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June 2018 Newsletter
Issue #67
Presidents Report - June 2018

Winter is now here and the beekeepers’ priorities turn to equipment building and maintenance for Spring, which seems a long way away at this point in time, but from experience, I have found its better to get on to it early rather than leave it to the last minute!

Winter is also a good time for continuing education such as going to a  beekeeping conference, which is exactly what myself and some other club members have just done, attending the Beekeeping Clubs inaugural conference in Ballarat on the 2nd June. The organisers  (Ballarat Beekeeping Club Inc) by all accounts, did a sterling job and the MC Costa Giordiadis was highly entertaining, but at the same time had a very insightful understanding of the issues facing bees and beekeepers.

All the speakers were of a very high standard. To name a few : Doug Purdie (Author Of “Backyard Beekeeping) gave a fascinating and entertaining presentation  on urban beekeeping and his exploits and challenges setting up roof top hives in and around Sydney. 

Stuart Anderson (Co-inventor of the Flow Hive) spoke about his and his son’s (Cedar) Flow Hive “journey” from its early inception to the present time. 

Prof. Ben Oldroyd (Behavioural Geneticist) gave a fascinating and highly entertaining presentation on “Why Drones Matter”.

Associate Professor Kymble Spriggs (University of Melb) presented on the different severities of Bee Venom allergies and their management and also discussed bee venom therapy. Prof Spriggs was preceded by a father who gave a very heartfelt presentation on  recently losing his son to a severe allergic reaction to bee venom after being stung on the legs approximately 15 times while doing a routine procedure on a hive.

A number of representatives, from different clubs, also spoke about the types of activities they do within their clubs and their meeting formats. I found this helpful in planning our own future activities.

It has come to my attention in the past week that one of our members Ray Boys is seriously ill in hospital. I have passed on our thoughts and prayers through Jem Dilek, who I understand is quite close to him. Another member Norm Walker has also been going through an extended period of health issues and we wish him a speedy recovery also and hope to see him back at club meetings in the not too distant future.

Our Suggestion Box is proving very useful with constructive suggestions coming through from members. We had a suggestion to purchase a hive lifting trolley and a stainless steel wax crusher into the club gear. While the hive lifter may not be practical as not all beekeepers have cleats on their hive boxes the crusher is a good suggestion and we will look into purchasing one. Another suggestion was including drinks other than mead in the honey tasting night which is also something we can include. There was also suggestions on meeting formats which we will also consider when planning meetings.

A reminder that nomination forms will be available again at the next club meeting should any member like to nominate themselves or another member for a position on the new committee in July.

The theme for the July AGM IS “International Beekeeping” so its time to put on your thinking caps for the best costume! Prizes will be awarded for 1st,2nd and 3rd. It has come to my attention that Steve Lovie is already seeking expert assistance in costume matters!

Thank you to Rob Fransen and Julian Walker for running the box and frame construction stations at the May meeting. It was pleasing that even if people knew how to do these tasks that it encouraged conversation on alternative ways of doing things. I certainly came away thinking “That’s a great idea !” on a couple of ideas.

Well done also to Graeme Beasley for organizing the Honey and Mead tasting activity. Congratulations to Sam MacCuaig and Rob Armstrong for 1st in the Honey, Peter Galt 2nd and equal 3rd to Amanda Diamond and Daryl Cameron. In the Mead tasting congratulations again to Daryl Cameron for 1st place and Peter Galt for 2nd place.

The June meeting is our annual “Pizza Night” and we are also having Rob Andersen from AU Wax Melters coming to talk about his range of melters. We will also have a 15 litre Wax melter to raffle at our June and July meetings so make sure you don’t miss out on buying some raffle tickets as this is an amazing prize which every beekeeper could use!.

Until next club meeting, Happy Beekeeping!
Peter Gatehouse (President)

2018 Club Calendar

Thursday June 14th 7.30pm

Pizza & Film night
All club members welcome to come and enjoy a pizza and salad feast. Pizza, salad, cold drinks and the usual sweets, tea and coffee are free to members and a small fee of $5 payable by non-members.
*Please direct any special dietary requirements
and RSVP for catering numbers --- to Bron. 
or text Yes or No and your name 0433 035 143
Thank You
We will also be hearing from Rob Andersen talking about his Wax Melters.
Rob has generously offered one of his 15lt Wax Melters to the club to be raffled at the AGM. The RRP is approx $470 so this is a fabulous prize indeed! Tickets will be $3 each or 2 for $5. Your chances of winning are pretty high. Good-luck to all.

Thursday July 12th 7.30pm

AGM - Yay it's AGM time again!!
This year's theme for those of us who are going to dress up and look magnificent is:
Beekeeping Around the World
Awesome prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Wax Melter Raffle
Tickets will be handed out at the June and July meetings to present club members. If you would like some sent to you please contact Peter Gatehouse.
Stubs and money will need to be sent or brought to the club for the draw at the AGM.
Door Prizes for all members paid-up on the night
Our chosen supplier will be providing great prizes plus many other generous donations will be on offer. Tickets will be handed out on the night. You'll have great chances if you join up your large family and bring them along on the night!

Thursday August 9th 7.30pm

A chat about pests in the bee-hive
Bron & Paul have recently done the online Tocal Course - Pests and Diseases of Honey Bees.
They will be bringing a presentation to the club to help you to identify and treat your hives for Small Hive Beetle, Wax Moth etc. Questions will also be taken which they will do there best to answer along with more experienced members of our club.
Upcoming Events
27th - 30th June 
3rd Australian Bee Congress
Follow the link (pic above) to the website with all the info on this year's Bee Congress
Sunday 22nd July 12md - 2pm
Club Excursion to Commercial Beekeeper

You may recall a presentation last year by Ian Caine. Ian runs a medium size beekeeping business from his home and processing facility near Bruthen, though his activities cover Victoria and up into NSW.
We have arranged to visit Ian’s processing facility in July (when things are slightly quieter with beekeeping) to see his equipment and learn how large scale beekeeping works.
Ian has very kindly offered to provide a bbq lunch before the tour .. so you won’t need to bring anything. You also won’t be visiting any bees, so you won’t need veils, etc..
Arrive:  Before midday/ lunch 12:00 - 01:00pm
Tour:     1:00pm – 2:00pm

To get numbers for catering, you MUST book in with Colin Goodwin by calling 0438 545 145 before Wed 18th July.

As we are so spread out it’s not practical for the club to arrange shared transport, BUT if you know someone else nearby who is going then you can see if they would like to share with you.

June Newsletter Contents
 * May Honey & Mead Tasting Night
Homemade Protein Supplement Recipe
* Ballarat Bee Conference
* Pollinator Houses
* Sugar Shake Program
* HiveKeepers App
* Advertisements
* Club Committee

May Honey & Mead Tasting Night
1. Tasting table set up.
3. Rob Fransen demonstrating box assembly
2. Tasting well under way.
3. Julian Walker demonstrating frame assembly
1st: Sam MacCuaig & Rob Armstrong 

2nd: Peter Galt
3rd: Tied - Amanda Diamond & Daryl Cameron 
1st: Daryl Cameron

2nd: Peter Galt
Congratulations to all 🎉

Homemade Protein Supplement Recipe 

It's heading towards the time of year when this kind of information is handy to have in the bee-file.

Makes 1lb

Granulated Sugar: 300g - 1.5cups
Brewer’s Yeast: 76g - 1⁄2 cup (a little heaped)
Egg Powder: 36g - 1⁄2 cup (loosely packed)
Water: 33ml - 2tbsp+ 1⁄2 tsp
Vegetable Oil: 5ml-1tsp
Lemon Juice: 5ml-1tsp


Combine dry ingredients thoroughly (a mixing bowl works well)
Mix Vegetable Oil and Lemon Juice with the 1 tbsp of water. Set aside.
Add remaining water to dry ingredients. Stir to dissolve.
Mix in the set aside oil, lemon juice and water mixture.
Important! Add more water if necessary to obtain proper consistency, but do so sparingly! The mixture should be malleable, but not runny (should not ooze).
Using 15” x 15” square piece of waxed paper, place mixture and flatten.

from the Ontario Beekeepers Association
Thanks to Russell Harbour for sending this.

Victorian Beekeeping Clubs Conference 2018 - Ballarat - June 2nd
SGB Members who attended, along with David and myself will all agree that his was a really great conference. We were joined by Peter, Graham, Paul, Lorrae, Sue, Kylie & David Smith. That's a pretty substantial contingent from as far away as Gippsland - well done us! Kudos to Lorrae, Sue and Kylie who left home at 5 am on Saturday. 
The speakers all covered their subjects with eloquent precision, tinged with plenty of humour, and were a pleasure to listen to. I was particularly excited to listen to Doug Purdie and Stuart Anderson and was hanging on every word they both said. I was so enthralled with Doug that I didn't write a jot down so have nothing to offer you there - but one thing that Stuart said, which stuck with me, was regarding his new invention; the Flow Hive. Having finally come up with the final design and the probability of widespread distribution of the invention, he asked himself "Is this invention a good thing?" His answer at first was that it going to be very helpful for people who had difficulty lifting heavy frames and supers full of honey: elderly people or those with bad backs, in wheelchairs, small/fine stature etc. Then the answer unfolded as a definite yes when he extrapolated his original thought to the wider picture. His invention was giving MORE people the opportunity to keep bees. The journey would definitely be worth it "If we create more beekeepers."
Regarding the matter of neglected hives Stuart said that what they had experienced with new beekeepers was the opposite. He said that people are eager to learn to look after their bees and to do their best.
One thing he said, that I was unaware of, is that bees separate different honeys in the hive. With a Flow-Hive this makes it easy to extract specific honeys by choosing specific frames.
Without the use of hot knives of centrifugal extraction the general consensus on the flavour of Flow-Hive honey is that the floral notes are accented and that the honey tastes fresh and clean.

Gosh, I wish I had won the Flow-Hive on Saturday afternoon!

Pictures Below:
Top left:
Our speakers for the morning session:
from left
Costa Georgiardis: Landscape Architect & Eco-Visionary. Our MC or ,for those who speak NAE (New-age English) he was our CF (Conference Facilitator would you believe!) for the day
Doug Purdie: Author of Backyard Beekeeping and The Bee Friendly Garden
Vanessa Kwiatkowski & Mat Lumalasi: founders of Melbourne city Rooftop Honey
Stuart Anderson: co-founder of Flow Hive
Jessica Hartland: Bee Biosecurity Officer
Joe Riordan: Senior Apiary Inspector
Top right: Our speaker for the afternoon session:
from left
I didn't write this gentleman's name down but I think it was Rob Tygate, apologies.
(Costa: in the red shirt)
Ben Oldroyd: Professor of Genetics University of Sydney (and self-proclaimed Rock-Star speaker!)
Benedict Hughes: The Practical Beekeeper and CERES Beekeeper
Danielle Lloyd-Pritchard: Education Officer, Tocal College, NSW DPI
Kymble Spriggs: Associate Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
Pictures above:
Centre Pic:
Perhaps half of the 270 attendees. Organizers were hoping for 100 to attend this inaugural Victorian Beekeeping Clubs Conference and were thrilled with the response.
Bottom left: Costa amused us all day with his wonderful wit and charm and finished off the day with this very funny impression of a honey bee.
Bottom right: Great door prizes and guess who won the nuc? Yes it's our VP Graham. Hold onto it Graham! Looks like Costa is after him. 

Pollinator House (short video)

These great looking little pollinator houses are available through the Flow-Hive website. They are made from the off-cuts of the flow hives and 100% of the profits from the sale of these boxes goes towards Pollination Improvements Programs in Australia.
They retail for $79.95 AUD but are currently sold out. Keep an eye on the the website for news of their return to the shelves.

Sugar Shake Program (short video)

Please consider becoming part of the Sugar Shake Program (SSP). Being a part of the program is one thing that we can do, as amateur beekeepers to help with the surveillance, country wide, for the incursion of varroa mite into Australia.
This test doesn't harm the bees in any way. They are released back into the hive after they have a roll in icing sugar. It's like us being coated in chocolate and having the 'terrible burden' of getting it off! 

Let's do all that we can to ensure that varroa do not become another pest that we have to battle as we care for our bees. 

The SSP sends 3 reminders a year to carry out a sugar-shake. That's it 👍 Easy as!

Please email either Jessica Hartland Daniel Martin or Joe Riordan to be a part of the program.
HiveKeepers App 
I have installed this app but didn't read it properly to notice that it has a 30 day free trial. So I kinda fluffed it up! Anyway if you WAIT until things are in full swing in spring to get the most out of the free trial period you won't have to pay unless you forget to cancel it (set a rowdy reminder on your phone) or would like to continue for $20US per annum. 
It looks pretty good though. As I'm stuck with a 30 day free trial period over the winter I will fudge all of the info I put into it and see how it performs anyway. I'll report back to you.
Use the code 'For My Bees' to get 10% off if you do decide to keep using it.

Take detailed inspections at four levels - Apiary, Hive, Super and Frame

Visually represent your apiary and hives to better track your bees

Take photos of individual frames to allow for visual comparisons to be make over time


Record information of all your apiaries with Google Maps integration

Have one Login to access the App across all your android or apple davices.

Report on the success of your honey flow over the season and share your achievements on social media.

(After a bit of playing around and cursing I finally figured out that to access the hives you had added you just have to swipe right. Probably just me, duh) 


Blue Tree Honey Farm

Café Hours:
Thu - Fri  10:30am - 3:30pm
Sat - Sun 10:00am - 4:00pm
Delicious Devonshire Tea
Now open for LIGHT LUNCHES Sat & Sun
Gourmet Pies & Toasted Focaccia

Farm gate sales store
 for your beekeeping supplies, honey & jams.

m: 0418 502 396 Rob & Sharon Fisher

120 Sweeneys Lane, Dumbalk Victoria 3956

The Bunyip Beekeeper

Factory 4/18 Bormar Drive Pakenham Vic 3810
Winter Hours: from 8th June 2018 - 9am to 5:30pm - Wednesday to Friday
Closed Saturday


Jeeralang Apiary Supplies 

Stan Glowacki
60 Koala Drive
Jeeralang Junction
51222641 & 0413136878

Hill Top Hives (Mirboo North)

Please call for prices on services available e.g. swarm/hive removals, wax dipping and  equipment costs.
Contact: Peter Gatehouse 0423 244107 

2017/2018 SGB Club Committee


President: Peter Gatehouse
Vice President: Colin Goodwin
Vice President 2: Graeme Beasley
Treasurer: Peter Galt
Secretary: Margaret Gatehouse
Member: Julian Walker
Member: Kylie Pollard  (Butler)
Member: Rob Fransen
Member: Lorrae Hamilton

Other Positions:
Swarm Co-ordinator: Julian Walker - 0413 252128
Equipment Officer: David Barton - 0433 035144
Newsletter & Website Editor: Bron Barton - 0433 035143
Copyright © 2018 South Gippsland Beekeepers Inc., All rights reserved.

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