at Pocket Science Festival this week!
Dr Jonathan Hare, one of the pioneering scientists in nanotechnology and the man behind the  Creative Science Centre, shows us all how to bomb like a gull in the Pocket Science Festival next week, at Worthing, Eastbourne, Billingshurst and Brighton, in a workshop originally designed for schools, now for everyone: ANGRY GULLS: Alone worth the price of admission!
But of course not alone!! There's the Amazing Shrinking Booth, Upside Down Goggles, the Incredible Machine, and much more...

Wednesday 31st August – Sydney Walter Centre,
Sussex Rd, Worthing, BN11 1DS

Thursday 1st September – Under Ground Theatre,
Grove Rd, Eastbourne, BN21 4TL

Friday 2nd September – Billingshurst Centre, 
Roman Way, Billngshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9QW

Saturday 3rd September – Synergy Centre,
78 West St, Brighton, BN1 2RA

All events run from
11am – 4pm.        £3 on the door.

Ugly Animals 
Saturday September 17        7.30pm - 9.30pm

Congratulations to Simon Watt for turning the blobfish from zero to hero, with his campaign to rehabilitate the uglier critters of the world. Why should they be derided so much? We probably look just as ugly to them. Well now blobfish is a style icon, as any image search will reveal. This is a show for all the family. Anyone who is anyone will want to be there.
(No naked mole rats allowed in, naturally; they're so weird)
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Russell Arnott
Remember Bubbleology at the last Festival? Remember the Tentacular Spectacular? You'll never forget Russell then! He's back with something a bit about boats and a lot about making a mess with water; another genial genius at the unsinkable Pocket Science Festival. Dates to the left.
Brighton Digital Festival
Brighton Digital Festival descends upon the city in a day or so, and along with our own events (which you’ve just finished reading about), there’s some great free workshops available for young people.
Lighthouse have a digital design workshop focussing on building your own version of Brighton Pavilion

the ever-popular MakerClub are arranging a robot-building extravaganza

Curiosity Hub demonstrate how to use simple programming to make beautiful music

There’s also an opportunity for all ages to join Exploring Senses and create a 3D model of the whole city,

This is just a small part of what’s on offer – take a look at the full programme. 

Sunday September 18

During our gentle day of arguing - Take Nobody's Word For It, we will have to make sure that there is some dissent, but because our lovely visitors will be so mellow, we'll have to import some of our own. We are therefore seeking some Devil's Advocates, to put the 'opposite' view. Devil's advocates were first used at the Christian church's earliest meetings, two thousand years ago, when they were all finding it difficult to disagree with each other and still stay friendly. The 'devils' would test the integrity and logic of the arguments. Ours will be clearly identifiable by their horns.