The Pleasures of Curiosity
Saturday - Sunday Feb 10–11th
Bright Sparks has grown and grown. Not in size – it always packed out Hove Park School - but in quality. The University of Sussex bring displays; the Royal Societies bring more; other universities and businesses send more again - all sumptuous, all easy to understand for young people and their parents, all entertaining. For 7-11 year-olds it is a perfect funfair, full of delights, and with something to captivate every kid for at least 2 hours. 
Now scientists have cloned capuchin monkeys, the possibility of cloning humans comes one step closer, meaning that our children may have to wrestle with that ethical dilemma. Let's make sure they hold informed opinions. We'll be approaching related ideas in a playful way, with a rich feast of monsters ... perhaps a 'feeding frenzy' of monsters.

In Monsters that Might Be, Jules Howard will use evolution and audience participation to pre-mutate today's creatures – like cute rabbits, or hens, or even YOU – into monsters of the future. Jules, an expert on evolution, will help you discover if the future-you will have brown hair, or feathers. How many claws will you have? or how many leaves?

MakerLab  Monsters will help you build your own monster, and wear it.

The Monster Make promises some pretty cuddly ones for 3+ aged kids.

Monsters In Outer Space will be landing in The Barge at the Marina, though invisible to all but residents of Whitehawk and Bristol estates. 

Frankenstein will try again and again to have his monster prepared in time for the galvanising flash of lightning, helped by the audience.

We hope you and your little monsters are consumed with joy. 

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