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Cindy Wolff (above right) has been recognized by the national American Association of University Women (AAUW) as a Title IX Champion. Formally acknowledging Cindy's important work to assure equal educational opportunities for women and girls is past AAUW Chico President Carol Holzgrafe (above left).       


   Volume 1 Number 6                                 July 28, 2014

Cindy Wolff Honored as AAUW Champion

CNAP Executive Director Cindy Wolff is among several individuals honored this year by the national American Association of University Women (AAUW) for their active support of Title IX. The 1972 federal statute known as Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in all education programs and activities that receive federal financial support. Others recognized by AAUW for their Title IX support include AAUW presidents from California and New Mexico; high school students from Austin, Texas; and  Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa and Rep. George Miller of California, who have championed gender equity for decades.

Cindy first observed and then researched inequalities in two Chico Unified School District high school girls’ sports programs. She then filed a formal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Following a lengthy investigation by OCR, the only federal civil rights investigation undertaken that year in the U.S., the school district corrected many of the Title IX compliance issues Cindy had identified. The district’s actions have had a ripple effect: Many neighboring communities followed its example by changing their practices for high school sports. For more on the local story, see AAUW Chico’s website.

CNAP Makes the Local News
The Center’s own Sarah Bohannon is now a regular columnist for the Chico Enterprise-Record! Sarah’s first column, “Make Summertime Real Food Time with the Kids,” debuted in the E-R’s food section on June 24. For now, look for Sarah’s Opt for Health column every fifth Wednesday for now. Later it may become a monthly feature . . . Speaking of real food: CNAP’s Leap into Summer cooking, physical activity, and plain-ol’-fun kids camp starred in Annie Culp’s July 22 column. Annie described her turn as a celebrity judge for the camp’s Chopped Challenge event, and shared the winning team’s original recipe for Italian Grilled Veggie Wraps. Yum! . . . Leap into Summer campers and staff were also profiled in a great article by Katherine Green in the July 10 edition of the Chico News & Review, “Developing Taste Buds: Summer Camp Aims to Turn Kids into Health-Conscious Chefs.” Hats off also to Nora Pinon and Pedro Uriostegue, who were pictured in the Colusa County Sun Herald on June 25 demonstrating how to make Honey Lime Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms in a photo accompanying the article “Cooks Beat the Heat, Stage a Demonstration.”

More Media:
Help Needed to Shoot and Edit Videos

And that means there’s a prime media-skills staff development opportunity for all of you program managers! Media whiz kid Sarena Kirk is back, working at CNAP again. Her current focus will be shooting food
safety videos and developing new and updated brochures (with CNAP’s upcoming name change in mind).

Here’s where your program might come in: For the coming year Steph needs a long-term student staffer to help with future videos in this series (and other videos that may come up). If you have an intern or paid student staffer who would like to learn invaluable video production and editing skills, please send them her way and also cc Sarena, who will help train the student(s).

Guts & Glory?
According to BMJ, the British Medical Journal, regular exercise as well as high levels of dietary protein will boost the diversity of gut bacteria. Reduced variation in intestinal or gut microbes (which are known collectively as a person’s microbiota) is associated with obesity and health problems, while greater diversity is associated with strong immune system response, favorable metabolism, and general good health . . . The European diabetes journal Diabetologia reports that children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have a less balanced composition of gut bacteria compared with children of the same age without diabetes, according to research . . . The Endocrine Society reports that people with Type 2 diabetes or obesity have changes in the composition of their intestinal micro-organisms that healthy people do not have . . . Researchers from Spain’s University of Granada have discovered that feeding obese rats supplemental “good” gut bacteria in the form of probiotics for just one month diminished fat accumulation in the liver . . .
So now would be a good time to consider what we know about probiotics, or those beneficial digestive microbes now being so aggressively marketed. Let’s start with the question: Are all probiotics the same?

Put F&V in the subject line.
Farmers’ Market Week August 3-9

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has declared next week, Sunday, August 3 through Saturday, August 9, as National Farmers’ Market Week.

The week recognizes the value of farmers' markets as affordable fresh food outlets for consumers, their key role in sustaining family farms, and their particular value to the clients of SNAP, WIC, and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition programs.

So get yourself to the nearest Farmers’ Market, stat!

On Vacation

Jenni Dye: Weds 7/30 through Mon 8/04

Jen Murphy: Tues 7/29 through Mon 8/04

Amie Riesen: Weds 7/23 through Weds 7/30

Cindy Wolff: Gone camping. Will be back mid-August
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