"I'll be back"
You haven't seen the last of monsters. After all, we can build some more from DNA; our monstrous robots do anything we can do, better; we can keep our monstrous selves alive well past our shelf-life; and the behemoths of Facebook and Google loom over us as threatening as anything from Nineteen Eighty Four.
So, genetic engineering, AI, transhumanism, social media and privacy: too big for the children, these will be some of the themes in October, when the adult Festival #2 hits town, with the full weight of the Universities of Brighton and Sussex behind it.
We never sleep
So what will stop us from dozing between now and October? Have a look at our 'All Year Round' page. Would you like some entertaining science in your area? Pocket Science is a bijou festival-ette. Our outreach visits Youth centres, Scout, Guide or Woodcraft groups with marvels, The School challenges tick all the curriculum boxes.
We never slept
It has been a wild six months, working to produce one wild week, but I think we did it.  About 160 presenters met and shared their passion and awe with about 10,000 kids and parents. Such a range of subjects and variety of ways to put things across, but it wasn't the numbers that impressed, nor the curriculum boxes ticked, but the wild imaginations on show.

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To the 160 contributors: be patient. It took six months to say 'please'; I hope it won't take as long to say 'thank you'. We can deal with two thank-yous straight away: thank you, Francesca Moore, for taking these photos.
If you didn’t have time to fill out an evaluation during the week, perhaps you could fill out an online version now? Feedback is genuinely like feed to us – every comment nourishes … unless you have already filled out a paper one, in which case a repeat might skew the stats.
If you have any pictures or vids you'd like to share, send them through. We would love to put them about.
To keep you amused
until October, there are some interesting new websites, below, to keep your opposable thumb and oppositional minds exercised.
Life Noggin
finds answers to questions where you never knew there were questions.
Dave does stuff. Loads of stuff. He's Blue Peter 2.0, including the yoghurt pots, with added chemistry and physics, and lashings of imagination. Don't forget: always ask the parents permission, because they'll want to do some of these for themselves.
Sunday Assembly
On the fourth Sunday of every month the 'godless assembly' celebrates the power of humanity to do things together, whether it be fine deeds, fine singing, fine conversation or excellent tea and cakes. There is always a science slot, and now there's also a YOUNG Assembly, for 7+ ages to find out about the world at their level.
Next Assembly, March 25.
For those who have just joined us: our mission is to avoid being unsubscribed (and we're perilously close to the unsubscribe button right now). To do this we try to be brief, pithy, relevant, eclectic and if possible funny.
Being 'funny' usually involves puns (we are scientists after all) for which we are sorry, but sadly we suffer from obsessive-compulsive pun disorder, so all we can do is beg your sympathy.
(FYI the Festival theme was monsters)