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Remember back in May, when we announced our plan to take Fridays off for the summer? Remember how we said we were going to use that time to experiment with our daily priorities and recharge our creative batteries, and that we’d report back to you on how it went?

Here’s us reporting back: we’re not great at not working.

It turns out that cutting a full day out of your week isn’t easy to do cold turkey (especially if you’re habitually working six and a half days out of every seven ::coughJuliacough::) It took almost all of July and some of August to get into the mental space to see Friday as a free, unscheduled day...and now it’s September, and the experiment is over.

Both of us are big believers in time-blocking the work we’re doing for clients, our business(es...yes, there’s more than one), and ourselves, so it surprised us to learn from this experiment that we’ve been over-scheduling ourselves. Turns out - in a surprise twist ending that everybody but us saw coming - not allowing for extra time to tie up loose ends and address the unexpected but inevitable tasks that pop up during the week practically guarantees that we never, ever have enough time to do all the things we need to do.

The solution(s):
Do fewer things. Seriously...we have an enthusiastic, brilliant team here at Spring and at our sister company, Admin Slayer, and this summer has taught us that they’re more than capable of taking over some of the essential jobs that keep the lights on but don’t necessarily need to be done by us.

Be honest about how we really work. Our clients deserve our attention to their financial lives when that attention is most focused and creative, and this summer has taught us that we need to block more time for each plan well ahead of time so that we’re able to properly support our clients’ success without ignoring sleep, getting outside, and eating properly. Nobody’s well served when we’re hangry, tired, and haven’t seen the sun for days.

More free Fridays. We’re deliberately carving out Fridays as overflow days so we can do all the things we need to do to serve our clients, our business(es), and ourselves to our ongoing high standards, to write more, and to handle any necessary tasks without sacrificing our much-needed rest days. This might result in a slight decrease in available meeting times, but a huge increase in our productivity and focus, and we’re excited to see how this conscious strategy to use our time more effectively will serve our clients and this profession in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

"Free Fridays" are still on throughout the month of September.

For assistance on any given Friday, our stellar administrator Lindsay ( is just an email away.

P.S. We are keeping an eye on the proposed tax legislation for incorporated business owners. We're making a list of those of you who we think would be affected by these proposed changes, and will be contacting you when we have an idea of what the actual law will be, and what - if any - changes you'll need to make to your financial plan. If you think you should be on that list, do feel free to let us know. We wouldn't want to miss you!

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