Our brilliant explainers are ready to help you make sense of the world, in a fun way, in a funfair.
Monday 23rd October – The Steyning Centre,    Fletchers Croft, BN44 3XZ
Wednesday 25th October – Newhaven,    Meeching Hall, Fort Road, BN9 9QQ
Thursday 26th October – Brighton Youth Centre,    Edward Street, BN2 0JR
Friday 27th October – The Billingshurst Centre,    Roman Way, RH14 9QW
All shows are 10.30am – 4.30pm.
All but Brighton are  £4, under 7s free, £14 for a family of four.  Brighton's is free, with donations 
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Children: Santa Claus is real!
...And he's dead.
The tomb of Santa has been found in Turkey, according to ground-penetrating radar scans, which revealed an ancient temple and burial ground under the Church of St Nicholas in Demre, Antalya. The temple dates from the 4th century AD, a time when the local bishop Nicholas was earning a reputation for his generosity towards the poor. Saint Nicholas' fabled gift-giving gave rise to the legend of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, which morphed into Santa Claus and was popularised in the US by Dutch immigrants to the colonies.

The news that Santa is dead has come as a shock to many.
All is straight all is true
The lines above are parallel or at right angles. To check, look at the screen from one side.
In a world gone mad, the illusion is king. The Illusion of the Year competition never fails to remind us how simple our tiny minds are.
As Chris Frith said, the world is an figment of our imagination, occasionally backed up by evidence.

Something in the air

Back in 2013, North Street in Brighton was named one of the most polluted streets in Europe. Are things getting better? A survey from the University of Brighton is looking into public perceptions of air quality - if you live in Brighton, do fill out the survey 

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You can't polish a nerd

The Festival of the Spoken Nerd is back at Tho Old Market on
November 5th 4.30 and 8.30
Ninety minutes of hilarious maths. Don't believe me? read the reviews:
“Charm and perky curiosity is in its DNA” The Guardian

"Great, funny, clever… even the heckles at this terrific show are smart" ★★★★ The Scotsman

"The geeks have inherited the earth in a show that's smart and funny” ★★★★ The Skinny

Will Robots take your job?
A website dedicated to depressing nearly everyone will tell you the odds that you will be leisurized. If you find your job boring, stop complaining: you will mourn it when it's gone. If you think you're safe, learn how to tremble. Nurses are secure, at 0.4%. But accountants? 94%. Even priests will be automated, it seems (81%). But what's this we find: computer programmers have a 48% chance of redundancy? this can only mean one thing: the robots will programme themselves. Run for the hills!

More info on the BBC website HERE. You can ask Siri to find it.