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Free Webinar on Guiding Communities through the
Community Choice Aggregation Value, Process & Time-line‏

Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) allows our municipalities to provide unparalleled value to homes and businesses in town. At this moment, New York State has given Westchester municipalities an extraordinary opportunity: ours are the only communities in the state eligible to participate.

With historically low gas and oil prices, CCA can allow a government to fix these prices for all homeowners and commercial facilities in town. If the municipality prefers, it can use the clout of many buyers to get great prices on electricity and natural gas, for all residents.

This webinar will walk attendees through exactly how to join the Sustainable Westchester CCA. As Sustainable Westchester is intending to prepare a bid, quite quickly, the webinar will also offer attendees a sense of how long the window of opportunity will remain open.

CCA will turn the entire market on its head, while leaving the essentials untouched. Your electricity bill is actually two bills in one: you pay for the transmission system and you pay a second bill for the power that’s delivered over that system. With CCA, your utility continues to provide the distribution and transmission system that delivers power to your home. However, Con Edison and NYSEG actually want nothing to do with the power that you consume; they simply want to focus on providing reliable service over their poles and wires. Buying power from power plants is actually a distraction and a drain on utilities’ resources because utilities are not allowed to make money on supply services.

That’s why the Public Service Commission has been encouraging a market in which suppliers compete to provide you with power. Yet, consumers haven’t been buying from competitive suppliers, because it’s not generally known that the only difference between buying competitively and buying from the utility, is price. CCA allows the municipality to negotiate prices on behalf of all consumers in their community who have not chosen to buy from competing suppliers.

Beyond walking communities through the CCA process, the webinar will also explain why a CCA will make it easier to build reliable micro-grids, incent energy efficiency, save on residents’ power costs, finance renewable generation and earn back money for your community by adjusting what you consume from hour to hour.

Mike Gordon will not only present these CCA details on Tuesday, he will also offer to visit with your town governing body to answer any questions they have. The webinar will run from 4PM on Tuesday, to 5PM on Tuesday and you may register at the following link:

Register here:

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