Do as Donald does: avoid it. If you stop listening to something unpleasant it will go away, as if by magic. If you force people to use words that deny climate change then the threat will seem to diminish, even for them, simply because the words they say will make them think that way. You are what you do.
The US Department of Agriculture, and several others, are being instructed to use a new vocabulary designed to remove climate change from the language. 'Climate change' morphs into 'weather extremes' ; 'Reduce greenhouse gases' becomes 'build soil organic matter, increase nutrient use efficiency'. This adds to several other acts of calculated amnesia (sciagnosia) since Trumps inauguration (See the Guardian article HERE). Many more small changes like these will be made over the years, so slowly that Americans don't notice ... you know, the way climate change happens.
British Science Festival

September 5 - 9

Here - and - huge - and - FREE
Over 150 events on every topic, from AI to LGBTT, from free radicals to imprisoned radicals, from wild wolves in Wivelsfield to tiny tardigrades in Tunbridge Wells, the streets of Brighton will be paved with golden moments and diamond minds.
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Synergy Centre,
78 West Street,
Brighton BN1 2RA
Friday August 18
10.30am - 4.30pm

Drop in any time
£4 all ages, under 7s free. Family of 4: £14
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On August 18th our magic will have less impact on the world, (see left) but much impact on the mind. By subtly manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe we are able to bring the spark of life to a piece of toilet paper. And show you how to do it at home, on a lower budget that Harry Potter.
Note 1: Drop in any time during the day. In Eastbourne last month hundreds came right at the start, thinking they had to be there as the doors opened. We were overwhelmed.
Note 2: Buying in advance will guarantee you entry. There is an extra booking fee, I'm afraid: it's a flat rate for all transactions, so it seems disproportionately large for lower priced tickets.
Note 3: Average stay is two hours.

Here is the sort of critter we'll be making