to judge, but to be part of, learn and understand. 

The additional wisdom and connection we develop should also help us to better understand our responsibility in this 3 dimensional world of our 5 senses, as well as our duty in the larger universal.   We have a duty to protect this planet and its living beings.  It is vital that we recognize that our energy, let alone our physical activity, affects the world around us.  We create what we put out there, both in the realms of our other senses, as well as in this realm. 

A word of caution, these additional senses are not to replace our 5 physical senses.  They are to further augment and complete them.  These are in addition to, not instead of our knowledge, wisdom and rational thought process.  These additional senses and the realms they open to us assist us in connecting with our soul, and its path, now, in the past, and in eternity. 
There is a place deep within each of us where we find the universal and our part in it.  It is this place where we can most connect to our true selves – our completeness of soul.  And it is from this place that we can grow and evolve as spiritual beings, as well as physical ones.  It is here that we can touch a deeper understanding and level of knowledge, one that is simply “known”, not taught.  It is here we further develop our life’s purpose.  I find this to be an eternal process – one that we work on in this life, as well as between and past lives.  It is to find this path in them that I am blessed to assist others. 

Upcoming Events

Haunted Hot Spots Events:

These events are held in a variety of locations around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  I find locations of particular historical and paranormal significance and offer these expanded classes there.  The classes include a psychic based investigation element.  Many of the places we have held these events in have been made famous by authors or television programs.  Haunted Hot Spots events take a variety of forms, so prices vary.

Walker-Ames House ~ Port Gamble
Tokeland Hotel ~ Tokeland, WA
Lewis County Museum~Chehalis, WA
Port Gamble Ghost Conference


Finding Your
Psychic Voice Class

This 2 hour class is held the 3rd Sunday of each month,
from 3pm - 5pm, at the downtown Oregon City Coffee
Rush at 900 Main St.


Price is $25. 
Arrangements can also be made to hold the class in other locations.

Guest Writer ~ Pete Orbea

I have the pleasure of working in the historic town of Port Gamble as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Part of my job is leading the popular Ghost Walks, Special Investigations and coordinating the Port Gamble Ghost Conference which has given me the opportunity to develop my skills for investigating the paranormal scientifically and psychically.

I became interested in the paranormal at age seven after witnessing two Native American warriors appear and vanish while on a road trip with my grandfather in northern Arizona. The intrigue of the paranormal was peaked again during my college years while managing the historic Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID which was a hot spot for paranormal activity on a daily basis.

After living in Port Gamble for a few years and getting to know many other people with a strong interest in studying the paranormal, I feel right at home in the haunted historic town. After joining the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society last year, I am excited to be a part of a great team and I'm looking forward to a journey of continued growth and knowledge of the paranormal.

Get ready for the Walker-Ames Haunted Hot Spots Class on September 13th!

Here is some information on the Walker-Ames House and some evidence that has been collected...

Built: 1888-1889: This house is thought to be the most active building in Port Gamble. Two stories tall with an attic and basement, perched at the top of a bluff, and turned so its front entrance faced the wharves rather than the town, the house welcomed visitors who arrived at Port Gamble by ship, the primary form of transportation until about World War I.

My Favorite Walker-Ames Paranormal Experience:
* (Dec) While the house was decorated for Santa’s Workshop, employee Pete and attendees were standing on main floor facing main staircase. Pete was asking if the children of the house would like to come down and make some Christmas crafts. A footstep was heard above them on the second floor. Pete continued questioning about the children. After a couple of minutes, Pete and 1 attendee saw a short shadow coming down the main staircase very slowly. It stopped on the landing of the stairs. Pete said “I am glad that you came down. Would you like to make a gingerbread house with us?”. The shadow then disappeared. About 2-3 seconds later, everyone in the house heard loud footsteps running across the length of the house starting at the top of the stairs and running into the master bedroom. Pete immediately went upstairs with attendees following. When Pete made it a couple of steps into the master bedroom, he felt like he ran into something that wasn’t seen. As soon as Pete stopped, four LOUD footsteps occurred right in front of him and moved around the corner into the “cedar closet”. The steps were very loud like heavy boots stomping on the hardwood floor. The group then spread out on the second floor and settled in to listen again. Pete continued speaking about coming downstairs to make Christmas crafts. An attendee saw a shadow move down the hallway from the main bathroom and looked like it went through the door that leads to the attic. Pete then said “there you are, would you like to come downstairs and make a gingerbread house with us?” About 3 seconds later, everyone heard loud footsteps running across the attic floor from the top of the attic stairs to the east side of the attic. The group then went up to the attic, where it was very silent and no further noises were heard and no one was seen or heard in the attic. 

Some EVP's for you... (Courtesy of the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society)


Here is a fun one from the old morgue that was beneath the Port Gamble Post Office (Courtesy of TEAM OPPS) taken on a Ghost Box late last year. We had asked if the spirits down there wanted to speak to anyone else that was present. The answer is pretty obvious...LOL! Enjoy...


I hope to see you all in Port Gamble some time for a tour, investigation, or the Port Gamble Ghost Conference that is upcoming October 24-26. CLICK HERE to register!
You can reach me at or call me at 360-297-8074 if you have any questions!

CLICK HERE to sign up for William Becker's Haunted Hot Spots class at the Walker-Ames House on September 13th, 2014!
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