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July 2016
Issue #48
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club meetings
take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month starting at 7.30pm at  St Peters Anglican Church Hall, Cnr McCartin & Bruce St's, Leongatha. The meeting is followed by supper with tea, coffee and nibblies.
(please check your emails, the club website and this newsletter for occasional changes to the meeting dates)

president's report - july 2016

Has everyone’s Pizza settled?  A big thanks to Kate and Helen for another great organisational feat in organising the night and to David thanks for the 2.5 year old honey mead and cumquat liqueur for us to test.  So impressed was I, I gave my sad looking cumquat a dose of dynamic lifter when I got home.  Hope it doesn’t destroy the taste.
Poowong Kindergarten has made a request for someone to spend some time with the children talking about the importance of bees.  I hear a whisper, Lorae and Kate are getting decked out and heading that way to impress the kids.  Well-done ladies.

This is my last president’s report and I can assure everyone Bron has for the first time not had to remind me to make her deadline.  Well done me.

This coming meeting is our AGM and a few committee vacancies need filling, so please if you can help that would be greatly appreciated.  As usual, we have a lot of door prizes and I mean a lot, for those members rejoining on the night so thanks for those who have donated.

Had some great news during the week in regard to the grant applied for by the club, we were successful in receiving $2185.00, to go toward our trailer purchase.   A big thankyou to the South Gippsland Shire Council Community Grants Program, without their help, clubs like ours would struggle make improvements.  An even bigger thankyou to Peter Gatehouse, for preparing the application.  He can now head off on his holiday knowing he has completed a job well done.

Happy Beekeeping,

Steve Lovie

2016 calendar

July AGM and Costume Extravaganza
AGM Theme is .. POLLINATION & POLLINATORS . . Details below

August Meeting:
Split groups: For beginners - DIY building frames & boxes - - and for the more experienced members a general Q & A with mentors.
This agenda is not set in stone and may change slightly. Updates will appear on the website and in following newsletters.

September Meeting:
Peter & Rob will be sharing some of what they have learned whilst doing the Biosecurity Course
July AGM
Thursday July 14th 7.30pm


August Club Meeting
Thursday August 11th 7.30pm


September Club Meeting
Thursday August 8th 7.30pm




All Committee Positions are declared vacant at the AGM with nominations being accepted for all positions.
At this time we do not have any nominations for the positions of:

Vice President (whose job it is to help share the President's workload.)

2 Committee Members (ordinary members for committee meeting participation)

3 Events Co-ordinators A number of events occur each year which involve our Events Co-ordinators
These are:
* eg Foster Show & Sustainability Festival
which can include completing event registration, gathering of equipment, honey for tasting and volunteers to assist with the staffing of the stand for the day. The set up & packing up of the Marquee.
** Pizza night in June.
***Club Christmas BBQ.
Look at this little lovely, her wings almost invisible as they move at the speed of light - 200 times per second! WOW!
Reminds me of the time I had rushed to the vet with a damaged chook and had carelessly pulled on my boots without checking them first! I found myself having to 'de-boot' rapidly - close to light speed I reckon -  to release, murder actually, the spider which was biting my leg.
I'm sure we've all moved rather smartly, although it seems as though time stands still, when trying to coax a bee to get out of your hair or your bee suit.
The other thing I've noticed is how instinctive it is to belt at the poor little bugger no matter how much I am reminded and remind others that this is seen as an act of aggression by the bee. Nah, Stuff it - If there is a bee in my hair or suit or any other confined space and she has a case of the screaming insanes then I'm sorry but I AM going to try to belt her. Better her squashed than me stung and well, really, she's hell bent on it anyway isn't she. It's not like she's going to notice that I'm reacting all Buddhist-like and think to herself - "OHMMMM - Bless this dear human. I've changed my mind. I think we both need to sit back, take a little zen moment to reassess this situation."  Not only is she going to continue to try to deliver her suicide bomb but she is going to alert all her mates within cooee that they all should be making a bee-line over here and making me deader! So dead that I'll never need deading again!
All I'm saying here is that in my opinion, for what it's worth, IF there is a bee in your hair or your suit or wherever and she clearly isn't taking a zen moment then RUN like hell and belt and yell because in the end it isn't going to make an iota of difference to the outcome but it makes for great stories, if you live through it.

membership reminder
Any time from now you can pay your club membership for 2016/17. Simply follow the membership link on the website HERE and fill in your details. Then you can either use direct debit, cheque or pay cash to Peter Galt at the next meeting.

Please note that you do not need to have beehives to become a member of the club and if you don't have any hives then you do not have to fill in the Reg# on the membership form.

june 2016 pizza night pics - below
A chat amongst bee lovers
Steve was still dreaming of that third piece of pizza; the one that got away. He'd been distracted and by the time he got to the table it was gone.
Elizabeth & David waited patiently as Ian took a micro-nap mid sentence, possibly as a result of the earlier Mead tasting.
Peter taking his job as Treasurer very seriously
MEAD! Not a bad drop at all!
Helen protectively held her pizza close as Pizzilla closed in.
Rob: "It's an adaption of the traditional coffee mug. It delivers coffee directly to your mouth, no lifting required. Hydraulics as smooth as silk."
Sue was surprised to learn that Ron preferred Twinings Lady Grey
Helen was clearly upset that she was the only member to make the effort to match her jacket with her lanyard
The President signing autographs
"THIS, right here, is the winning ticket!"

how to catch a beehive
I had a guy ring me up the other day  and said “You're into bees! I have a hive in a tree. Do you want them?” I sadly said no as it was too hard to try and convince the bees that it would be better for them to live in my box set-up for bees, so sadly he destroyed them.
The next week he rings me again: "I have found some bee boxes under some trees and they got agro when I started to remove the trees.”  So I said I would come and check them out.
They were quiet & docile when I went looking around the hives. The boxes were very old so I went home and grabbed a couple of empty boxes with tops and bottoms and went back to collect them. I thought, "this should be easy". Wrong!
When I opened the hives I was greeted with wax all through the hive. Frames were stuck together and the lid I had to pry off with a lot of muscle. I then tried to get the frames out of the box. No way! The frames were stuck solid. I tried to break the boxes open with my hammer but that didn’t work as they were dovetail boxes. Back to the drawing board. Then my friend, who rang about the hives, started his chain saw ...   Brain Wave!  I could use that. The only trouble would be that bees don’t like chain saws. Well lets try it. Smoker going well ... we'll be right.
I went over to him and asked if I could use his saw. “No worries.”  So he put it down and walked away. He told me I had too many bees following me.  So I took the saw back to the hives.
I put a cut right down the middle of the long side. They were two boxes high so I stopped when I got to the bottom board on both hives of bees. Much to my surprise the bees were very quiet, seeing I had just destroyed their home. The rest was easy. I lifted  6 frames joined together into my boxes the other 2 frames were cut in half so I slid them down the side ... all good. 
I returned later that night to lock them up and take them home .             
Rob Spratt
(Great story Rob. Thanks for sharing)

Our THEME for 2016 AGM


Perhaps first may I suggest for those looking to acquire a little costume inspiration that pinterest or the floral section at Spotlight could prove most beneficial.

We have LOTS of Door Prizes, a Raffle plus 1st 2nd & 3rd Costume Prizes and the only catch is for you to unload yourself of just a few dollars to update your club membership 

The prizes this year are AMAZING! But you've got to be in it to win it. Either by buying raffle tickets or coming to the meeting and paying your membership to go into the door prize draw OR by joining all the other nutters who will be dressing up as flowers or bugs!
Make sure that you're there early so that you can pay your membership and secure your tickets for the door prize & raffle. It's sure to be a bottleneck down at the Treasurer's table.

This is an excellent little article, linked below. It is taken from the BeeAware website from a publication of the RIRDC 'Pollination of Crops in Australia and New Zealand' written by Mark Goodwin (2012)
The AgNote 'Honey bee pollination of fruit tree crops' is available, free of charge, from the club on meeting nights



our beekeeper registrations at work - spraying for Russian wheat aphid
This week we received snail-mail notification from Agriculture Victoria regarding insecticide treatment activities in cereal crop growing areas of Victoria. The distribution area is in the NW or Victoria including Horsham, Kaniva, Yaapeet, Goroke, Minimay, Patchewollock, Dingee and Nhill. Although this probably doesn't affect any of our members it is comforting to know that our beekeeping registrations are working to help us look after our bees on a personal custodial level.
If any members have not received this notification and would like a copy please contact Bronwyn (sms is fine) on 0433035143 and I will send it to you.
The additional document which I have linked HERE is a guide for those using the spray which includes clear emphasis on awareness of the welfare of bees✔️✔️✔️
bee news bee news  - from ABC Rural - bee news bee news

pictures courtesy of ABC Rural & Google

July 1st 2016
Tiny technology reveals bee behavious

CSIRO scientists monitor honey bees using tiny radio frqueuncy ID tages powered by the vibrations of the bee's flight.
Read the story HERE
Listen to the audio HERE


June 15th 2016
Karri trees provide boon for beekeepers

A once in a decade wait is over for the beekeepers of WA who are taking advantage of a rare event to capture an elusive and lucrative honey.

Read the story HERE


June 9th 2016
Artificial insemination for bees

Leaving nothing to chance, one beekeeper in north-west NSW uses artificial insemination on his queens to make for a good bloodline.

Read the story HERE

June 8th 2016
Bee demand drives need for hive health in Vic

Bee and hive health is getting a new focus in Victoria with the appointment of the first bee biosecurity officer at Agriculture Victoria.
Read the story HERE
Listen to the audio HERE
bee news bee news  - from BeeAware - bee news bee news

pictures courtesy of BeeAware
Don't just be a bee owner: be a bee keeper from BeeAware: Full story HERE
A smart phone application to help beekeepers identify pests in their hives is part of a suite of digital tools being developed to improve the biosecurity capability of the industry. Full story HERE

gizmag bee sculpture
Pics below clockwise from top:
  1. The Hive is especially dramatic after dark
  2. View of The Hive looking up while standing in the center
  3. The Hive at Kew Gardens in London is a new installation inspired by recent research on bee communication
  4. The hexagonal latticework of The Hive from below
  5. Visitors walk through a one-acre wildflower meadow to reach The Hive
Link to website HERE
Submitted by Lynda Paterson

engraving service for your hive reg#
Engagying engraving - 0428 777 713 -

jeeralang apiary supplies
Stan Glowacki
60 Koala Drive
Jeeralang Junction
51222641 & 0413136878

fisher's beekeeping supplies  
Rob & Sharon Fisher (Dumbalk area) 56644323 & 0437501133

the bunyip beekeeper
The Bunyip Beekeeper
6 Webb St Bunyip Vic 3815 - Ph: 0487 100 001 -
Facebook: thebunyipbeekeeper

newsletter advertising & content
Ads are available to club members only for bee related wares or to contribute to the newsletter
Contact Bronwyn on 0433035143

mentor's list



Keith GRAY




Mirboo Nth 0437 627 443 -
Willing to help with on-site problems or guidance

Mirboo Nth:  6pm - 9pm - 56681323
Beekeeper - Swarm collection - YES

Jeeralang Junction: 9am- 6pm - 51222641,0413136878 
Beekeeper & Bee Equipment - Swarms - NO

Berry Creek: Most days - 56688250, 0427688250 Beekeeper, Interested in Top Bar Hives Swarms - YES

Moe: Daytime/Evening up until 10pm: 56331326
Hobbyist Beekeepers - Swarms - YES

Foster: Mon- Fri 9am - 6pm 56822339
Professional Beekeepers - Swarms - YES

Leongatha Sth: 8am - 9pm Any day 56642358
General Beekeeping - Swarms - YES


Steve Lovie ....... ph:0488 622890 email:
Peter Gatehouse ...... ph:56681815 - 0437 627443 - email:
Colin Goodwin ..... ph:0438 545 145 - email:
secretary: newsletter editor: website editor:             
Bronwyn Barton ....... ph:0433 035143 - email:
treasurer (M'ship):    
Peter Galt ....... ph 0409 953295 email:
All correspondence for the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE can be sent to
equipment and property manager: David Barton


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