Say hello to the future
The schools tour is well under way, telling the story of the electric motor, from the invention of the battery 200 years ago to the computerised precision of robots today.
The amazing equipment was created by Jonathan Hare on a 3D printer in his kitchen.  We are as breathless today about someone printing 3-D models in their home as we were in the 1980s about someone having a machine in their house to actually print leaflets – how rare, how exotic! But in a few years time, how common! innovations in elxectronics constantly astound us, then bore us, then amuse us. In a few years time the petrol car will be as quaint as a steam engine, and driverless electric cars will be perfectly natural. The speed of progress is quite electrifying.

And so is the rate the Festival is approaching.
Don't let half term take you by surprise. Because you receive the newsletter you have a head start on most of the Festival fans, Some of the smaller workshops have sold out, so move fast! Mostly it’s the coding/programming ones that go soonest. There are still spaces in the Antweight Robots (Monday 12th, watch HERE).
And Jon London’s rocket workshops still have places, (Monday 12 or Tuesday 13th), as does his explosive show about the history of rocketry on Monday evening.

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As you look through the evening shows at the Sallis Benney Theatre, think to yourself how nice it would be to get in free. It’s easy: Volunteer! The more volunteers there are, the merrier we are, the more festive the public are, and the happier you are at a job done well, in good company. Answer this email with 'vol' in the subject line.
Keep up.
How much do you know about electricity? For instance, how many Jaffa cakes does it take to power your home? Before you start lighting up Jaffa cakes to find out, read the BBC’s take on it HERE.
Volunteering sucess
At Burgess Hill Academy, a sign of our triumph at Bagging Up and Labelling on the first weekend of the New Year, (already a distant memory): 650 brochures sit poised for delivery to the students.
Trump’s IQ OK
We all breathed a sigh of relief last week when Donald Trump proved scientifically he is fit to govern, by passing a psychological test with an almost perfect score. Why not try it, to find if you have what it takes to be president of the United States. Click HERE.