Issue No. 06, April, 2015 - Economic and Trade Newsletter of the Embassy of Israel in Ghana.

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Agritech 2015 Breakfast Meeting Held in Accra

The Embassy of Israel in Ghana held a breakfast meeting on the 3rd March, 2015 at the Alisa Hotel to discuss Agritech 2015 and Israeli agricultural technology in general. The meeting enabled relevant interlocutors and stakeholders in agriculture in Ghana to get a glimpse into AGRITECH 2015. The presentation by the main resource person is available here and the opening address of the H.E Sharon Bar-li, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Ghana is available here.

Meanwhile the main Agritech event which is one of the world's most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies held once every 3 years in Israel will get under way from the 28-30th April, 2015. The previous Agritech 2012 attracted visitors from 51 new countries, 250 exhibitors, 8,100 foreign visitors and 21,000 Israeli visitors. There were 40 ministers of agriculture, 1 prime minister and many deputy ministers. Agritech 2015 will present some ground-breaking technologies and insight into post-harvest methods and processes, Click here to download a brochure.

Israel's Foreign Trade Administration Releases Annual Report 

The Israel Foreign Trade Administration released its annual report for 2014 showing among other things that Israeli exports grew significantly in 2014 despite "Operation Iron Edge". Exports to the U.S. stood at $9.8 billion representing 23% of total exports (excluding diamond) and an increase of 3.7% over 2013 figures. Exports to Holland grew by 17.3% while exports to Greece grew by 89.5% despite the economic crisis in that country. Exports to Turkey also grew by 6.1% to reach a figure of $2.4 billion. Download full report here.

African Development Bank Releases the African Development Report 2014

On the 16th December, 2014, the African Development Bank (AfDB) released its African Development Report 2014 with the theme "Regional Integration for Inclusive Growth". The report recognizes regional integration as a tool for enhancing sustainable, inclusive and transformational economic growth. In support of the initiatives of the AfDB we encourage you to download and read the full report by clicking here.

Israel's AORA brings Hybrid Solar Power to Ethiopia

Ghana's current power situation can definitely benefit from Israeli energy technology company AORA which recently signed a deal to deploy its Tulip Solar-Hybrid Power Plants in Ethiopia. AORA's system will deliver power during the day and at night when the sun is down using scant resources and next-to-nothing operating cost. AORA even has a technology which integrates biogas and solar systems to generate electricity. Read more.
Revolutionary New Technology Allows for Instant Cervical Cancer Reading in Developing Countries
Biop, an Israeli bio-technology company focused on developing next-generation diagnostics for identifying cancer in epithelial cells has developed an innovative new device that allows for instant reading and detection of cervical cancer. Traditional methods of detecting cervical cancer are prone to error and take a long time. Considering that early detection is an important factor in cures, Biop's new device could reduce the rate of death from the disease in developing countries.

More life-saving innovations are coming out of Israel

Israel continues to lead the world in innovation and healthcare. As a result the Innovation Nation contributes more than its fair share of inventions that are saving and improving lives around the world. Let's take a look at some of the life science inventions coming out of Israel in the video below.

Turning Garbage into Wealth: The Example of Israel's Hiriya

Israel's Hiriya waste dump had become a big health and environmental problem after accumulating 25 million tons of waste from 1952 to 1998. That was until 2001 when the Dan Municipal Sanitation Association began rehabilitating the mountain with the aim of turning it into a green park and a model of waste recycling around the world. Today Mount Hiriya as the former dump site has come to be called is a beautiful recreational park with 3 recycling plants one of which turns waste into energy to power a nearby factory. Download a brochure to learn more by clicking here. Watch this amazing story in the video below:

eCampus - A New Way to Learn in Africa

The failure rates of students who sat the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Senior Secondary School Examination in 2013 were 56%, 75% and 100% in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia respectively. In 2014, 76% of all candidates in West Africa failed. The astonishing failure rates across West Africa prompted a young Ghanaian entrepreneur to launch eCampus, a revolutionary new app that offers students across West Africa the possibility to learn by reading, hearing, seeing, doing and teaching others what they learn. eCampus was adjudged by VC4Africa as Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneurial Venture of the Year 2013. The UNDP, GMIC, Vodafone, VC4A and Mobile2i are currently partnering with the developers of eCampus to deploy across Africa. Read more.

Get Ahead with InnovNation - The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in Israel

Israel with a population of 8M inhabitants has managed to rank 1st in the world for number of startups outside the Silicon Valley within the 7 decades of its existence. Israel also ranks 1st for rate of R&D spending worldwide and per capita VC investment. Israel's InnovaNation program will offer participants from around the world a unique opportunity to combine theoretical know-how with insight and first-hand experience from Israel's top innovative companies and entrepreneurs through lectures, meetings and site visits. Download the InnovNation brochure here to learn more and take part in this program. Apply online here!

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