How to squeeze it all in
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Extra Pockets
The Pocket Science Funfair has extra pockets of delight, from its guests:
Saturday: Richard Cope presents his new game of Elements Kapa: like Top Trumps, but featuring the elements of the Universe; so you can enjoy the game and learn an important thing or two. And the cards are beautiful to play with. Is it difficult? You can't get more elementary. 
Sunday: Tree expert Gervais Sawyer shows the very special nature of wood, using his high-power microscope. His display is serious fun, unlike our pictures of wood-grain-that-looks-like-a-face, below right and left.
Monday: Today you can experience some serious scientific research, as Dori Balczo and Natasha Thoday test the public to see whether memory games do actually improve memory. This is the one kind of game where kids often do better than adults.  So see if you can win the Brighton Memory Game, and help the research as well.
Tuesday: Our honoured guests will be your goodselves.

        Plank               Memory Game          Elements Kapa               Plank
Will you have the energy?
The world's biggest wind farm has just started to produce power, 120 miles off the Yorkshire coast. When finished in 2020, Hornsea 1's 174 turbines, each as tall as the i360, will power a million homes. 

On Friday the Wind Turbine Workshop will set the next generation of engineers in motion with a challenge: design a totally new turbine. There are plenty of other ideas out there (above); even plans for wind-powered electric cars, (below).

And what about those fascinators that princesses wear at weddings and Ascot? Surely they could be put to some use... to power their fit-bits, for instance?  


Piped music
Ben Gates creates musical instruments that look like puzzles, but produce the most mellifluous tones, so even a battalion of over-eager kids will make sounds which are soothing. (See HERE). He will be guiding the children and parents to produce rhythms and patterns that fit together nicely, on Thursday, with his Sound Sculptures and Giant Percussion Music.
Evolve or Die!
On the same day  some other young people will be fitting together a new kind of animal.
Introducing the first hypoallergenic parrot, the cockatoodle! 
What other gene tweaks can be made? Go to Evolve or Die and guide evolution to create whatever creatures you fancy. But will they survive the catastrophes lining up to destroy them?

Where did our genes come from in the first place? Are We Nearly Here Yet suggests life might have started in a black smoker, an underwater volcano like the one above which, if you look at it from a long way away, in the dark, with your eyes half shut, resembles a four billion years old vision of Walt Disney's Magic Castle (below). Or is that just a hopeless romantic dream?
Come to our own magic kingdom and find out.

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