Join the Dots
And have a jolly dotty holiday, 
ready for a completely barmy 2018!

To join Santa's dots, look at him from across the room.
It's amazing what we can piece together from fragments. We can get a good idea of Santa's character – possibly judge how many drinks he's had – from minimal information, combined with a few mental short cuts ('heuristics'). In a busy, buzzy world there is so little time to take in every detail, so this is how we end up constructing our picture of the world. And generally it works. How clever we are!
But be warned: it's a powerful mental weapon when it misfires as well. We can sometimes see ghosts in a dark room, wild beasts in a gloomy forest or terrorists on a station platform, when they aren't there, just by joining the dots wrong.
Test your powerful weapon on the clouds some evening.

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Today's card (left) is impossible, as usual, but more physics-impossible than brain-impossible.  
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End Of Innocence
It has been an exotic few decades since the creation of the internet, when anybody could roam around the  world-wide web more or less where we pleased. Now the enclosures begin: on December 14th the Federal Communications Commission decided to abolish net neutrality – the principle that all Internet users should be treated equally.
The doors are open for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer a better service to those who pay more. This means a slower service for those who pay less. It means that the ISPs can control access, content and what you do with it. Our right to roam will be restricted by barriers. The Garden of Eden will be fenced off. There will be gated communities on our cloud.

Read about it HERE. And internet founder Tim Berners-Lee's opinion HERE.
...or maybe I'm joining the dots wrong?