Donald Trump will raise temperatures in many ways: The planet, of course, will continue to bake. The Paris Agreement, painstakingly negotiated between the planet’s major polluters last December, will soon be vaporised, along with many endangered species. And the other effect of global warming - extreme weather - will carry on: floods will be deeper, rainfall higher, droughts longer and winds stronger. Elsewhere, Extreme Trump will push other endangered species to the edge of extinction: for instance the high street - threatened by protectionism in America and trade barriers with the EU; and newspapers - as we rely on Facebook for our information; and personal security - as the bad guys move in on the internet. 
OK, those are opinions about the future; not facts, just conjectures ...Apart from global warming.
Now, go out and shop! shop like there's no tomorrow!
...not online, but on-street. Remember, every time you say "I don't believe in shops", a shop somewhere dies.
We are blessed with two excellent science toy shops:
A shop packed with floor-to-ceiling inspiration.
01273 693241
9 Gardner St, Brighton, BN1 1UP
Electronic Adventures 
A box full of electrical components and so many ideas on how to use them - reuse the pieces in different models and toys.
Pinball Science - Build Your Own 
Discover the science in a classic pinball game and then build your own from this kit.

Carefully curated fun to last them all their life
01273 735 134

19 North Street
, BN1 1EB
Crazy Action Contraptions
Fabulous, imaginative, simple, clearly written LEGO kit with instructions. BriSciFest's choice present for all ages 7+ .
Smart Games.
Logic problems in amusing settings. Good fun, and also good training for life.
There are loads more free online learning problems here.

Why can't all bookshops be like this?
01273 725 306
23 Western Rd, BN3 1AF
Can I Build Another Me?
An quirky and funny book which will encourage young readers to question the world around them.
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We need an administrator, starting now, until the end of the March officially, but hopefully continuing beyond. Writing skills essential; science skills inessential; curiosity obligatory. Reply to this email with a brief CV and "admin" in the subject line. 
Next Festival will be STEAMy - (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, plus extra Artistry).
Bright Sparks weekend (Feb 11-12) very STEAMy, the week following (Feb13-19) very hectic with workshops and a perfect storm of shows from Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Richard Wiseman, Simon Watt, Marty Jopson and Ian B Dunne.
(Remember, the adult programme is given over to the British Science Festival in September).
has been bringing her Making Place to the Festival since the start. Now she has two inventive models to give for Christmas;
Fairground Ride (above) and the Steady Hand Game.