in Eastbourne and Brighton
Our funfair with a twist celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter by doling out a little magic of our own. And why stop at Potter? We have magic from The Lord of the Rings and from Star Wars. It's very easy magic. Even parents can do it. We'll teach you to  perform miracles in your local cafe with just the cups, straws and napkins. The amazed baristas will run away to sign up for a course in physics that very day.
Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre - July 24
10am - 4pm - details HERE
Brighton Synergy Centre - July 25
10.30am - 4.30pm - details HERE
Our magic isn't really magic, actually. We're just playing with the science of electronics. Of course electronics seems like magic when you can talk to someone on the other side of the planet, in a whisper, using a phone the size of a chocolate bar. But it isn't magic. When you can finish the call, then eat the phone like a chocolate bar, that's magic.

Soapbox Science
Coming to Brighton for the first time, Soapbox Science takes science into the streets and tells it like it is. Its big mission is to encourage more women into science; it's smaller aim is to share the wonder of science with everyone. Here is a Soapbox Science 2015 video.
On Saturday July 29th, 1-4 pm, on Brighton Sea Front

It’s a great chance to interact with the public, hear talks about some of the amazing research going on, and be a part of something special Please sign up – the form to register is HERE:

HABITATS is an immersive exhibition at
The Old Market
Tue 29 Aug - Sun 10 Sep, various times
The digital forest is one of a series of very special effects at #TOMTECH 
where nature and technology collide. 
Tickets and details HERE
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Pocket Science at Elderflower Fields

Pocket Science entertained the kids at Elderflower Fields Festival. Since it was a family festival, the grown-ups were made honorary kids as well. Click HERE to see how it went.


It's great to see the Skeptics back in rude health, casting their gladiatorial eye over everything dodgy. They are few and the enemies of reason are many. On July 27 they proclaim that     


Why do Americans believe conspiracy theories? Who does the scapegoating, and who is the goat? What role did conspiracy theories play in the election of Donald Trump?  Dr. Uscinski, author of  American Conspiracy Theories (OUP) has a counter-intuitive insight - just right for skeptics.
July 27, 7:30PM, The Caroline of Brunswick
, 39 Ditchling Road