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We are the champions!
We humans are the tops. Our awesome creativity and technical wizardry can think up brilliant ways to cheat at sport, our pharmaceutical companies can devise ingenious ways to detect it, and our cheating ways can outwit them again and again. Forget brawn, it's scientists' brains that win the Olympics. The British Pharmacological Society will be digging into it on February 23rd. That may seem a long way off, but don't worry; this scandal will run and run.
Tickets for Rio 2016 are on sale now, but the Science Festival won't open for business before January. Right now we are preparing the pictures and text for the website and brochures.

More records broken!
We've done it; we've broken the one degree barrier. This is genuine teamwork by everyone on the planet, putting on the heating when it gets a bit cool and the air conditioning when it feels warm, guzzling gas at every spare moment, pumping up the CO2. And finally it looks like we've managed to raise global temperatures by one whole degree celsius above pre-industrial levels  Well done, humanity. It has been a marathon!

Heavyweight champs

The biggest, the widest, the heaviest folk in Europe; for nearly a decade, Team GB has prided itself on its girth, making up in pure mass what it lacks in clout. And all this in spite of recent news reports of the dangers of red meat, the menace of carbohydrates, the fatal attraction of sugar and the obvious need to avoid fat, plus the uselessness of vitamins... So what is there left to eat, roughage? Brighton Science Festival has the answer, as ever - INSECTS! On Sunday February 21st we'll be learning how to suck, nibble and gulp our way to a healthy life. 800 million sparrows can't be wrong.

Fom ignoble to Ignobel

This year's Ignobel Prizes have been awarded, and will be pored over in the next newsletter. The prizes, awarded for scientific achievements that “first make people laugh, then make them think”  included a chemical recipe to partially un-boil an egg, the mystery of how Moulay Ismael the Bloodthirsty managed to father 888 children and why chickens with a stick stuck to their bum should make you very afraid.
Remind you of anyone?
WELCOME to 2016
The class of 2015, suddenly proud Festival newsletter owners, are preparing for the delights of next Feb, once the obstacle of Christmas has been gently wafted to one side. We hope to educate and entertain, not necessarily in that order, but though the Newsletter will try to be light the message is far from trite. Science is what defines us, so we need to understand how we got here, where we're going and what to do about it.
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Who needs a panto when you can get to grips with a chemistry lesson?
When Professor Hal and Sideshow Dave start to blow up the theatre on December 9th, you'll be glad you came.
And lucky to survive.

December 9th, 2.30 & 6.30pm
Huxley Lecture Theatre, University of Brighton BN2 4GJ

Tickets £4, Family ticket £24 ( 4 people)

Details HERE.
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