Happy new financial year!

Its been a busy time following the handing down of the Queensland Budget. The State Budget was an opportunity for the Brisbane-centric Labor Government to show they will put funding where it is needed and not just to shore up their seats ahead of an election.  However the Burleigh community was left out of Labor State Budget while Treasurer Curtis Pitt continues to make it up as he goes along, trying to plug Labor’s budget black hole.  

I had hoped that the Treasurer would put aside politics and fund local school projects in this year’s budget, the same ones the LNP had a plan to fully fund.  We had a plan to deliver the education infrastructure our children deserve including providing a much needed security fence at Miami Primary, as well as a disability friendly playground at Caningeraba State School. I’ve also been calling for security cameras and monitoring at Palm Beach State School and security lighting installation at Burleigh Headland.

It’s unfair that families across Burleigh will now miss out on these important projects because Labor has no plan to manage the Queensland economy. Labor is floundering along without a plan, whereas the LNP understands what the Queensland economy needs.  An elected LNP Government has already committed to continuing the work we started in restoring business confidence by reducing red tape for small businesses.  We want to see the small business sector, which represents more than 95 per cent of all Queensland businesses, able to grow and create jobs.

I’m hearing from families throughout the Gold Coast and across Queensland that the cost of living is one of their major concerns and Labor is not listening with increases on car registration, electricity prices and higher taxes set to hit hard. Labor has continued to hike up registration on the family car every year, compared to the LNP’s record of freezing registration costs for three years. 

Under this government, wholesale electricity prices have increased by 70 per cent and Labor’s bungled water grid has seen bulk water price increases of 350 per cent. The Shadow Treasurer recently pointed out “… the State Budget will show taxes per person increasing to $2,691 – a $34 increase since the last budget update just six months ago.’

Labor just can’t keep treating Queenslanders as ATMs while debt increases, infrastructure spending is cut and cost of living rises.  
Enough about the Budget, now onto a quick wrap up for you:

Repairs to Bermuda St road surfacing
After years of fighting for Bermuda St resurfacing, I’m happy to have delivered for locals. You may notice that you no longer get that flat tire sound when driving on it. Despite the Minister for Main Roads responding in 2016 to me that the concrete stretch of Bermuda St heading out to and from the Pacific Motorway “is not a danger to motorists”, it seems common sense has prevailed.

I regularly receive complaints from motorists relating to the audible road surface joints leading many to believe they have a flat tire. Motorists go on to pull over on the narrow shoulder to check tires while cars fly by at speeds of 80kms and more. I have been concerned enough to push for signs at least to warn of the audible surface however not everyone reads the signs and I’ve worried one day someone is going to get cleaned up or killed on this stretch.

I’ve had many meetings with local Transport and Main Roads about the road over the years and was advised in February 2016 of their discussions with industry regarding trials of a ‘Crack and Seat’ process for cracking existing concrete pavement and then overlaying with asphalt.

When I queried the Minister on this technology last year, his response was ‘The Department of Transport and Main Roads has no plans to investigate or undertake works at this location as the road is safe’”. I think it’s clear the Minister for Main Roads has little to no interest in the Gold Coast or its roads but I’m relieved my lobbying and work with Main Roads to have it fixed has been successful.
Gold Coast City Council Light Rail Stage 3a Broadbeach to Burleigh consultation
As you may be aware, the Gold Coast City Council consultation for options relating to Stage 3a of the light rail ran during June into early July.
I polled local residents and the behest of many, ran a petition opposing the consultation options
The following was my submission to the Mayor, along with a copy of the signed petitions:
Once again I write to you to express my objection to your proposed route of Light Rail Stage 3a Broadbeach to Burleigh Heads.

Your consultation fails to offer true options or alternatives for the electorate and a large majority of residents and business owners of Burleigh and Palm Beach are dismayed at a Coastal route.
In addition to the response I sought from the electorate (enclosed for your reference – approximately 1553 against the current proposal, 3 for), I have had countless unsolicited communications from locals and small business owners to voice their objection to light rail through Burleigh Heads. There are strong concerns the unique ‘Village’ atmosphere our community has fought so hard for on the Southern Gold Coast will be lost to construction, displacement of businesses and traffic jams. They are particularly worried by Cr Young’s statement Burleigh is being designed as a new transit hub.
Residents feel strongly that the visual appeal of Burleigh Heads will be reduced by the infrastructure necessary for Light Rail (poles, wiring, lighting, tracks, and stations) and the audible noise pollution will affect their enjoyment of their homes and the local businesses. The relaxed high rise development restrictions along light rail corridor is also of major concern to locals with fears high-density development will follow. As you are no doubt aware, Burleigh Heads already struggles with narrow road corridors through its heart and to the Headland thus, traffic would be severe and access to the area would be impeded enormously during construction.
That this proposal also offers no consideration to the residents and businesses of Palm Beach other than providing a fait accompli for future stages has also gained outrage and objection. There is concern homes and businesses will be resumed which seems likely given the Aurecon Group map (enclosed) showing the land requirements through a Palm Beach corridor. Business owners are concerned those businesses that are spared or do survive land resumptions, will be enormously impeded by long term works that will see their doors shut due to lack of access and parking.
Additional concerns include the environmental impact and eyesore of a light rail bridge over Tallebudgera Creek, spoiling an iconic Gold Coast image and enjoyment of our natural environment, the impact on Burleigh Heads National Park and the wildlife due to construction in the area (particularly the large koala population around Burleigh Ridge); and the inevitable traffic on roads in the area.
I agree with all concerns raised and disclosed in this letter and I request public consultation for Stage 3a be extended with a real choice of options provided.
As I have previously stated, your ‘consultation’ has been far too limited in its scope and I don’t consider this a proper form of consultation for the 35,000 voters I represent in the electorate who are directly involved in this stage of the light rail.
I reiterate I am very disappointed no attempt was made to discuss this proposal with me as the State Member for the area by yourself as the Mayor or by the local council representative.
I look forward to working with you to improve infrastructure and transport on the Gold Coast that is in the community’s best interests.
I am always interested to hear your views and thoughts and urge you to get in touch whenever you have something to say on local issues.
Care Calling Now
This is a business I met with at the recent Varsity Business Forum that I thought might be of interest in the community:

Would you like peace of mind for your elderly loved one? Do you have an elderly loved one? Do you worry about not being able to check on them regularly? Would you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re ok… every day?

We understand how busy life can be with juggling work, family and social commitments. You just don’t have the time to check on your elderly loved ones as much as you would like. Perhaps you don’t live close enough to be able to pop in, or when you try and make a ‘quick call’ it turns into a lengthy conversation. We also know this… you really do care about them. 

You worry about them having a fall and not being able to get up to contact anyone, or reach their medical alert device… or even remember to! You think about the rise in home invasions, door-to-door scammers and people preying on the elderly. You hear about people who have passed away, alone and not been found for days, or longer.

Do you know why we understand?  Because it has happened to one of our family members – alone for 2 days after a serious fall, paralysed and unable to reach their medical alert. We decided something needed to change, so we created a solution called Care Calling Now. It’s simple. ‘Care Calls’ are daily reassurance calls by phone to your loved ones… and they’re not just for the elderly. We call people living alone, people with a disability, anyone who is feeling vulnerable.

It’s an old fashioned, discreet and inexpensive service (starting at just $33 a month) that gives peace of mind, not only to the person being called, but to those who care about them. Without regular interaction from family members, people living alone often feel isolated and neglected. The Care Calling Now service is designed to help them feel safe and secure, knowing that we will check on them daily to ensure their well-being. It’s just like having their own guardian angel.

We would love to have a chat and help you work out the best Care Call option for your family member. Please call us on 0422 948 163, send an email  or visit our website for more information
AMEC Plastics
At the invitation of General Manager Jy, I headed out to Amec Plastics in Burleigh last month to see their manufacturing operation in full. Here’s a little bit about them and remember, I’d love to come and visit your local business too:

Proudly Australian owned and operated, AMEC Plastics is located in beautiful Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.  We have been supplying a range of injection moulded products to customers in the local area, across Australia and the rest of the world for over 30 years. 

AMEC Plastics services many segments of the plastics industry including; Caps & Closures, Food Packaging, Engineered Plastics, Medical, and General Injection Moulding. With over 80 years of manufacturing experience from our technical staff, we pride ourselves on our staff, quality, innovation and high levels of service to our customers.  Our injection moulding machines are well equipped to produce anything from a 1.5g bottle cap to a 1.5kg electrical housing. AMEC Plastics have been proudly HACCP approved for the past 10 years and we are in the process of attaining ISO 9001 certification. Our 24-hour operation ensures that all orders are produced in a timely fashion, so come and discuss your next project or product!

Baby Give Back

Baby Give Back is run by a group of five mums, volunteering their time and running their operations from their garages for the last six months. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of local families to support our work in the community. With thousands of beautiful new and pre-loved baby clothes and baby items, including nappies, wipes, toys, books, bottles, linen, cots, bassinets and prams donated and distributed via social services agencies, we have quickly outgrown the space we have available in our homes.
I met with some of the Directors early in the month and I am amazed by their efforts to support the most vulnerable in our community. I was pleased to make a donation to their efforts and am also proud to announce my office as a drop off point for donation of goods.
This winter Baby Give Back are fundraising to rent a warehouse. Managing, sorting, packing, cleaning, and safety-checking donated items is very labour intensive and requires a lot of space. Having a fit-for-purpose space would enable us to increase our impact in the community and the number of families we can reach.
Baby Give Back needs to raise $30,000 to secure a lease and fit out a warehouse that will accommodate the high volumes of donations, the generous contributions of volunteers and provide meaningful, practical help in our community. Baby Give Back has Deductible Gift Recipient status, so any donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please go to if you would like to help local families doing it tough by making a cash donation.
Baby Give Back would like all families on the Coast to feel loved and supported by their community and help families in need stay together. Every baby deserves an equal start.

For further information about Baby Give Back or this rent appeal, please email If you would like to donate baby items, please email or if you would like to find out about opportunities to volunteer, please email

SHARE this initiative with your friends and family and let's make a difference.

Burleigh Community Men’s Shed
membership drive


The team at the local men’s shed are looking for more members to join them.

They are located at 85 Pacific Ave, Miami and as they put it The Burleigh Community Men's Shed is a space for blokes to socialise, build stuff and learn. We have a relaxed focus on Men's Health and good humour.’

The Australian Men’s Sheds Association recognises a Men’s Shed as any community-based, non-profit, non-commercial organisation that is accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and healing environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members and to encourage social inclusion.

Find out more at:

Seniors Share Houses

I have been contacted about free Facebook Seniors Share Houses groups. I am informed there are over 1000 members in Gold Coast; Sunshine Coast; Brisbane and Northern NSW since start-up just a little over 12 months ago.

These groups are helping many Seniors combat the current lack of affordable housing and spiralling costs of private rentals. By utilising the Seniors Share Houses free Facebook group to find a flatmate, but more so a friend and support person, Seniors are making connection with others which combats social isolation.

As with anything, I urge you to do your research and make thorough enquiries however this is a service that may help you or someone you know.

Don’t forget about Miami Hot Bread’s great offer
Do you know a family that is struggling or want to stock up on our end of day product. We give all our end of day product to charity or the bin but are really struggling ourselves at the moment and are offering a $30 come and grab as much as you want deal(pies, pastries, bread and buns) at the end of each day. Sometimes it is very depressing making product each day to see it wasted and not sell. Running a small Australian family owned business is very hard these days and we keep fighting as hard as we can.

You must call Lisa on 0401383152 to get this deal by 3pm each day for collection at 4pm.
This is all fresh made daily product.
In Parliament
In case you missed it, the LNP announced their commitment to freezing car rego in Queensland:
A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will freeze family car registration for three years.

The Problem
Families and businesses are paying more through higher taxes and increased living costs under a Labor Government stuck in neutral. For four years in a row, Labor will have increased family car rego by 3.5% - more than twice the inflation rate. They are treating motorists like cash cows because they can’t sustainably manage the budget.

Labor have form in gouging Queenslanders; under the Bligh Labor Government we saw car rego soar by 30 per cent in their last four years at the same time public transport fares increased by over 50 per cent. Annastacia Palaszczuk’s rego slug means a four-cylinder family car now costs over $700 to register – an increase of $50 in just two years!

Our Record
The LNP has a strong track record of delivering cost of living relief for motorists. In 2012 we froze car registration on the family car for three years. This meant that the cost of car rego at the start of 2015 was the same as at the start of 2012. Families with a 4-cylinder car saved $45 under the LNP’s policy.

Our Real Plan
A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will put an end to Labor’s unfair cost hikes and will once again freeze car registration for the family car. This is part of our plan to keep the cost of living for Queensland families under control.  Queensland families with two 6-cylinder cars will save $200 under the LNP’s real plan. Our rego freeze is fair on Queensland motorists in contrast to the double-inflation price hikes they are paying under the Palaszczuk Labor Government. This is part of our plan to build a better Queensland by growing the economy, better managing our finances and looking after families.
We also announced our commitment to protecting frontline emergency workers:

The Problem
Our hard-working emergency services workers have it tough enough protecting the community. They don’t need the added worry of being physically attacked on the job and being treated like a punching bag. The increasing number of violent incidents is a real concern and it’s clear that strong action is needed  to protect those who protect us. Labor’s softly, softly approach is failing frontline emergency workers.

Statistics released by Paramedics Australia indicate physical attacks on members across Queensland have increased by almost 20 per cent compared to five years ago. In the first four months of 2017 alone, 176 ambulance officers were assaulted state-wide. There have been repeated calls to strengthen penalties and deter acts of violence, but Labor has refused to listen. A public awareness campaign is not the only solution.

Our Record
In government, the LNP increased a range of penalties to strengthen deterrents and protect victims against crime. The maximum penalty for serious assault on a police officer was doubled from seven years to 14 years and this was also extended to public officers, which included other frontline emergency services workers.  We also introduced mandatory penalties for serious assault of a police officer if committed by a criminal gang member.  While strong penalties are not the only deterrent, they are important in re-enforcing the message that it is not acceptable to assault our hard working emergency services workers. 

Our Real Plan
A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will follow the lead of other states and territories and introduce minimum penalties for serious assaults on our frontline emergency services workers. Someone convicted of serious assault of an emergency services worker will be sentenced to a minimum of seven days’ jail. This will apply to offences against our hard-working police, paramedics and firefighters who are on the front line of protecting the community from harm in the case of an emergency.

Only the LNP has the experience, energy and track record of standing up for victims of crime and ensuring strong penalties act as a deterrent and protect Queenslanders from violence. We will also create a new offence under the Ambulance Service Act 1991 of assaulting or obstructing a paramedic or other authorised officer, similar to the existing offence for police officers.
Don’t forget, you can read all of my speeches and media releases word for word at
Coming Soon
My next information booths are scheduled so please feel free to drop by and share a compliment, complaint or chat with me:
Saturday 12th August
Burleigh Heads Farmers Markets
Burleigh Heads State School
Baby Give Back Golf Day
Baby Give Back is helping families in need on the Coast by providing them with the basic necessities to give their babies a good start in life. It is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to help families less fortunate by recycling, safety checking and rehoming baby essentials (in partnership with support agencies and social workers).

We are seeking funds to help us secure a much-needed warehouse space so that we can continue to provide essential baby items to families in crisis

Event Details
Where: The Glades Golf Club
When: Saturday 12th of August, 11:30 check in for a 12 noon tee off
Price: $480 per team of 4.
Format: 4 ball ambrose event

Registration includes:
- 18 holes of golf with motorised cart
- Drinks cart on course
- Lunch pack
- BBQ dinner at end of play
- Great prizes for winners, nearest the pins and longest drive.
- Multi draw raffles and auction
To purchase tickets, please visit

Hole sponsorship package $750
- Complimentary team of 4
- Signage to be positioned at the hole
- Acknowledgement at the presentation dinner
- Promotion as a sponsor on our website and social media (inc Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)

We are also seeking donations of prizes for our raffle and prizes for longest drive, nearest to the pin and winning teams.

Please contact Carly Fradgley on 0406 301 329 or to discuss supporting Baby Give Back’s Charity Golf Day.
Varsity Lakes Winterfest
Its that time of the year again and the organisers have an amazing schedule lined up for us to enjoy. Winterfest now in it’s third year brings a multiple of cultural events to Varsity Lakes from July 28 through until August 6.

The 10 day festival features a number of ticketed and free community events which are designed to showcase the Varsity Lakes precinct to the Gold Coast and will showcase international and local talent. The festival is supported by Varsity Lakes Community Limited and The City Of The Gold Coast with the goal of providing events to suit a wide range of tastes.

Event Co Director and spokesperson Geoff Wilson says, ‘Our team have put together a 10 day program, that brings a buzz to the local area, including live performances, live theatre, international and national short film, a celebration of food and a party atmosphere’. ‘We have some really great events and there are a number of surprises’.

Winterfest kicks off on July 28, with the return of the Winterfest Launch Party. This event was so well supported in 2016, so we thought we would make it bigger and better with some show stopping entertainment including local Funk Rock band ‘Sunset City’, Mr Wilson said.

The highlight of Winterfest is our ‘Symphony By The Lake’ event featuring ‘Mark Vincent’. The only classical artist in Australian history to have released six albums by the age of 20, Mark Vincent burst onto Australian television screens in 2009, with his moving rendition of Puccini’s ‘Nessun Dorma’ on Australia’s Got Talent. Mark will perform with the 50 piece Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra at ‘Symphony By The Lake’ on an impressive outdoor stage on the shores of Lake Orr on August 5.

The full Winterfest program includes;
• ‘The Winterfest Launch Party’
• ‘Stoke Sessions’’
• ‘High Tea’’
• ‘In The Bin Short Film festival’
• ‘Chills At The Skate Park’
• ‘The Apology’ a play by Shock Therapy Productions
• ‘Stand Up Live’
• ‘Symphony By The Lake’ and ‘Live At The Lake’
• Big Fit Day Out

Winterfest runs from July 28 - August 6 with full event s details at

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Marquee Loan for Community Groups

I have large pop up marquees available to schools and community groups for loan. Bookings are essential and you need to get in early to book the marquee with my office on (07) 5560 4100.


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Applications for admission as a Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner of Declarations require nomination by myself as your State Member of Parliament. Forms are available through my office. Processing usually takes 4-6 weeks and my office will advise you periodically on your applications progress.


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The State Government provides complimentary Queensland flags to schools and non-profit organisations. Contact my office for more information.


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We are happy to provide letters of support to not-for-profit organisations who are applying for government funding.

Information we require include the purpose of the grant, organisational particulars and benefits which the organisation and the wider community will gain from the funding.


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If you or someone you know is celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary my office can assist you with a letter or certificate of congratulations.

We can arrange a letter from me, the Premier, the Prime Minister or the Queen to recognise this milestone for you or someone you care for. A Letter of Congratulations Request Form, including eligibility criteria can be downloaded from my website.



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