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November 2019 Newsletter  
Edition: #82

'Meet the Bees' -
Field Day - November 10th - 10am-3pm
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President's Report

Hi Everyone,
We had another great meeting in October. The evening started with a bumper attendance for the Beginner's Corner and a slight delay to the start of the meeting as the volunteers for the Meet the Bees Field Day had their briefing session.
Our special speakers for the evening were Ally and Nicki, 2 of our Victorian Bio-Security Apiary Officers. The ladies talked to us about the Bio-Security code of practice answering lots of questions and giving us plenty of information to digest and act upon in our own apiaries. 
November 14th will be our last meeting for the year and we are winding up with a bit of a shindig! I will be sending out another email with the details of our summer breakup attached.
I wish everyone the very best for the rest of the year with your bees and all of your festive celebrations and I'm really looking forward to what is in store for us in the 2019/20 honey season.
Please look after yourselves and I will see you all in the new year!

Happy Beekeeping
Bron (President)

2019/20 Calendar

SGB Meeting
2nd Thursday from Feb - Nov
St Peters Anglican Church Hall Leongatha
 SGB Beginners Corner

Will be running again prior to the next meeting and all monthly meetings unless otherwise notified. From 7:00pm-7:25pm.

Thursday November 14th

We will have a chat from Stan about his trip to Apimondia in Canada this year followed by our end of year break-up. Should be fun with some goodies to be won here and there - see the separate email for details of the night's festivities.
Sunday November 10th

'Meet the Bees' field day at Mirboo Nth Rec Reserve.

Please check HERE for details

First Meeting for 2020
Thursday February 14th

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  3. From ABC News
  4. The Wheen Bee Foundation
  5. Nuc List
  6. Swarm List
  7. Visit a Local Beekeeper
  8. Ads from our members

From ABC News

Big buzz about bees: More young people turn to backyard beekeeping
ABC News
22nd October 2019

More young people are turning to beekeeping and in parts of Victoria there are even waitlists to own a hive.
Ballarat Grammar Year 12 student Cecilia Hearn is younger than most beekeepers. 

She keeps five hives, including two in her family's backyard in Ballarat. 
What began as a school project for Ms Hearn's agriculture class has morphed into a real passion for bees.

"Bees have become a part of my life, like a symbiotic relationship really, to look after them," she said.
Read the whole story HERE

Thanks to Steve Lovie for sending this story.
Bee Broker, Trevor Monson: Millions of bees on the move for orchard pollination
ABC News
26th October 2019

Australia is producing more almonds than ever before and as orchard plantings increase so too does the need for bees which are vital for pollination.

Co-ordinating the huge annual mass migration of millions of bees to trees, is a bee broker, and it's a tough job.
Watch the video HERE (12m14s)
Read the article HERE
The Wheel Bee Foundation
Have you heard of the Wheel Bee Foundation?
The following from their website:

We are a not-for-profit organisation that promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.

We engage with all levels of government, the apiculture industry, bee reliant food industries, universities, research organisations and community. It funds vital strategic research and education initiatives that strengthen honey bees, improve pollination efficiency and increase food security.


It's good to know that are lots of people working with the true heart of the beekeeping community in their efforts to make a difference and protect the future of beekeeping and global pollination in general.
I'm not plugging for a donation, that is your decision of course, it's just good to know about any initiatives which are taking on the difficult issues surrounding bee safety and food security.

Club Hire Equipment
Extraction equipment is available for any of our club members to hire.
  • Please contact David Barton 0433 035 144. 
  • Equipment can be picked up at Korumburra or by prior arrangement at club meetings.
  • Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before it is returned to avoid any chance of cross-contamination for future users.
Thank you for your cooperation
Nuc List
This is an initiative of the SGB and is a great means of buying or selling the results of hive-splitting in the summer or autumn.
  • If you would like to expand/start your apiary this is a pretty good way of going about it. Register your interest with Peter Gatehouse and he will let you know when any nuc's are available.
  • If you are planning to do some hive splits to reduce the risk of swarming and would like to sell the resulting 'nuc' please contact Pete and he will guide you regarding the requirements for selling it on.
Swarm List
Contact our Swarm Officer, Julian Walker: ‭0413 252 128
  • If you would like to report a swarm for collection.
  • If you would like to collect a swarm for your own apiary.
Visit a Local Beekeeper
This program has been designed to give everyone the opportunity of seeing and working with an experienced beekeeper as he/she examines their hives.
  • You will need to bring your own protective clothing, including gloves and gumboots (or gaiters).
  • Bring a bottle of water, if the day is hot.
  • Please send expressions of interest to Peter Gatehouse and he will let you know of the date an inspection is going to take place closest to your area.
  • Any experienced beekeepers who would like to take part as instructors are asked to register with Pete. Thank you
Support our Local Suppliers
We are lucky to have so many suppliers of beekeeping goods in our club.
Please take time to check out what they have and their prices too. The cost of petrol these days makes a trip into Melbourne quite expensive. You can save money and time by taking your business closer to home. 
All of our suppliers will be present at the 'Meet the Bees' field day on November 10th. This is a great opportunity to see what they have to offer.
Beekeeping Equipment
Jeeralang Junction

Open by appointment
Stan Glowacki
0413 136 878‬
Beekeeping Equipment
Mirboo Nth

Open by appointment

Fully assembled hot-wax-dipped and painted 8 frame Langstroth hives.
Queen excluders, hive tools, smokers, em-locks, assembled frames plus foundation.
Can supply most equipment on request. 

Peter Gatehouse: 0423 244 107

Beekeeping Equipment/ Farm Gate Store

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0418 502 396

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