"Given Brexit and our new attitude to immigrants, should Dr Who be allowed into the country? He’s not from round here is he – he’s in fact from the planet Gallifrey, which was destroyed in an intergalactic war. Does that make him a refugee? Shouldn't he wait his turn at Calais?"
Another question for the writers of The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who on Saturday July 16th? Well, um, if you have got a question about the science of Doctor Who, send it in for your chance to win tickets to the event and a selection of Target Doctor Who paperbacks. (Reply to this email with "Dr ?" in the subject line). The closing date is this Friday, so get your sonic skates on.
The book really is a neat introduction to science, using Dr Who as an entry-point. Starburst Magazine said
 “Guerrier and Kukula hit the perfect balance, clearly and dynamically covering a wide range of subjects. It’s perfectly pitched for Who fans who are intrigued to know more about concepts touched on by the show. Educational but not inaccessible, entertaining but not patronising."
To book tickets click here.
Another level
During the February Festival Simon Watt gathered together with Robin Ince, Kat Arney and Jules Howard to consider the future of the human race. Would life be better with an extra arm? Would dental bills be lower if you had a beak? Now the podcast is published: Check out Level Up Human
Seeing stars
Brighton Astro is a brand new astronomy group. Their next meet-up is on Tuesday 26th July-  find out more here. 
Embrace your inner hacker
Aged between 8 and 16? Looking to learn coding, get your hands on 3D printers, laser cutters, and all sorts of gadgets? Hack Lab Brighton runs from 8 – 19 August – find out more

Science with Impact
The Society for Experimental Biology is running a free discussion and debate on Biodiversity. Brighton Centre, Sunday 3rd July, 5 – 7pm. To reserve your free tickets, click here. 

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Staying curious
Pocket Science is touring the county, to youth clubs, community centres, fairs and festivals, where curious things emerge from the bag; sometimes curious experiments unload from the car, occasionally a whole shack-full of curious games appear. Get in touch if your community could handle something a bit different.

Festivals of Curiosity
Pocket Science Festival flowers in all its glory:
August 5-7
Wilderness Festival,
August 16
August 26-28
Shambala Festival
August 31
Sept 1
September 2
Sept 3
Details here

Cabinet of Curiosities
Richard Robinson invites you to some occasional teatimes during the holidays. Parents and their children can have a look at some of his science tricks and gadgets. There’s no agenda, just curiosity. It’s science unplugged. Reply to this email to find out more.