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South Gippsland Beekeepers
August 2019 Newsletter

Edition #79

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President's Report
Hi Everyone,
Well the AGM has sailed off into the sunset again for it's 12 month holiday and we have a new, well almost new, committee. Best description would be, slightly used, good condition for it's age, partial recent restoration, older parts may benefit from a spit and polish. Never fear though; we will definitely get you from A to Bee.

A huge THANK-YOU to everyone who helped to make our AGM such a great success and congratulations to the winners of our major prizes. 
Thanks to Graham for his marvellous job as MC for the night and teaching us the bum-waggle. As said, it's vision now branded onto our retinas forever. 

Thanks also to Libby who stepped in at the last minute to take charge of our elections.
If you missed the night or just want to re-live the fun all over again you can check out the winners of the Fancy Dress and Fancy Hive Competition HERE

For our August Meeting Peter Gatehouse will chat about preparations for spring. Everything you need to know to be ready for those pesky nectar dearths or swarms.
I will be giving you a bit of a quiz with bio-security related questions so brush up on your bio-security knowledge. There may be some prizes for the winners.

See you there.

Bron Barton (President)

Words are like bees – some create honey and others leave a sting.

Author unknown

SGB Calendar for 2019
SGB Meeting

Meeting: Thursday August 8th 7:30pm
Speaker: Peter Gatehouse - Spring chores & preparations (feeding, inspection, re-queening etc)

and if there is time
Quiz time: Bron will be asking some pretty curly questions on the subject of bio-security.

Meeting: Thursday September 12th 7:30pm
Speaker: Julian Walker - Swarms, control and capture.
SGB Beginners Corner

Will be running again next meeting and all meetings until the end of the year.
Especially for our new/beginner beekeepers to participate in a group chat with other newbies.

From 7:00pm-7:25pm on meeting nights

Friday September 13th 7.00pm
Beginner Beekeeping Course and BOOKINGS


Saturday September 14thTime: TBA
Excursion to Heronswood and Austplant in Dromana
An email has been sent to all members re. the trip to Dromana


Pretty little grape hyacinths seem to be everywhere. Many gardens I've seen this week have these sweet flowers popping their heads up above their strappy emerald leaves. They create a delightful contrast to the daffodils and jonquils which are always their partners as they transform the bleak winter into a festival of colour. The bees are enjoying them just as much as we are.


The Pollinators Movie:

Promoted by Emerald Regional Beekeepers
A Demand Film - showing to an audience of 120

Date: Tue  Aug 20  2019  8:30pm 

Where: Village Cinemas Fountian Gate
352 Princes Hwy  Narre Warren  Victoria  3805

Tickets still available: 
  • General Admission: $22.00
  • Additional booking fee of $1.95 per ticket.
  • 1 wheelchair space(s) available.
Did You Know?
Queens do not mate inside their own hive, only at drone congregation areas away from the hive. The chances of a queen mating with a drone from her own colony are small because at any drone congregation area there will be hundreds of drones from other colonies. Also, studies indicate that drones and a virgin queen from the same colony probably go to different drone congregation areas to mate, further minimising the likelihood of inbreeding within the colony.
Hand-feeding Bees in the NSW Southern Highlands
Wednesday June 16th 2019
from ABC rural

This is not about producing commercial amounts of honey; it's about keeping the bees alive.

Video|🎥 1m 41s

Read more
Russia alarmed by large fall in bee populations
Friday 19th July 2019

The head of the Russian beekeepers' union, Arnold Butov, said 20 regions had reported mass bee deaths
Read More
Early Spring Inspection Tip 
Have your bees overwintered with 2 brood boxes?

Depending on the part of Gippsland you live in but especially in  South Gippsland you won't be able to open your hive between May and late August. Much depends on the temperature since exposing the colony to cold may harm the brood and reduce the strength of the hive coming into the spring honey flow.

In September, when we can get some lovely warm days, it may be possible to open up the hive, best done before midday to give the bees, and the sun, a chance to warm the hive up again prior to nightfall.

Inspect and clean each brood box. If two brood boxes were used over winter now is the time to reverse them, This is done by placing the previous top brood box onto the base. This is done because over winter the colony may have moved to the upper brood box and will not be utilising the full volume of the two brood boxes. By reversing the position of the two brood boxes you will break up the winter cluster, giving plenty of room for the queen to lay her eggs.

This is also a good opportunity to check the strength of the colony, what stores are available and what the bees are bringing into the hive. If you're unsure about what you're looking at you can take pictures of each side of each frame and ask your mentor OR bring them to the Beginner's Corner/Meeting where someone will be able to tell you how your bees are faring.

Excerpts from the Australian Beekeeping Manual by Robert Owen
Queenspotting by Hilary Kearney
Journey into the heart of the hive and meet the incredible queen bee! In QueenSpotting, experienced beekeeper and professional “swarm catcher” Hilary Kearney challenges readers to “spot the queen” with 48 fold-out visual puzzles — vivid up-close photos of the queen hidden among her many subjects.

Available from Becs Beehive  for $30 
Beeswax Lip Balm
Our lip balm naturally moisturise lips and provides a subtle, healthy shine. Flavours available: Natural, Vanilla, Blueberry & Peppermint.
Available from Hill Top Hives for $8.00
Hemp Lip Balm
Made using Australian organic cold pressed hemp seed oil.
Available from Hill Top Hives for $10.00
Club Member's Advertising
Marked Queens - Italian and Caucasian, available mid October 2019 for pick up in Mirboo Nth. $42.00
Five frame Nucs - 5 frames with foundation, honey, bees, queen & brood.

$280: Supplied in 5 frame corflute Nuc box.  Other pricing options are available. 
Peter Gatehouse
Phone: 0423 244 107
902 Berry's Creek Road Mirboo North 3871
Beekeeping equipment. By appointment

Stan Glowacki
Stan is away at Apimondia in Canada until September 19th
Koala Drive Jeeralang Junction 3840 
0413 136 878
5122 2641


Beekeeping Equipment /Farm Gate Store

Rob & Sharon Fisher
0437501133 / 0418502396

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