Pocket Science looks like a funfair. It IS a funfair, but each of the attractions has a bit of science sneaked in. Dive-bombing seagulls, shrinking machines, Splat the Rat, Upside-Down Goggles... and more attractions are added each year. 
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Pocket Science in the community
“...How simple scientific tricks could be used to help and explain to young people how science is the backbone of everyday things that we take for granted”
Using everyday things to show the wonders of science, Pocket Science is a versatile and adaptable creature that can fit into a room or a hall.  Book it as an all-day funfair, or go for one of the bespoke 1 hour sessions. And don't forget the talks from Jonathan or Richard.
Incredible Machines
Our 1 hour workshops include: investigating vectors through dive-bombing seagulls, making a Moog synthesiser from capacitors and resistors, making a DIY brain by turning students into neurons, inventing the next generation of wind turbines, transmitting your voice using light, or using pulleys, levers, gravity and friction to build an Incredible Machine. 

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The history of Pocket Science
Our stalls have been accumulating for ten years from our January workshops, when we visit classes of 11-14 year-olds with challenges. We learn a lot from them, which informs the stands. It's fun: Serious Fun.
All of life is full of science - more precisely, full of STEM: Science is producing amazing answers to the Big Questions; Technology is devising the machines to use science; Engineering makes stuff using the technology; Maths is there for if you want to get it right every time.
... and Art adds creativity, curiosity and communication, wonder and awe... and more Big Questions.
Get in touch!
If you think the Pocket Science Festival could be just what your group / school / organisation needs, we'd love to hear from you - and can tailor the festival to fit your exact requirements. Drop us a line to find out more...
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The ''Cor" curriculum
Surprising  connections between subject areas can be made through games. The upside down goggles reveal how the eye sees things, but also why children's drawings are as scrawly as they are. You will find out directly, as you try to coordinate your new, upside-down eyes, and hand.
Incredible Explainers
"I thought the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers was fantastic. Their ability to capture the attention of the young people was great. Fantastic team!"
The public's evaluations make special mention of the explainers, of which we have several for larger events. They have all been carefully chosen, and carefully trained; that's why the public are so grateful to them for illuminating concepts that were sometimes lost in obscurity. For us that's the most important thing.
Jonathan Hare and Richard Robinson are the principle explainers. Jonathan runs the Creative Science Centre and was a star of BBC's Rough Science and Hollywood Science. Richard started riddling things out on on ITV's children's show The Riddlers, has written 20 popular science books and runs the Brighton Science Festival.
Note: For school visits, teachers can be quickly inducted into the topics, then become an explainer as their classes go round the Pocket Science stalls.
Value Added
If you are planning a small event of your own, why not have Pocket Science as an add-on, to fill the space and draw a crowd. Depending on what you are doing we can be free, we can be cheap, we can be big or we can be small, but we can certainly be there.