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#1 Need - More monthly Partners
Becoming a monthly partner by supporting OVU financially on a monthly basis impacts all areas. It enables us to plan for the future and meet our constant monthly needs in the areas of education, nutrition and healthcare. With more monthly partners, we will also be able to invest in infrastructure that brings sustainability from within, hence the partnership paradox. The more partners we get now, the sooner our community will be empowered, educated and equipped to be sustained from within. Sign up to be a monthly partner, choose the amount you can commit to, and we will keep you updated through our monthly newsletters and Facebook page.
The lovely ladies above are our first group of women to go through our tailoring program. They are also the very women who envisioned this program and voiced their desire to learn these skills to help them provide for their families. They have gained skills and a trade that they can take back to their homes. We rejoice with them in this achievement! In addition, they have also earned their very own sewing machine to take home with them! The women sewed aprons and bags that were sold in Canada and a percentage of the profits went towards buying their sewing machine.
We have had many other women voice their desire to be trained and equipped in tailoring. Our desire is to expand our tailoring program by adding 6 sewing machines, making a total of 10 machines. The cost to maintain and expand this program is:

$120 per sewing machine (totaling $720 for 6 machines) and
$120 per month for the teachers, transport, and materials
School Uniform
At our school we have children that we support to ensure they get an education they wouldn’t otherwise receive, and children whose families can afford to pay which helps sustainability. Uniforms keep help keep everyone equal and are used in all schools in Uganda. 
$10 for uniform
Orange tree seedlings
We have been planting trees around our site. This provides us with fruit to eat, sell and the shade for generations to enjoy for years to come.

$6 for 5 seedlings
Long lasting school desk 
As the amount of students attending our school grows, we need more hardwood desks that can take the wear and tear of children climbing in and out of them for years.

$40 for one desk
Anyone who comes to Uganda loves the refreshing and delicious taste of passion fruit juice, served in many restaurants. The market for passion fruit is steady. A huge blessing is that we already have our own land available for this business. With every business there are areas of risk and challenges that must be overcome. To begin producing passion fruit, there is a large initial capital which the average person here cannot afford. From the ongoing and large damage termites have on wood structures used for upholding the vines, we would put in a metallic pole structure (in a 10 x 10 ft grid) that would last for years, causing a higher initial input. Though a $7, 810  input for a ½ acre seems very high, after the metallic poles are in place the input for years 2 and 3 is $3,170 per year, including labor costs for pruning, fertilizer and spray, as well as part of the farm manager’s salary. The income for years 2 and 3 is projected to be over $7000 per year! The profit from this will go towards off-setting OVU’s monthly needs in education, healthcare and nutrition.

Start-up input for year one: $7,810 (per ½ acre)
It has always been our vision for our primary school to be more than just a school, but that it would be a place that restores dignity, creates bridges across socioeconomic classes, and produces a level of education that can open doors. We envision it being a place where passionate teachers will be employed and empowered. We desire it to be a school that our community owns and takes pride in. It has been amazing over the last two years since we opened the school on our very own land how we are seeing many of these things to come to fruition. One area that we also believe is key to breaking cycles of dependency is having a plan so that our school can one day be fully self-sustaining. Our school has children we partner with to help them get an education and then also children that pay to come to our school because of the standard of education that we provide. There are many new families that have told us they would pay for their child to attend our school, the problem is that we do not have any more space in our dormitories for them to stay in! If we are able to build more dormitories, then we will have the infrastructure to bring in more paying students to offset the costs of the children we support and bring finances from within to cover 100% of our teacher’s salaries.

$35,000 for one dorm building that can house 50 children. We hope to build two more dorms. 
Each year we have more and more children finishing at our Primary school, ready to move on to Secondary (Jr/Sr High) school or ready for college and trades schools. Each year it gets more difficult to pay for school fees for all of these children. We believe partnering with these young men and women is so important for the long-term development of Uganda.

Our aim is to get enough regular monthly donors to ensure that we have the funds needed to cover this ongoing investment in these youth. It costs $25 per month for our youth to attend good Jr/Sr high schools, and $80 per month for our youth who excel in academics to go to the top schools. February is the start of the new school year in Uganda, and this upcoming school year we will have our largest group of children (15) finishing at our elementary school and going on to Jr/Sr high. Our prayer now is for the financial resources so that we can come alongside them and make this a reality. You choose the amount you can commit to each month and together we will equip the next generation of great minds. 
  • Advocate for us — spread the word! You can request our brochure to print off and share with others. Share our newsletters and our Equip book. You can get a printable version of the Equip book here. Share our website,, with others and use your FB page as a way to be a voice for our community in Uganda. You can even share stories from our FB page, “Our Village Uganda – Ekyaro Kyaife” and Twitter page, @rvillageuganda
  • Partner with one of our projects. We are currently doing many development projects on our land. You will be investing in something that will impact the local people and economy of Iganga.
  • Plan a fundraiser/awareness event. We encourage all events to have a strong “awareness” element. Awareness is key to understanding the struggles faced by our Ugandan community, and by planting a seed of knowledge one never knows what may come.
  • Become a prayer partner with us; prayer is central to all that we do at OVU. The children at OVU have seen prayers answered and are a living testimony of God’s restoration and love.
  • Click here or above with any of the project donate links to partner with us in one of our projects or to become a monthly partner.
We believe in empowering, educating and equipping people so that they can have strength, skills and tools necessary to bring long-lasting change to fight poverty in their communities. This is only possible through strategic partnerships, and we look forward to the day when our communities are empowered from within so that they do not need the same support from outside. But until that day, we depend on people that are willing to invest their faith, skills and hard-earned money to fight with us for better day. Thank you for coming alongside us!! 
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