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At last England is going to stop its love affair with the plastic bag; a bit late, (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Belgium, France, India, China, Australia, half of Africa, Brazil, Mexico, half of USA, Germany, Italy and Denmark are there already), but welcome anyway. The extra 5p bag charge meant 99p Stores had to rebrand altogether:
Drastic Plastic
All over Midway Island birds are dying from eating the plastic that floats in the surrounding seas. Midway, as its name suggests, is halfway across the Pacific, as far as any place could be from any continent. But you can't avoid plastic. 6.4 million tons of it is dumped in the sea every year. 
Everything you have ever thrown away is still with us, and will be for 450 years. So the birds will decay away to nothing, but their plastic memorial cairn will be there for half a millennium. This extraordinary, poignant picture and others like it was taken by Chris Jordan. His website gently chastens our appetite for petrochemicals. For instance, Chris has recreated a well-known masterpiece from Pacific junk. To visit it, click on the section of picture, below, then click again on the picture it links to, and with each click zoom in and out of the image. Then spend some time looking at his masterpieces.

Plastic Solution

If you’d like to do more than reuse your plastic bags to avoid the 5p charge, have a go at the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge. Quite simply, try to give up non-recyclable plastic for a month; you’ll very quickly find that it’s nigh-on-impossible to shop in your local supermarket! Visit THIS useful page for tricks and tips on how to get through the month.
If you’d like to deal with the symptom of the problem, namely the insane amount of rubbish that litters our coastline, then take part in a #2minutebeachclean. Started by Martin Dorey, he advocates all beach users spending just 2 minutes of their time removing any rubbish that they find thus making the world a better place. Visit HIS WEBSITE for more information.
If you would like to delegate the dealing with the symptoms to someone else, start with Russell Arnott, who guards our oceans on behalf of Planet Whale.

It's not just plastic we waste...
Thursday 29 October - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
5,000 lunches made entirely out of food that would otherwise have been thrown away will be served up on the day, free of charge. It's a delicious solution to the problem of global food waste.
Also on the day - cookery demos from expert chefs, and inspiring talks from food campaigners.
The event is being organised by a group of local organisations including Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Brighton & Hove City Council, Fareshare Brighton, Food Waste Collective, Real Junk Food Project, University of Sussex Students' Union and University of Brighton with guidance and support from Feedback. The event will shine a light on global and regional food waste issues.
Festival of the Spoken Nerd 
Who are the real geniuses of maths? Those who can make you laugh at it. Festival of the Spoken Nerd will sum up Summer on...
14 Oct -
Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion
24 Oct (1 hour show) -
Brighton Comedy Festival 
Nerd Night
What's the collective noun for nerds? Well on October 15th we have a critical mass of them, and indeed the third Wednesday of every month.  speakers about the science of mould, the economics of money and the quaint charm of Punk Science. Be there and be square.

Third Nerd
So what is a nerd anyway? To stop you getting them muddled with geeks or dweebs, who are completely different species, here is a useful Venn diagram to help you spot who's who. As you can see, it was designed by a geek 
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