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Paranormal Insights:  A Visual Para-History of Oregon and Washington
I’m pleased to announce that I have finished a lifelong dream.  After decades of starts and stops, and even finishing first drafts, I have published my first book!  Copies are available for purchase on my website:
My friend Devin Conroy-Groves is a professional photographer, and together we have written the first in what will be a series of books exploring the haunted history of many places both here and abroad.  This and subsequent books combine Devin’s stunning photography with my psychic readings of the locations, along with their histories and legends.

We traveled to several locations around Oregon and Washington finding a variety of haunted, historic sites.  The book includes shipwrecks, ghost towns, old military installations, haunted houses and more.  We visited some sites on our own, and some as part of my Haunted Hot Spots classes.
The book was a joy to create.  We had true collaboration on the project and both of us had the same idea as to what we were looking to produce.  And, we were introduced to many beings from many places.  All of whom assisted in our better understanding of the sites we visited.  It didn't hurt that each of the places we visited had their own unique beauty and story, aside from the paranormal aspect of the location.
When I’m asked about the difficulties in writing this book, I’m hard pressed to think of any.  I guess the most difficult thing for me was choosing which photos to use.  Devin took hundreds of truly amazing photos.  We couldn't use them all. 
Choosing the settings for the book was also difficult, there are so many incredibly beautiful places with their unique histories and stories.  We just had to realize that we can’t do it all at one time.  This is part of the reason why this is the first in a series of planned books, not the only book.  We are already hard at work on the next one.
Having completed a lifelong dream is very fulfilling.  That the end product is one I can be genuinely proud of makes this that much sweeter.  
New book released! Buy it HERE.

Healing the World

By William Becker
I've been watching the world, society, my community and myself and our reactions to so much going on these days.  First, I want to say this is not a political piece.  It’s an energy and spiritual piece.  Sometimes those all seem to intertwine.
We seem to live in a world of great polarization and even greater violence.  And the answer I see consistently on the news, on social media, even in more progressive outlets is more violence.
This isn't always physical violence.  Along with the calls to bomb organizations – i.e. people both innocent and guilty – the rhetoric I continue to hear is hateful, or angry at the very least.  The emotions permeating the world seem to be mostly those of hostility.  This is even true from those promoting peace and taking care of humanity and the planet.
I understand how easy it is to take a position and dig in.  But when we are so hostile to all in opposition, we create more violent energy ourselves.  I’m not saying we don’t address wrong doing.  We must do so.  But how do we approach others?   What is it we are called to do as beings of both spirit and energy?  We educate and give example from a place of peace and free from any sort of violence.
 In my experience, society has mostly forgotten that there is more to the world than what we see and physically experience.  There is a spiritual energy to the planet and to each of us.  We are each called to find our own place in that spiritual energy and to be fully ourselves. 
Our thoughts, and emotions are part of the creation of the energy around us and the energy we put out into the world and into the universe.  We are a big part of the balance of energy; the yin and yang, positive or negative, or whatever name you want to ascribe to the phenomena. 
When we respond to something with anger, that’s the energy we put out.  When we respond with hate, we create hate in the world.  When we respond with violent emotions, we create an atmosphere of violence that is self-feeding and grows into an all-consuming monster.
When we respond to the world around us with an attitude of peace, understanding and love, that is the energy we create.  This become the reality of the energy surrounding us, and manifests as the energy we put into the universe.  When enough of us create this energy of beauty, the world is transformed.  Injustice fades away.  As injustice fades, so do wars.  So does hunger, so does the insecurity that leads to so much violence.  And in the places where it might still exist, violence is neutralized by peace and love.  

Upcoming Events

Haunted Hot Spots Events:

I have just booked the Stanley Hotel for January 10th & 11th!!! I'm still working out the details and will keep you all posted through my website and Facebook. 
These events are held in a variety of locations around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  I find locations of particular historical and paranormal significance and offer these expanded classes there.  The classes include a psychic based investigation element.  Many of the places we have held these events in have been made famous by authors or television programs.  Haunted Hot Spots events take a variety of forms, so prices vary.

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House ~ Portland, Oregon
In two weeks on OCT 11th!!! Sign up now!
Tokeland Hotel ~ Tokeland, WA
Stanley Hotel ~ Estes Park, CO
Details upcoming so keep checking my WEBSITE for updates on this spectacular Haunted Hot Spot event!
Port Gamble Ghost Conference


Finding Your

Psychic Voice


This 2 hour class is held the 3rd Sunday of each month,
from 3pm - 5pm, at the downtown Oregon City Coffee
Rush at 900 Main St.

Price is $25. 
Arrangements can also be made to hold the class in other locations.

I'll be speaking and teaching a class this year at the 5th Annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference! CLICK HERE if you would like more information!

Guest Writer ~ Linda Conroy-Alber

Photo Courtesy of Devin Conroy-Groves               

The Tin House

  By Linda Conroy-Alber

The first time I saw the little house is when I came to live with my soon to be husband in the year 2000. At that time I had no idea of what had happened there. It was being used as a rental. The house was originally a wood shed. Robert’ ex-wife’s stepfather converted it into a small apartment with a rec room attached.

Soon after I moved there, the renter, a woman in her early thirties complained that Roberts’s son was harassing her at night, and she was moving that weekend. His son said it was not true, but she moved anyway. The next tenants moved in and were there a few months and decided to also move. They didn’t give a real reason just that it was too noisy at night.

As Robert’s oldest son was getting married, he decided to convert the little tin house into a 2 bedroom house with a new bathroom and a remodeled rec room that became a new kitchen and living room. The house became a 2 bedroom house. They lived there for a few years and had 3 children there. The marriage was not a happy one. They soon divorced and again the house was empty.

The next renter was a woman I had worked with. Her name was Terry. They say you never really know someone until you live with them, in this case—rent to them. She was very unstable and she tried to do everything as if she owned the house. She accused us of braking in and talking at weird times of the night. She brought a man with her who lived in a trailer next to the house. She decided to move and we were glad. What a mistake, we thought, in letting her move here.

Her friend, a guy name Steve, decided to rent the house and help us here on the farm. It didn’t work out. He also complained about noises at night and how tired he was because of lack of sleep. When I asked him what he was hearing, he just said voices. After that, we just decided to use it for storage. 

As the years passed, I learned about a tragedy that had occurred there in the middle nineties’. Robert’s ex-wife had a sister who had contracted AIDS and was having a terrible time. She was released from the hospital and came to the farm to stay at the little house to help her recover with the help of her sister. She was dead the next morning from an overdose of pain medication.

This is when it gets really strange and weird as I finally heard the voices that everyone had complained about. At first, as I would go over to the house to get something out of storage, I would hear whispering. I thought it was coming across the pasture or maybe a TV or radio. I chose to pretend it was the wind hitting the house. I thought it was a man talking to a crying child. I was wrong.

Little by little, each time I went into the house, the voices became clear until one night, I was in what was the old part of the house, after dark, when I heard a man tell the woman, who was crying, that she didn’t want to take it (the pills).He yelled at her to swallow them as she continued to cry. I froze. The woman’s name was Lorie. And I believe she was murdered. She was part of a highly publicized court case out of Washington State about a man named Randy who, when he discovered he had AIDS, slept with as many women as possible to infect them. He is now in prison. I do not go into that house after dark anymore.    

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