Trust us!
This is an unmissable week. British Science Festival visits to Brighton are as rare as eclipses: the last was 34 years ago. Since then the nation's top science celebration has been around the whole UK. Now it is back, with over 150 events over five days, all free, from top experts, at the cutting edge of science and the leading edge of your life.
Can you trust us?
Can we survive in a world where everyone is possibly an enemy? Who can we trust, and how do we know? do we rely on gut feelings, or decide rationally?  Uta Frith will talk about the psychology of trust, that thing which we all depend upon for our lives. Thursday Sept 11th.

You can trust us on this:

Girls Can Do Maths!
In spite of everyone's best efforts, 94% of maths professors in British universities are men. Things start off relatively positively: girls make up 40% of A-level maths students, and the proportion studying for a first degree in maths is even a little higher, at 42%. But from then it's downhill, with numbers falling away to just 29% of female researchers, 19% at doctorate level, and the 6% handful who bag a professorship.
The Mathematikado, produced and performed by female students in 1886, parodied Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado to argue that women could master college-level maths. Seeing it again, you will gain a unique glimpse into a past which looks unnervingly like the present. Friday September 8.
Woofing it down
Just like in humans, obesity in dogs is a growing problem. Vet and genetics researcher Eleanor Raffan embarked on a quest to determine which genes were responsible for obesity in dogs, with the hope that this would inform understanding of our own appetites. Join her as she describes her striking discoveries. Saturday Septemer 9.
Last Fab Feb and next Feb
Have you got anything for us next year? Brighton Science Festival is looking for activities to inspire 7-14 year-olds next Spring half term, February 10 – 18th. HERE is a video of a tiny corner of the last one. 
Copyright © 2017 Brighton Science Festival, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017 Brighton Science Festival, All rights reserved.

Even though the 150 events are all free, many will be very popular, so find the programme (hard copy ones in cafes, libraries etc) or online and book your place in advance, for no fee. It's easy to do and reassuring to have done.


Lucky you!  One in two of us will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during our lifetime. Usually we are a little older than 19, when Toby Peach, above, was diagnosed; or 21, when he was diagnosed again. But thanks to his living in the present era, Toby has fought it and won. He will tell you all about it on Wednesday September 6.


Perhaps all Toby needs is a spare body, which is no problem in our new, transhumanistic world. In 'From kings to keyholes: surgical innovation in organ transplantation', Pankaj Chandak will run through the history of organ transplants.  Friday September 8.

Soon, next to every clothes cupboard there will be a clones cupboard. At times when you feel like a new man, you can get one. Remember, you heard it here first.