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We finished last Spring in full stride and made it another successful semester. Along with the many accomplishments, we added four new gentleman to our brotherhood. 

A lot has gone on since the last Golden Eagle Fiji, so I'm going to try to include as much information as I can!


First, foremost, and most importantly, it's that time of the year again. Buying pomp. Building the float. Making paper mache. Putting it all on the float and pulling it in the parade. Meanwhile, building brotherhood and relations with our homecoming partners is gained. That's the definition of homecoming. 

Tech's theme this year is "Haunted", and our individual theme is  "Ghostbusters". If you would like to attend homecoming it will be October 22. We will be holding our normal tailgate festivities. 

Habitat for Humanity:
Homecoming 2016 is a little different. This year, Tech is raising money for Habitat for Humanity. All of the proceeds are going to a local family, and they came to Tech a few weeks back for a meet and greet with the students on campus. Tech set a goal to raise $50,000, and that is divided between all of those competing in homecoming. For our chapter (based on the amount of brothers and pledges), we have to raise $3,630. In order to even compete and try to win homecoming, we have to raise at least that amount. We have already held fundraisers with some restaurants and sent out letters to friends and family asking them to donate money. But because we had already set our homecoming budget before we knew of Tech's homecoming philanthropy this semester, our last option of completing the goal for our chapter is to assess each brother $75. If it comes down to it, we will have to pay that assessment. However, if we could get some donations from our graduate brothers, we would greatly appreciate it. We are giving it our all for Homecoming '16, and we are hoping that being caught in a tight situation with money will not keep us from winning it all. Here is a link if you would like to donate money. Be sure to select Phi Gamma Delta as organization name.

Like I said above, we would really appreciate any donations. We are coming down the last stretch as we have about a week left to complete this goal. The undergrads are hoping our graduate brothers will pull through for us in this homecoming philanthropy as we are really trying to focus on finishing up the float this next week.
We held a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity with a new restaurant in Cookeville called San Antonio Taco Company, aka SATCO, on September 27th. We ended up raising $250 which was 10% of all sales from 3-9pm. 
Mr. TTU 2016:
Our candidate for this years Mr. TTU is Nathan Engler. Nate is a junior Mechanical Engineering major here at Tech. He's a solid brother with a lot of personality. He enjoys wine tasting and long walks on the beach. #ItsNoDebateVoteForNate


Alcohol Free Housing Exemption:
Last spring, the chapter applied for the alcohol free housing exemption. We made sure that the chapter met all requirements on the application and that all brothers understood why those requirements were necessary for the exemption. 

This semester, it's say to safe that it all paid off. Our application was accepted, and the chapter was granted the exemption! However, we are cautiously utilizing this privilege as we don't want to lose it. We are still getting used to the change, but we are excited for the events that can be held here in the future. 
Raised Dues:
Last semester, the chapter voted on and passed that we raise undergraduate dues. They have increased from $400/semester to $500/semester and $250/summer to $350/summer. We believed this was the next step in the right direction for the Chapter to continue to be at its best. 
Spring '16 Pledge Class - Gamma Eta
This past spring, the Gamma Eta pledge class finished the semester with some pride. They proved that they had the qualities of a Phi Gam. In August, they joined our brotherhood when they were initiated and added links to our chain. We expect  these four brothers to do big things in our chapter! 
Pledge Class Gamma Eta 
Brothers (left to right): Nick Richmond, Bryce Allen, James Dutton, Zech Crannigan 
Fall '16 Pledge Class - Gamma Theta
This fall, we've brought in 14 new guys to me pledges of Phi Gamma Delta. There are a few legacies in this class, which is always awesome. Thus far, they are doing great. We just finished up with midterms, so we are making sure they are keeping up with their grades along with learning the five values of a Phi Gam. 
Pledge Class Gamma Theta 
Here's 10 of the 14 members of the current pledge class. In this picture, they had just finished piling up wood for the pledge fire at Island. 

This year's formal was one for the books. Our formal chairman, Jonathan Saucier, did an outstanding job on planning out and executing formal this year. This event brought the brothers and their dates together in the Great Smoky Mountains. We rented a nice cabin that was able to fit all of us comfortably, and the dinner went smoothly at the company's lodge right next to the cabin. Our attendance including brothers and dates was 58! Here are some photos:

New Sweetheart:
During our Purple Garter formal, the chapter announced our new sweetheart, Samantha Harold. Samantha is from Cookeville, Tennessee and is a junior Pre-OT student here at Tennessee Tech. She is an active member in her sorority, Kappa Delta. She has always been around FIJI and has always supported us when we need it. She is a lavalier of our Brother Hunter Parker, who plans to graduate next December. We are privileged to have a woman like Samantha, and she is excited to be a big part of our fraternity. 
Brothers are gathered around to sing the Sweetheart Song to Samantha. 


This year's Fiji Island was held on October 7th and 8th at Meadows Creek Campgrounds in Monterey, TN. It was tough finding a good weekend to hold this because of how busy we have been this semester, but we managed to schedule it on the weekend of Fall Break, following our M.S. Island. We had a total of 63 people attend Island this year. The weather came through for us this year, which helped so much. Overall, the brotherhood and friendships gained this past weekend made this Fiji Island a success. 
If you want to see more Island photos, click these links:
(use the password beermountain to see photos in the second link)


Spring '16 Philanthropy and Relay for Life:
With it being the first year we've ever done this, the additional spring philanthropy event was great. We held a blood drive for the Red Cross, and we, thankfully, received many donors! We have talked of trying to do this again next spring. 

Relay for Life was held on the night before Pig Dinner for the second year in a row. With that being said, we always try to keep a balance of brothers that attend Relay and brothers that hang out with graduate brothers that night. We didn't raise as much money as we'd hoped to, but we still raised a lot of money compared to some past Relay events. However, Our Relay for Life chairmen was just recently made the head of the Relay for Life Committee at Tech, so we have already made plans for next year's Relay!
Blood Drive Fall '16:
The blood drive we hosted our 3rd blood drive with the Red Cross. We set our goal at 45 donors. We surpassed our goal with 56 donors! This was enough to possibly help 168 people. 

M.S. Island Fall '16:
This year's M.S. Island week came quickly. We didn't do as well as we hoped for this years Island week, but we managed to raise a decent amount of money as well as building some brotherhood.
The winners of this year's MS Island was Kappa Delta.

Social Events

Spring '16:

Mixer with ADPi:
The mixer held with ADPi at the beginning of April went great. The theme was TTU Pride, and we invited the new head football coach, Marcus Satterfield, to come as a guest speaker. He talked about getting all of greek life to come out to the football games next fall as he was excited for a new beginning with the program. 

Chicks and Hicks:
At the end of April, our chapter and the brothers of the SAE chapter here hosted a "Chicks and Hicks" party. We had a great turn-out, as expected, which was a great way to end this semester. After hosting a toga party with them last semester, we had high hopes for this party. 

Fall '16:

Because of our good relations with the brothers of SAE, we were able to get together and host a toga party. The event was held at Club Lava in Cookeville. We split the rent of the club for a night, and they provided the bar, security, and sober rides for the folks that did the night correctly. Overall, this party has been one of the highlights of the semester. 
If you'd like to see more photos from Toga Party, visit Club Lava's Facebook page and view the album on there. There's a ton of pictures and videos. 


Mixer with Kappa Delta:
We held a mixer with the ladies of Kappa Delta. The theme was "Kodaks and Fanny Packs." We had a big shrimp boil to go along with music, volleyball, and getting to know these ladies. We are doing homecoming with them, so the more we get to know them the better! 

Service Mixer with ADPi and Phi Mu:
We decided that as a chapter it was important to try some new things. One of those new things we tried was partnering with ADPi and Phi Mu for a community service project and mixer. We met at the house to paint pumpkins before heading off to Baxter Primary to help with grounds keeping, and all around maintence of the school. 


Spring '16:

After a hard-fought season, the basketball team came up short during tournament time. We placed 3rd overall. 
Picture of brothers playing against SAE
Picture of brothers getting hype for the chant after a big win
This spring, the weather was nice enough for us to get to play most of our games, as opposed to last year. We started off hot with the bats, beating Alpha Gamma Sigma 25-3. Then, beating Kappa Alpha 34-1. Our game with Phi Delta Theta was cancelled due to rain, and we received a by-week going into the first round of playoffs. The next week, we beat PIKE in a close game, 13-12, putting us in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we lost to SAE by 9 runs. We placed 3rd overall. 

The 2015-2016 all-sports came down to a tie-breaker of 134pts between us and SAE. In order to break the tie, we both agreed to play one more basketball game — winner takes home the All-Sports Trophy. It was a hard-fought game all the way through. We ended up losing to a buzzard-beating put back in double overtime. We ended up taking home second place for all sports. 

Fall '16:

This year's football team was one of the best. Although we didn't finish how we wanted, we definitely made a statement this fall. In the regular season, we beat SAE, Sigma Chi, and another team forfeited. When the playoff brackets were released, we had to play SAE and Sig Chi again. We ended up beating SAE, but then losing to Sig Chi in the last minute of the game. We know we should have one the championship this year, but we can always make up for it. 


Gamma Eta Housing Project:
Last spring, we had the Gamma Eta pledge class raise money to put in a nice sound system for the outside of the house. They raised the money and ordered the speakers in a good amount of time. However, after some faulty wiring, the speakers blew about a minute and a half after being used. So, we had the speakers taken back down and had them sent off. We're still waiting to find out when we can get a new replacement set. 

Back Porch:
At the end of the spring, we had made some plans to tidy up our back porch and the area around the grills. We tore down what was left of the old bar and cleaned out that area. Then, we added some new mulch and had the concrete pressure washed. 

Last spring, we had a camera system installed in the house. This was mainly due to theft reasons. Other than some issues with the wifi, the connection to the cameras and being able to view footage has been pretty good. We've not had any more problems with thieves. 

In the House:
Before class started this fall, we had our normal house-cleanup. However, this time, we not only cleaned the house, but touched up on all the paint in the house, as well as took out and filled in some windows that were busted in. The old frames had just fallen in completely, so we patched this spot and added some new siding to complete the outside of the house.
1848 Club

1848 Club is transitioning it's payment system to LegFi. If you would like to become a member of 1848 please click the link below. If you have any questions contact Billy Leslie at

Dalton Wade Nash
Corresponding Secretary
p. (931)261-9894
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