We engage and build God fearing professionals and leaders of integrity capable of helping to fulfill the Great Commission and building communities marked by the Love of God.
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You can know them by their actions and testimonies. Intentionally we are engaging and empowering them and God is doing great things among and through them for His glory. Mathias and Sylvia by the grace of God are directing and these key leaders are leading the work among the professionals and the government leaders.  
Mathias coaching and modeling key leaders
God is backing us in our efforts in engaging, coaching and modeling them. You can tell from the picture on the left whether they are committed or not from they way they usually listen during coaching, their vital actions for fulfilling the Great commission and for the realization of our nation's vision


Three MPs went on mission trip with a boss.
 One happened to be a member of our discipleship group. This member got into a conversational talk with the boss and the boss asked the following question “Are you a freemason”? The Mp responded “No I am a Christian and a servant of God. The boss answered, “ Ah you can still be a Christian and be a freemason.” The MP outstanding respond was “God cannot be mocked you can't serve two masters”.  At the end of the conversation to cut it short, the colleague who came in and joined in the conversation made a commitment to follow Christ Jesus while the boss asked for prayer so that one day he too will become a true Christian.


Immediately after wrapping off from our bible study time, on my way, I came across one of our supporters best defined as Ministry partner. After Inquiring on how activities have been unveiling during the session, he said he was not surprise for this is what he ( ministry partner) witness “While in the lift I overheard a conversation from 2 senators and one of the senators talked on the importance of the word of God. He referred to it as his “strength for leadership success ” and so he invited him to be a part of their weekly bible study.” 

Connecting their peers to Christ and taking personal initiative to buy and distribute Bibles to these peers was remarked among some of our disciples. Personnels of their lodge also received some of their gifts. They use this as a strategy for following up of those who responded to follow Christ through their effort and our “project Gift to the nation” 
One of them said “ I am so amazed that what God showed me in a dream came to pass”. He testified among the discipleship group members “ In my dream I saw one of my colleague making an effort to change his faith to become a Muslim even with his family members. Waking up the following early morning when I was going to the National Assembly, I meet with him and asked him and he accepted that it was true.When I finished sharing with him, he made up his mind to become a true follower of Christ together with his family members. He visited me with his family just to thank God who sent me to him. I am planning to continue to work with him and his family members".

Government Leaders ( Senators ) in a prayer forum praying for the nation  27/6/2014

Professionals at the end of their seminar prayed to be effective kingdom agents for the transformation of their  workplace 

Leaders discovering strength for effective leadership in the word of God during their twice-weekly Bible study. 

Strategic meeting for holistic approach for building communities mark with the love of God

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