Questions Questions 
Sunday 18 September:  11.00 - 5.00
Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton

Staying curious is our watchword. Taking nobody's word for it is our theme on Sunday 18th. It's free, it's fun. Starting with games to warm up our wits, we'll progress through the day looking at techniques of persuasion, how to ask questions, how to spot fallacies, to use rhetorical tricks* and avoid anger. With experts from the Philosophy Foundation and Sense About Science to guide us we'll soon be able to do remarkable things: borrow somebody's car for the day even though we are fourteen,  cause Donald Trump to apologise... you ask it, and it will be yours. 
The full programme is HERE
* Rhetorical tricks
You've heard of analogy, alliteration, metaphore? What about epizeuxis or enphymeme?  
FREE ENTRY TO THE WHOLE WEEKEND for the first three to correctly identify these rhetorical devices:
1) Leigh Hunt was imprisoned in 1813 for describing the Prince Regent as a "corpulent Adonis of fifty"
2) "Ask not what you can do for rhetoric, but what rhetoric can do for you."
3) "To think clearly and rationally should be a major goal for humanity; but to think clearly and rationally is always the greatest difficulty faced by humanity."
4) "We succeeded, we were victorious, we accomplished the feat!"
Questions Quest
News from the seekers after understanding:

Philosophy in Pubs is looking for a new boss. Pam Lelliot has brought it to the heights, but she finds she is inundated with other things. There's a meeting at 6.15 pm this Sunday 11th September at the Palmeira Pub BN1 3ES.  (This precedes a PIPs meeting at 7 pm). Or ring Pam on 07979 852 750.

Brighton was without Skeptics in the Pub for over a year. Now open again to search and destroy myths, magic and mucky thinking, you can join the meetup group HERE or subscribe to the newsletter HERE.  Or if you're further away, there are skeptics ready to pounce in Lewes, Worthing, Eastbourne or Horsham. We're surrounded!

Philosophy Cafe bounced into town in April. The Brighton Salon takes on big issues The Brighton and Hove Debating Society are there, as are the Brighton and Hove Speakers Club. Debating is serious fun.
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Questions for the
Here be experts; let's ask them. For they will have answers.
David Lewis (Fat Planet): Some say "eat carbs", some say "eat fat"; why not eat fruit? It seems to work: fruitarians are unbearably happy.
Chris Goodall (The Switch): Alternative energy is all very well, but what happens on a grey day when the wind don't blow?
Andre Spicer (The Stupidity Paradox): As a child I believed that only the wisest rose to the top, and the wisest of these became king or queen, president or prime minister. Could we arrange that please?
Jim Baggott (Origins): If we now know everything about everything, how come 90% of the planet still believes in gods?
Matt Wilkinson (Restless Creatures): The wheel is such a good idea. Can you be sure it never evolved in nature?
... and some musical answers
The Early Music Festival is all about science and nature this year. The science and development of instruments. Symmetry and Bach, Space and Galileo, Dr John Dee the wizard, and of course Athanasius Kircher about which more can be found HERE