A combination of more government cuts and the crisis in business means we are in jeopardy again.*  In the last two years we have developed an integrated science programme, which is under threat:
  • We now travel to YOUTH CLUBS AND COMMUNITY CENTRES around Sussex, adding a taste of creative, practical and fun science to young people's lives.
  • We tour the POCKET SCIENCE FUNFAIR to the same areas – pulling in the same kids plus their families, friends and neighbours.
  • We attract all these to Brighton for the FESTIVAL in February.
  • ... and BIG SCIENCE, the adult section of the Festival, now in October.
We keep ticket prices as low as possible, so everyone can afford to come. But of course there are costs, (read the report HERE). 

Please help. Brighton Science Festival is a charity. We need £5,000. Give whatever you can: £10, £20, £50 or more. 
To say thank you, we’ll send you some of our special, scientific Christmas cards to delight and baffle your family and friends this festive season. 

* After Brexit, the government and businesses will be ever so eager to find and grow talent here in the UK. We will be ready, alongside the Universities of Sussex and Brighton, who back us up with their speakers, activities, spaces and funding. Brighton and Hove City Council fund us as far as they can, and Sussex businesses as far as they are allowed. But right now we rely on you.

This is just one of the fantastic cards: 
click here to see the full set. 

What to give
and what you get.
See notes at the bottom


Thank you so much. 

Thank you so much more. We will send you a special science Christmas card to enjoy or give.

A set of three cards, to keep or send to friends and family, plus our gratitude. 

You are a hero, and fully deserve a set of 10 mixed cards.

You are a super-hero. Select any 24 cards and your Christmas is complete, and so is ours.

You are a proper, pukka sponsor! We have many privileges for you, including your picture or logo in  our publicity and complimentary tickets to many events, plus a visit by the Pocket Science Festival to the school, party, community, festival or bus stop of your choice.  Get in touch so we can send you a sponsors' pack.

All cards supplied with envelopes. Please email your postal address for delivery
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