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August 2016
Issue #49
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club meetings
take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month starting at 7.30pm at  St Peters Anglican Church Hall, Cnr McCartin & Bruce St's, Leongatha. The meeting is followed by supper with tea, coffee and nibblies.
(please check your emails, the club website and this newsletter for occasional changes to the meeting dates)

president's report - july 2016
Well this is my final Presidents report and I know Bron will breathe a sigh of relief, as I am always a bit tardy with my deadlines for the newsletter.

The past 12 months has been an active and enjoyable year for our club continuing with interesting and informative guest speakers who are more than willing to pass on their knowledge to us all.  We are very lucky as 5 of our guest speakers live locally and we have this untapped resource at our fingertips.  John Edmonds and Peter McDonald have even travelled a distance and been willing to come back a second time.  The feedback I have had from our speakers is the warm welcome they receive, attendance numbers up around 50 each meeting and strength of our club. We should all be proud of that. As a committee we have striven to continue promoting learning about beekeeping in an informative way whilst having fun.

Our membership has grown to the very healthy number of 94 and it would be lovely to reach the century.  Financially the club is continuing to grow from strength to strength.  This year we have updated our loan extractor, posters for our marquee and updated our web page. Also we have just been advised we have been successful in obtaining the grant we applied for from the South Gippsland Shire Community Grants Program, to go toward the purchase of a trailer to store and cart our promotional equipment. Our thanks to Peter Gatehouse for his hard work in filling out the forms.

We have continued to be invited back with our Marquee to:-
The Foster show and the Gippsland Sustainability Festival where is does create a lot of interest in beekeeping as well as promoting our club. At the moment Beekeeping has become a very hot topic.

We have also been very lucky to have had Peter Gatehouse and Rob Fisher selected to complete the Bio Security training course which I feel will be a big asset to our club as the DPI officer is non existent in our patch.

Every club has its tireless band of workers and our club is no different and I would like to thank them all.  I’ve been very lucky over my two years of being President to have been part of a collective group of people more than happy to do what’s required and more. 
We have had 3 vice presidents over the two years, not sure whether that’s a reflection on me or not but I would certainly like to thank Colin Mills, Peter Gatehouse and Colin Goodwin.
Bron and David Barton as a collective force, we have been blessed to have them as a club, as they have and are still continuing to wear a few hats.  Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Photographer, Committee Members, Property and Equipment Officer and Web page Designer and maintenance.  I hope I haven’t missed any caps. 
Peter Galt, our fearless Treasurer, travels to our club nights and our committee meetings from Yarram, which is a big ask and I think he has only missed one.  To put all that effort in and not even get a jar of honey this year is loyalty.
Sharon Fisher also wears a couple of hats, as a Committee Member and Swarm Coordinator and has been there since day one. Sharon will continue as our swarm co-ordinator. 
Russell Harbour has also served on committee for the past two years and I would like to thank him as well.  Both of these members are stepping down this year so a big thank you to you both. 
Librarian/Fundraising Secretary Lynda Paterson has also done a sterling job the past two years; Lynda also donates a book to our newest member at the AGM.  She is a very busy person and is still happy to continue in these roles. 
Our Event Coordinators, ably lead by Kate Senko with Helen Hasty and George Mildenhall have also done a great job. They are stepping down and I thank them for the great job they have done in this role.
To the kitchen helpers, thanks, and to Sharon for making sure the teabags etc are always at the ready. 
I would also like to thank Linda Craig-Sneyders for promoting our club in her GAA newsletter and those from the GAA for their continued support.

I would like to thank our meeting mentors, Howard Stevens, Denis Roberts  and Ron Irwin, for their efforts and even though it's short notice at times it's greatly appreciated.  We are very lucky to have their input and knowledge.

Lastly big a thank-you to our wonderful members who turn up to our meetings on a regular basis and make the meetings very friendly and enjoyable. This is the strength of our club.

To any of our members who have had a bit of a struggle health wise and not feeling on top of their game, we wish you all the best and sincerely hope things turn around for you all.

To finish off, I would like to wish our new office bearers and committee all the very best.

Steve Lovie

2016 Calendar

August Meeting:
Peter Gatehouse has returned from the USA with some very interesting pics and stories of his experiences which he will share with us. Time allowing, some Q & A will follow
Beginner Beekeeping Short Course at the Community College of Gippsland
For information please download the pdf HERE

September Meeting:
Peter & Rob will be sharing some of what they have learned whilst doing the Biosecurity Course
SGB Field Day:
Our first solo field day is scheduled to be held at Mirboo Nth Recreational Reserve. Preparation is well under way to make this event an outstanding success. More information to follow.

August Club Meeting
Thursday August 11th 7.30pm


Wednesday August 24th & 31st 
7.30pm - 9.30pm


September Club Meeting
Thursday September 8th 7.30pm


Sunday October 23rd 10am - 3pm


SGB Annual General Meeting results:

Here are the 2016-2017 Committee Members
from left of picture:
Librarian/Fundraising Officer: Lynda Paterson
Secretary: Bron Barton
Events Co-Ordinator: David Smith
Committee Member: Don McLean
Vice President: Colin Goodwin
Committee Member: Julian Walker
Property Officer: David Barton
Treasurer: Peter Galt

President: Peter Gatehouse (not present in picture)


Our Costume theme of Pollination and Pollinators
was taken up by a number of our crazy members with a thrilling contest ensuing which saw our judges faced with a terribly difficult task. They were however fair and unbiased in their choice of the prize winners as shown below.
Three beautiful camelias were given as the prizes.

Sharon & Tahlia are Ladybirds -

Sue, Lorrae , Kylie & Steve are The 3 Abeegoes with their bee box,

Bron is Flower Power

Colin is a New Holland Honeyeater - Libby is The Butterfly of Love - and Rob is A Yellowbox!!

Our judges Rob, Rob, Leanne & Wendy considered and deliberated then they deliberated and considered and then they chose  .......

1st Prize - The Honeyeater

2nd Prize - The Lady birds

3rd Prize - The 3 Abeegoes & their bee box (Steve)

presentation of thank-you gift to the outgoing president
Steve was presented with a card and the gift voucher of a 12 month membership to the Digger's Club on behalf of the entire club. This was in recognition of him giving freely of his time, expertise, hospitality and 'calm' under the pressure of the job, with his constant smile and jovial laugh. to name just a few of the positive contributions he has made over the past 2 years as the club's president.
Steve will continue on the committee for another 12 months and is also the chair of the sub-committee for the organiziation of the October field day.

presentation of thank-you gift
Sharon Fisher was recognized for her multiple contribitons to the club with the presentation of a beautiful camelia named 'Volunteer'. Sharon and Rob were instrumental in the setting up of our club and Sharon in particular gave many hours to the unofficial jobs of vice-president, secretary and (officially) treasurer but also set up the library and was librarian for the first couple of years She has also made sure that there are always plenty of refreshments provided on meeting nights.
To one of our truly star players we all say a rousing - Thank you Sharon!

presentation of council grant for our club's trailer
South Gippsland Shire Council Presentation Night for Council Grants:
In the absence of Peter Gatehouse, who had done all the hard yards on this project, the SGB was represented by (from left) Steve Lovie, Bron Barton (Cr. Kieran Kennedy presenting the grant) and Colin Goodwin. Also present was David Barton, who took this picture.

membership reminder
Any time from now you can pay your club membership for 2016/17. Simply follow the membership link on the website HERE and fill in your details. Then you can either use direct debit, cheque or pay cash to Peter Galt at the next meeting.

Please note that you do not need to have beehives to become a member of the club and if you don't have any hives then you do not have to fill in the Reg# on the membership form.

beginner beekeeping course - pdf download HERE
This is one of the few courses being run in the South Gippsland area. It is held at the Community College of Gippsland and this year will take place on Wednesday evenings, August 24th & 31st from 7.30pm - 9.30pm with a prac session, in the field, at a date to be organized with the students.

Please feel free to print it and hand it out to anyone who is interested or pass on the pdf. file.

fruit grafting day - sunday 14th august
Neil Baraclough from the GAA was at our AGM and announced a fruit grafting day at Toora for Heritage fruit trees.
If you would like further information please contact Neil on 0429 888 706

meet the bees - SGB field day
‘Meet the Bees’
Beekeeping for Beginners
Open Field Day

Sunday 23rd October 2016
10am - 3pm

Mirboo North Recreation Reserve

If you have been thinking about becoming a beekeeper don’t miss this opportunity to spend a day with experienced beekeepers and gain confidence working with a hive of bees.

Demonstrations throughout the day
*Opening hives and hive inspections
*Catching swarms & swarm management
*Honey harvesting *Bio-Security matters
*Yearly management * Equipment

Protective Clothing
If you wish to handle bees the minimum protective clothing needed is a hat, veil and gloves
plus arms and legs/feet completely covered OR a beekeeping jacket or suit.

Special Speakers
Daniel Martin - Leading Apiary Officer
Agriculture Services & Biosecurity Operations - Regulation & Compliance
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Agriculture Victoria
Newly appointed Bee Biosecurity Officer
Jess Hartland

Beekeeping Suppliers will be present with wares for sale
Food & Beverages will be available for sale also

Entry: Adults - $10pp, Children - Free

antimicrobial action of honey
it is now accepted by scientists that honey can kill micro-organisms, which gives it many uses in medicine. Jeffrey and Echazaretta (1996) in a paper about the medical uses of honey from the University of Yucatan, Mexico, have reviewed several reports.
3000 years ago, the Arab physician Avicenna recommended honey for the treatment of wounds. There may be several reasons why this works. The 1996 paper tells us that one of the enzymes in honey, glucose oxidase, manufactured by the bees, breaks down glucose into gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a chemical often used to kill bacteria. In the hive, H2O2 stabilizes the ripening honey and improves its keeping quality.
It seems that a solution of H2O2 as an antiseptic is less effective that the naturally occurring, slow release preparation, honey. H2O2 on its own is effervescent and breaks down quickly into water and oxygen. But when honey is used as a wound dressing, H2O2 is produced slowly and acts as an antiseptic.
Because honey is hygroscopic - absorbs moisture - it is thought that bacteria exposed to honey lose moisture from their cells to the honey, thus disrupting their balance and drying them out so that they die.
There are some other factors in honey that inhibit the growth of well known pathogens such as Escherichia coli (E.coli), Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph). Most of the organisms that can survive in honey are sugar-tolerant yeasts. which is just as well for mead makers, who depend on the yeasts to convert the sugar in honey into alcohol.
Organic acids may play a part and some of the antiseptics come from from the flowers, the source of the honey. In clinical trials, honey from Mimosa and Eucalyptus species produced by Africanised honey bees had the greatest antibacterial activity. NZ'ers say the same about their Manuka honey, which is described as 'hospital grade' honey. Australia has a high antimicrobial activity honey sold by chemists, called Medihoney. It is harvested from a coastal tea tree (Leptospermum), locally called Jelly Bush. Herbs like lavender and rosemary have disinfecting and healing properties that may be passed on in honey.
The paper by Jeffrey and Echazaretta includes a variety of applications for honey.
from The Bee Book by Ann Cliff
This book is in our library. If you would like to read further to the applications you may borrow the book at the next meeting.
 news bee news bee news bee news bee news bee news bee news

varroa jacobsoni found at the port of Townsville in June 2016
The destructive varroa mite has been found in a nest of Asian honey bees in the Port of Townsville in far north Queensland.
The AHBIC said the single hive was found last week within the hollow metal support of a container stand.
The hive of about 5,000 bees along with two varroa mites, which were detected on two of the bees, were destroyed by staff from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
Read more of this story HERE
from ABC news - 6 Jul 2016
the news on varroa jacobsoni in australia - July 22nd 2016

Apis Cerana & Varroa Jacobsoni in Townsville – Update No. 4

APIS CERANA AND VARROA JACOBSONI IN TOWNSVILLE – NO. 4 Download PDF An update has been received to say that a varroa mite was found in the comb of the Asian bee nest at Annandale. This now becomes IP2. This find is not surprising. Surveillance is now being carried out in the Annandale area around where this nest was found. …

HERE is the link included the email sent to our club from the AHBIC:
July 8th 2016
Queen bee breeders on high alert after varroa mite outbreak.
Control measures to stop the spread of varroa mite could put nothern queen bee breeders out of business
Read the story HERE
Restrictions have been imposed on the movement of bee hives, bees and beekeeping equipment in response to the discovery of varroa mite in the port of Townsville. But north Queensland apiarists are worried the 10-kilometre control zone may need to be extended if the mite spreads. Arguably, no-one has more to lose than Graham Armstrong, who owns and manages about 1000 bee hives in the Burdekin. He says it's too early to know the implications for himself and the 80 million dollar fruit and vegetable industry, which relies on pollination services.
Listen to the audio HERE


leongatha horticultural society events
Whilst attending the Council Grants Presentation night recently I bumped into a couple of ladies from the Leongatha Horticultural Society. These delightful ladies were very proud of their society and it's achievements, and rightly so.
It was the least I could do to assist with the distribution, in my neck of the woods, of some of their advertising matter for the upcoming Society events considering the zeal and (dare I say) advanced years of one of these dear ladies who was running around madly taking these leaflets far and wide.
I can't wait for the Daffodil Show. Then there's the orchids, camellias, roses and the open-gardens!
Bring it on!!
If this is too hard to read you can download the pdf HERE
If this is too hard to read you can download the pdf HERE

the bunyip beekeeper
The Bunyip Beekeeper
6 Webb St Bunyip Vic 3815 - Ph: 0487 100 001 -
Facebook: thebunyipbeekeeper

jeeralang apiary supplies
Stan Glowacki
60 Koala Drive
Jeeralang Junction
51222641 & 0413136878

fisher's beekeeping supplies  
Rob & Sharon Fisher (Dumbalk area) 56644323 & 0437501133

newsletter advertising & content
Ads are available to club members only for bee related wares or to contribute to the newsletter
Contact Bronwyn on 0433035143

mentor's list



Keith GRAY




Mirboo Nth 0437 627 443 -
Willing to help with on-site problems or guidance

Mirboo Nth:  6pm - 9pm - 56681323
Beekeeper - Swarm collection - YES

Jeeralang Junction: 9am- 6pm - 51222641,0413136878 
Beekeeper & Bee Equipment - Swarms - NO

Berry Creek: Most days - 56688250, 0427688250 Beekeeper, Interested in Top Bar Hives Swarms - YES

Moe: Daytime/Evening up until 10pm: 56331326
Hobbyist Beekeepers - Swarms - YES

Foster: Mon- Fri 9am - 6pm 56822339
Professional Beekeepers - Swarms - YES

Leongatha Sth: 8am - 9pm Any day 56642358
General Beekeeping - Swarms - YES


Peter Gatehouse ...... ph:56681815 - 0437 627443 - email:
Colin Goodwin ..... ph:0438 545 145 - email:
secretary: newsletter editor: website editor:             
Bronwyn Barton ....... ph:0433 035143 - email:
treasurer (M'ship):    
Peter Galt ....... ph 0409 953295 email:
All correspondence for the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE can be sent to
equipment and property manager: David Barton


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